Heaven Has No Single Mothers

Heaven Has No Single Mothers
Heaven Has No Single Mothers

The Kingdom of Heaven has no single mothers – it is not for single mothers.

A single mother is a woman raising up a child or children without a father.

She is a single mother because she has got children out of marriage – product of sexual immorality

A widow is not a single mother

A widow is a woman who has lost her spouse by death and has not remarried

If you’re divorced or separated, you are not a widow

If you’re spouse died and you remarried, you are not a widow but a married woman

If you’re spouse died, you never remarried but you’re in sexual immorality, you are a perishing sexual immoral woman

Many widows today are in sexual immorality – it is better to remarry than be in sexual immorality.

Heaven Has No Single Mothers

Single mothers are a result of sexual immorality – you are a single mother because you were/are a sexual immoral woman.

The child/children you’re raising up alone is/are a product of your sexual immorality.

Today, single mothers and the world are telling us to accept them. In other words they are telling us to accept sexual immorality.

The time we say yes to single mothers, we are saying yes to sexual immorality and sexual immorality will be rampant.

Single mothers and sexual immorality go hand in hand – you cannot separate the two

It is sin to be a single mother – you’re a single mother because of sin

If you tell us to accept you as a single mother, you are telling us to accept your sin, this means you have not repented. We do not accept sin but a sinner.

A person who has repented will not tell you to accept his/her sins.

When a single mother comes to God, repents her sins, God forgives and covers her sins

God covers a single mother sins by giving her a husband thus she stops being a single mother but a married woman.

If you are a single mother, it means you have not repented your sins because if you have, you could be a married woman now.

Blessed is a person whose sins are covered (Psalms 32:1).

If you are a single mother, it means your sins are not covered thus a curse. Opposite of blessed is cursed.

If you are a single mother, go repent, stop telling us to accept your sins, to accept sexual immorality. If you truly repent, God will cover your sins – give you a husband. But know the husband will not come that fast because God has to mold you for him (marriage).

If you are separated and raising child/children as a single mother, repent your sins and go back to your husband. It is against God and a sin to live as a single mother and raise children without a father.

Separation is of Satan.

A separated woman must not be married except to stay single or return to husband and so it is with divorced women (1 Cor 7). See what bible teaches about divorce.

A separated and a divorced woman are under a covenant with the husband until death – only death breaks the covenant.

Any woman separated or divorced who engages in sex not with her husband, she commits adultery

One major cause of divorce and separation is women who disrespect and not submit to their husbands. Kill your pride women, respect and submit to your husbands.

See women must not lead and women are not equal to men

Child/children of single mothers are unholy and cannot inherit heaven. Heaven is not for bastards (Deut 23:2).

They become holy only when God covers their mother by giving her a husband (they will stop being bastards and have a father) or they denounce the generational curse of their mother, denounce the ways of their mother, Jesus Christ delivers them and they chose to be Abraham descendants and walk in his ways not the ways of their mother.

Holiness of children depend on their parents – if the parent is holy the child is holy otherwise unholy (1 Cor 7). Single mothers are unholy thus their children are unholy.

The glory of children is their father (Prov 17:6). If they have no father, whose glory are they? Satan’s glory.

Hell awaits them if they will not repent, be delivered and flee from their single mother’s sins and ways.

Because single mother children do not have a father, they never know respect and submission, and the love of a father unless a person is delivered.

If they do not know love, respect and submission to an earthly father, how will they respect submit to God the Father in heaven and know is love?

And because they never know respect and submission, they take that to their marriages and you wonder why marriage institution is in so much trouble.

Any child brought up by a single mother will have a dysfunctional marriage and family until the day that child will see the generational curse in his/her blood lineage and run to Jesus Christ for deliverance. And if that curse of single motherhood is not broken, it will flow from generation to generation

A house of a single mother is not a family – it is a dysfunctional family; an abnormal family. A normal family has a father and mother.

It’s not God’s Will and plan for children to be brought up without a father – Joseph had to take Mary. You will answer God why you brought up children without a father.

Many single mothers have children of different fathers – a clear sign of single mother’s sexual immorality.

There are people propagating and promoting single motherhood – they are of Satan.

Any ministry, group, ect of single mothers is of Satan

God never created single mothers

Eve was created for Adam, a woman for a man not a woman to be a single mother

God Will is for children to be born in marriage not out of marriage

And it is God’s Will for children to be brought up in a normal family – family with a father and a mother

Single mothers are a result of sexual immorality and they represent sexual immorality

Also you cannot take sexual immorality from a separated and divorced women

Single mother is a sin and curse

Single mothers are hell materials if they do not repent – a single mother who repents, God gives her a husband

By choosing to be a single mother, you have chosen death (hell) not life (heaven) – heaven has no single mothers

By separating or divorcing your husband and raising children as a single mother you have chosen hell – for you and your children

Repent your sins

Come out of sexual immorality you single mothers

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand