Pornography is adultery

Pornography is adultery
Pornography is adultery

You shall not commit adultery is a command which goes beyond just the physical act of sex with someone not your wife or husband.

Adultery first takes place when you see with your eyes and reach with your hand. Before one sins with his/her body, first s/he has to sin with her/his heart and mind.

This is what Jesus was teaching when He said, ‘You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart’ Matthew 5:27-28.

When you look at a man or woman with lust, the first thing you do is commit adultery in your mind. What you think then dirties the heart and all this is sin.

Pornography is adultery

Pornography is adultery. As you watch those people in screen have sex, or that magazine etc, you are committing adultery. What goes on in your mind as you watch porn is adultery. When you watch pornography, you’re not looking at your wife or your husband but someone else who is giving you fantasies and pleasure.

Effects of pornography

  • Dissatisfaction

Pornography is devilish and its major agenda is to make you dissatisfied with you spouse now or in future. The more you watch porn, the more you have sex with someone else not your husband or wife, the more you will be unsatisfied with your wife/husband now or in future.

Let the truth be told. Husbands and wife who watch porn are never satisfied with their partners and they will never be.

  • Divorce or separation

Due to dissatisfaction many marriages are ending in divorce and separation. Adultery, premarital sex and pornography lead to sexual dissatisfaction in your entire life.

You marry someone and when you are in the bedroom what goes on in his/her mind is how you measure in comparison to his/her previous sex partner, that porn movie actor and so on and so on.

The people you have ever had sex with, that porn movie you watch, those porn actors, nude pics etc will never come out from you. You only need total deliverance from this. and these people will never come from your bedroom between your husband/wife and you.

To the unmarried, pornography and sex affects you in that you will never be satisfied with the one you will marry. There will always be that other person in the bedroom. You will always be measuring your partner with a former sex partner or pornographic material you saw. Some even go further to tell their spouses to do what they see and watch in pornography! This is crazy.

  • Destroys trust

When your spouse knows that you have been committing adultery, it totally destroys trust and life in the bedroom. In the bedroom, what will be going on in his/her mind is, ‘is this what you were doing to her/him’, ‘is this what you were telling him/her when doing this?’, ‘what where you saying to him or her?’. This will totally separate the two of you.

Adultery begins with what you look at, what you hear and what you touch. Jesus teaches us to deal severely with whatever makes us sin. If it is a television, switch it off, if you have pornographic movies, throw them away, if it is s/he who is making you sin, do away with him/her, never call her/him; deal severely with whatever makes you sin.

Let’s run and avoid this devil; adultery, fornication and pornography. Let’s fight to safeguard marriages and families.

Be blessed.