Cursed is Every Person Who Put Marriage Asunder

Cursed is Every Person Who Put Marriage Asunder
Cursed is Every Person Who Put Marriage Asunder

Cursed is every person who put marriage asunder. Curse is upon every person who causes trouble, separation or divorce.

Mk 10:9: What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder

There are consequences of going against the Word of God. Every time you go against God’s word, you give Satan right over you, to place demons and curses on you.

Every person who puts marriage asunder, gives Satan right to place demons and curses on him/her.

Cursed is Every Person Who Put Marriage Asunder

You can go to two joined together to build them or separate/break them

Whoever goes to two joined together to put them asunder is cursed but whoever goes to build is blessed

God authors marriages, Satan destroys marriages. God loves marriages, Satan hates marriages. God joins two together becoming one flesh, Satan puts asunder.

Satan fights marriages and families – he fights a man and his wife. Satan does not want people to be in marriages and have a family. What is of God Satan and his people fight.

Every person fighting marriages is a Satan

Every person who separates two joined together is a Satan

Every person who celebrates and rejoices when a marriage is put asunder is a Satan.

Remember Satan is a spirit in people.

No matter how godly you appear or claim, if you put marriage asunder and rejoice marriage destruction you are a Satan.

There are so many ways people put marriage asunder and bring a curse upon themselves; e.g.

If you speak against a marriage, you are cursing yourself

If you make two joined together to separate divorce, you have cursed yourself

If you are bringing trouble to a marriage, you are cursing yourself

If you rejoice when marriages are broken, you are cursed

Have seen in-laws whose work is to get their son or daughter from their partners – it is a curse to themselves. That son or daughter of yours is someone’s husband/wife

Have seen in-laws and people whose work is to advice/encourage their son or daughter against or stay away from their partner – it is a curse to themselves

Have seen in-laws whose work is to abuse, slander and scorn the partner married to their son or daughter – it is a curse to themselves

In-laws must respect their sons/daughter marriage and stay away from it. Even if s/he is your son or daughter, s/he is someone’s wife/husband and you in-laws have no right over someone’s husband/wife.

It is for this reason God commanded leave your father and mother. If you haven’t left your father, mother, relatives and everyone to be joined to your husband or wife, you are in rebellion, disobeying God’s Word and destroying your marriage.

Anything in-laws will do to put a marriage asunder is a curse to themselves.

A person in a marriage can also curse himself/herself;

If you go out speaking against and slandering your partner, you are cursing yourself

Do you know that you are one flesh with your husband/wife? Therefore when you go out speaking against your husband/wife, slandering and smearing him/her with dirt, you are doing so to yourself.

When you hear a husband or wife speaking against and slandering his/her partner, shut him/her up or flee from him/her. Do not feed on the table s/he is feeding you – you will be cursed.

Marriage is of two joined becoming one flesh. Any other human being who gets into it is a foreigner and cursed. Therefore anything concerning a marriage must be only between the two.

Any husband or wife who goes out unclothing his partner and marriage to others is a fool putting his/her marriage asunder

Any husband or wife flirting, lusting, admiring, getting sweet nothing words, etc, from others is a fool destroying his/her marriage – It is sexual immorality.

Sex uncovers. Any husband/wife in sexual immorality is unclothing/uncovering his/her partner and putting his/her marriage asunder. If the other partner who sexual immorality is being committed to runs to God, God will bring justice and judgment immediately for He is a God who fights for marriages.

When there is trouble adultery in marriage, instead of running to divorce, run to God and you will testify of the mighty hand of God.

Adultery is putting a marriage asunder. Reason in the Old Testament God gave a law that every person caught in adultery be stoned to death

Lev 20:10: And the man that commits adultery with another man’s wife, even he that commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

Death is decreed upon every adulterer and adulteress by God. Death is upon every man and woman who sleeps with another man’s wife or another woman’s husband if they will not run to repent and sin no more (Death is a curse).

Every man or woman who speaks negatively about his/her husband/wife, opens and unclothes his/her marriage is in sexual immorality. Why?

Because you cannot open your marriage to Satan and Satan not come through that door you have opened.

If you do not respect and submit to your husband as a wife, you are putting asunder your own marriage

Have seen wives who get advice from others, from their relatives, friends, etc, but they cannot listen to their husband – it is disrespect to your husband and to your marriage.

Have seen wives who do what their relatives, friends, etc, tell them to do but not what their husband want and tell them to do – they are foolish disrespectful women putting asunder their marriage.

Do not take any advice or idea from women groups, chamas, etc, to your marriage – you will destroy it. And can the unmarried advice you about a marriage? No!

What kind of friends do you have? You will destroy or build your marriage  the company you keep. You cannot be having divorced friends and not divorce. You cannot be having unmarried friends and you not get out of marriage and be unmarried like them. You cannot be having sexual immoral friends and you not be sexual immoral.

When trouble comes to marriage or divorce or separation, many husbands shut and keep to themselves. But many women go out slandering their husbands, painting their names dirty, speaking all lies and gossip about their husbands and unclothing their marriage but they will never speak about themselves – the role they have played to put the marriage asunder.

When your spouse does this, do not answer any accusations, slander, blame, etc and do not answer any person they have spoken to against you but run to God and tell God to answer them all – and God will fight for you.

When I spoke of no single mothers in heaven, some single mothers rose to blame and accuse those who they were in sexual immorality with but they cannot see the role they played for them to be single mothers – for them to repent their sins. (I say some single mothers because many come privately for help)

That person you are blaming and accusing will/may go to God, his/her sins be forgiven but you, you will live in accusing and blaming until you get to hell.

Blame and accusation reveals hate, bitterness, un-forgiveness and unrepentant person. Every person blaming accusing is in bondage needing deliverance.

For many things done unto you by others, there is a sin you have committed for that to be done to you or it may be a generation curse. Repent, deal with your sins and curses. The other person sins are between him/her and God; they will account to God – do not accuse and blame any person.

It is Satan who accuses and blames. Therefore when you accuse and blame, you become a Satan.

Any person who preaches against marriage and forbids people to marry, flee from them

1Tim 4:1-3: Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, forbidding to marry …

There is only one way to break the curse associated with putting marriage asunder; go back to the marriage you have put asunder, ask the two for forgiveness then go to God to repent – God will forgive you.

Mt 5:23: Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remembers that your brother has ought against you, Leave there your gift before the altar, and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

Remember before you put another man’s/woman’s marriage asunder you have/will have a marriage and sin has consequences.

Lk 6:31: Do to others as you would like them to do to you

When I asked God for permission to utter judgment upon those putting marriages asunder, God said to me, ‘Joshua, My Word already stands against them’

Marriage is honorable in all (Heb 13:4) – may judgment come to all who dishonor marriages if they do not repent, in the name of Jesus

Some of you are looking for God blessings, yet cursed for putting marriages asunder. Can God bless the cursed? No! Reason you see people crying blessings, claiming to be blessed but what you see are curses with them

Sit down, ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember if there is a marriage you have put asunder and repent

Cursed is every person who puts marriage asunder

If you fear God, you will fear putting two joined together asunder

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand