Ebola! Ebola! Ebola is coming to Kenya! Repent!

Ebola! Ebola! Ebola is coming to Kenya! Repent!
Ebola! Ebola! Ebola is coming to Kenya! Repent!

Ebola is coming to Kenya. Kenyan’s stop hypocrisy and hardening your hearts to ‘I AM’, the True Living God, and hear His voice.

Ebola! Ebola! Ebola is coming to Kenya! Repent!

On 17th August 2014, God revealed to me an incurable Ebola- like disease coming to Kenya.

See prophecy of incurable Ebola-like disease coming to Kenya

On 1st September 2014, God told me that another well-known prophet of Him will prophecy of Ebola before it hits because He (God) will give the prophet revelation.

That morning I revealed this in facebook. See https://www.facebook.com/joshuamunguti.christiantruthcenter

Another God prophet prophesies of Ebola

Yesterday 24th September 2014, Prophet Dr. Edward Owour spoke of Ebola

I quote Prophet Owour,

‘In a dream He took his servant to an airport waiting for flight, washed my hands and entered into the plane only to meet Ebola disease victims inside’

God words to me on 1st September 2014 fulfilled on 24th September 2014

Ebola is now coming to Kenya

Kenyans you have hardened your hearts to ‘I AM’. You have run to scoffers and brood of vipers. You abuse God and His true servants; you hypocrites. You glorify sin, celebrate carnality and love immorality. Your spiritual leaders are blind and blindly you follow them

Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish

Lk 13:3: …but, unless you repent, you will all likewise perish

True Children of Light, do not fear nor be afraid, for God ‘I AM’ is with you.


  1. Funny how protestants protest the bible?20yrs in this game called lyf since my calling.Checked all religions all over the world n whateva is there,even if i share..people won’t believe it.
    Usijali;ata Equake ikikam,they won’t sit down n question.Watasema ‘my Reedemer liveth’ n then start applyin 4tenders 2build up.Beta the secular pple i know!Some r so gud ‘wheat’ n they hv bn the last angels who hv opened my eyes completly 2the term ‘religion is the opium(bhangi) 4 masses’.
    Let war sort them out.


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