Vision of Darkness in World Education

Vision of Darkness in World Education
Vision of Darkness in World Education

This is vision of darkness in world education as revealed to me on 23rd October 2016

See World Education is foolishness in the eyes of God

Vision of Darkness in World Education

I saw sexual immorality very high in world education systems. They deep their heads in the sand but the sexual immorality and sexually transmitted diseases (demons) in world education systems is immerse.

I saw married men and women separated from their wives and husbands by world education – God is not happy with this.

Nothing must separate a man and his wife but that is what world education system and its institutions does.

Marriage is honorable in all (Heb 13:4), ordained by God but Satan is against it – Satan is after marriages to destroy families.

World education and its institutions breaks marriages and families

Every person who has pursued world education has fallen to sexual immorality or s/he is sexually immoral

Every person pursuing world education is sexually immoral or will fall to immorality

I saw how world education promises riches and prosperity it cannot give

I saw huge number of learned and graduates coming out of world education with promises of jobs, riches and prosperity but in reality there are no jobs and only very very few get employment.

Where do the rest go?

They suffer in poverty with their education and educational papers with years wasted in world education and its systems.

I saw a man learned in world education, with a Masters in world education pulling a cart in city center – that was his work

How can you be learned in education which promises you prosperity, tells you it is the key to life and end up pulling a cart? Can’t you see that it lies to you?

Poverty is one way Satan bonds people in captivity. Poverty is of Satan not God. If you are poor or see poor people, look for Satan ways in them. And you cannot see Satan ways until the light in you is so great than the light in the world.

World education is a god of the world – a god old and young are worshiping.

World education denies God and fights to remove Him from the world – it is of Satan

In heaven, your education papers are useless – you cannot present them to God as your fruits on earth

There is no reward in heaven for studying world education and for the years wasted pursuing it

World education cannot give what it promises

Accept Jesus Christ and walk in His ways to see heaven – you cannot walk in worldly ways and see heaven

Seek Jesus Christ and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand