Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Testimony of Consequences of My Disobedience to God

My life my testimony part-2: – Consequences of my disobedience to God

After disobeying God and looking for a job for three months from June to August 2011 all in vain, God came in a vision in the last days of August 2011. He told me that since I have disobeyed Him there are consequences. These are the consequences:-
Testimony of how God instructed me not to search for a job

My Life My Testimony Part-1: – Testimony of how God instructed me not to...

Testimony of how Jesus physically appeared to me ends where I had done my last exams in university. I cannot forget the time; it was end of March 2011. After my last exams, so sure I had done well, I was optimistic of the future. I was eagerly looking.....
Testimony of Rupture and war with chemical weapons used

Testimony of Rupture and war with chemical weapons used

This is my testimony of rupture and war with chemical weapons used. News all over the media were all about immorality, inhumanity and human excessive evil. At the same time there was a rumor of war. 2 big world powers were ready to attack one another and.......
Vision of Armageddon Battle to me Joshua Munguti

Vision of Armageddon Battle

The third coming of Jesus Christ is straight to Armageddon Battle. This is the vision of Armageddon Battle. I was placed on a high mountain and told to look
Jesus Christ Revelation of Rapture to Me

Vision of Rapture – How Rapture Will Be

I was placed on a very high plain ground; on top of a very high mountain. I heard a voice telling me to look up to the clouds. I could not see the source of the voice but I obeyed. The door of the heaven opened and I saw
Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me

Testimony of a hand not attached to a body touching me

I was lying in bed when I saw a hand which was not attached to any body moving coming to me. Before I could even think or try acting in any way, the hand touched me. My body shook and trembled vigorous, and I felt even my bed and my whole room......
I Was in Heaven; My testimony (Joshua Munguti)

I Was in Heaven: – My Testimony

I was in heaven. this is my testimony. A voice called me, ‘Joshua, Rise up and follow me’. I looked at where the voice was coming from and lo! My eyes met again one-on-one with The Risen ...
My testimony: - How Jesus appeared physically to me

Testimony: – How Jesus Appeared Physically to me; Joshua

It was night and I was in my bed, when suddenly lights were off and it was all dark. Strange-looking-light entered and shown entirely in my room. Strange to me because I have never seen search a light ever before. The light was bright and purely white and.............




Vision of Chariots of God out on Earth

I saw chariots of God come out from the heaven in formation to the earth. The horses were very huge with each horse having a rider. The horses and riders were all clothed for war. They were