Christians need Jesus not the Ten Commandments

you need Jesus not the ten commandments
you need Jesus not the ten commandments

Christians need Jesus not the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments demand what man cannot give. Man is a sinner and there is no way man will ever fulfill the demands of the Ten Commandments. God knew that man needed to be saved (salvation) from these laws, for Him to be free and live in eternity.

Why you need Jesus not the ten commandments

Jesus is the second Adam who came to save the first Adam. The second Adam has no sin while the first Adam is a sinner. For the second Adam to save the first Adam, He had to be pure with no sin and to come live with the first Adam. Jesus was the perfect ransom for the first Adam sins and through Him, all mankind was saved. He lived with no sin, died on the cross with no sin and fulfilled all the law demands and needs.

The Old Testament entirely is the law. We neither find the church nor Christians in the Old Testament because Christians are not under the law. The Old Testament has a different covenant than the New Testament. The Old Testament is a shadow of the new covenant (New Testament), and in it we find an example or a shadow of the church and Christians; the children of Israel. The entire nation of Israel in the Old Testament is an example or shadow of the church and Christians in the new testament.

The church lives in new era;Era or dispensation of grace. We (the church) do not need the law but we need Jesus Christ. Jesus nailed the laws on the cross, including the Ten Commandments, and they are still on the cross. Col 2:14: Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out-of-the-way, nailing it to his cross.

Before a believer becomes a Christian, s/he needs the laws to drive him/her to the cross. And after the cross, a Christian has to leave the laws behind and take Jesus Christ as his/her savior.

When Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, He promised us the spirit of truth; the Holy Spirit. This is the spirit who comes and dwells in us when we truly accept Jesus Christ in our hearts. When the Holy Spirit moves from dwelling with a person or an individual to dwelling in a person, that person becomes the child of God.

The Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity, and where He is, the father and the son are. If the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you, the father and the son are dwelling in you (God is dwelling in you). Realize that God is spirit and it is this spirit which is able to dwell in man and make that man a temple of the Holy Spirit thus the temple of God.

God is the author of the Ten Commandments, and He knows that no man can keep and fulfill their demands but only Him. Through His begotten son Jesus Christ, He lived with man and fulfilled all the Ten Commandments demands and needs.

Man does not need to keep and obey the Ten Commandments. What man needs is the Holy Spirit (Jesus Christ) to dwell in Him, and since Jesus Christ (God) fulfilled and fulfills the ten commandments demands, s/he will be fulfilling and keeping the Ten commandments in his/her life. It is not about man struggling to obey and keep the commandments but Jesus Christ living in Him/her and all commands are kept and fulfilled in him/her.

We do not need the Ten Commandments to obey them but we need Jesus Christ to obey the Ten Commandments. Also, we do not need the Ten Commandments to obey God but we need Jesus Christ to obey God.

Let us accept and allow Jesus Christ to take over our bodies, soul and spirit, and we will be justified and all commands will be fulfilled in us once and for all.

God bless you.