HIV/AID’s and Homosexuality

HIV/AID’s and Homosexuality
HIV/AID’s and Homosexuality

Where did HIV/AID’s originate from? Does Homosexuality has anything to do with HIV/AID’s?

Origin of HIV/AID’s

As I grew up and knew a disease called AID’s, I heard many myths about its origin. I remember being told that it came when a person had sexual intercourse with a monkey.

I know that you have heard a myth about the source of AID’s but where is the truth?

The Bible says,

Eccles 1:9 …there is nothing new under the sun

HIV/AID’s is not new in this world.

HIV/AID’s and homosexuality

HIV/AID’s has been in the world even before it was given a name. The first name of HIV/AID’s was, ‘Gay Related Immune Deficiency’. Why this name?

Because the disease was found only in gays (homosexuals); it originated from homosexuality.

God created men and women with different body chemical components and an efficient immune system to eliminate foreign bodies.

When a man haves sexual intercourse with a woman, there are no foreign bodies created and transmitted. As you have seen in how two become one flesh, body fluids mix during sexual intercourse.

If a man haves sexual intercourse with a woman, the body fluids mix perfectly. It is like connecting electric current; when you connect the positive and negative charges, current flows.

When a man haves sexual intercourse with another man or a woman with another woman, the body fluids do not mix. Instead they repel each other the way two positive charges of electric current repel one another.

Thus the body fluids from a man to another man or from a woman to another woman become foreign materials to the body.

Since the body was created to automatically create an immune defense system when a foreign body is detected, the body immune system thus creates a defense system to defend itself.

Scientists have proved that in homosexuality a lot of zinc is passed between the bodies of people of same gender. The body immune system then automatically creates a defense system but because of the excessive zinc being passed, the body immune system breaks.

Since the body immune system has broken, a person can die of any disease, any foreign material coming to the body and this is AID’s.

HIV/AID’s originated and originates from homosexuality. As long as homosexuality is there, AID’s is there.

Homosexuality is one of Satan agenda’s to the world. And since Satan is pushing for homosexuality to be accepted and embraced by people, even the church, the real origin of HIV/AID’s has been fought.

The name ‘Gay Related Immune Deficiency’ is the correct name for AID’s. Satan has fought and replace it with the name ‘HIV/AID’s’ because he wants to propagate homosexuality and AID’s.

Satan is a liar and everything of the world is a lie. Homosexuality is the real origin of HIV/AID’s and this is the reason AID’s is so much in homosexuals.

Where homosexuality is, AID’s is.

In the Bible we see homosexuality in Sodom and with the Canaanites. Canaanites practiced all manner of sexual immoralities and they were carriers of many sexually transmitted diseases even others had no cure.

Since God did not want His people (Israel) to get these diseases, he had to destroy the generations carrying these diseases.

In one time we see God commanding Israel to destroy all Canaanites except the virgins.

Num 31:17-18: Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

By doing this, the disease was eliminated.

Because of homosexuality, AID’s might have been in Sodom and with the Canaanites.

The gospel of the cross

AID’s is a demon which Jesus Christ can take out. Jesus Christ is the healer and there is no disease He cannot heal; there is no demon which cannot come out in the name of Jesus Christ.

Some people have fallen into sin and contracted HIV/AID’s. To others it is not their fault.

  • HIV/AID’s is not a condemnation but a consequence of sin to some of us, the same way Adam sinned resulting to death of humanity.
  • Living with HIV/AID’s does not mean you are going to hell the same way it does not mean that every sick person is going to hell.
  • And living with HIV/AID’s does not mean you are been judged. God does not judge His own children.

If you sin resulting to contracting of HIV/AID’s acknowledge your sins and truly repent. See how to repent. God forgives and forgets but this does not mean that you do not face the consequence of your sins. AID’s is a consequence of sin.

AS long as you have repented, your life is in Jesus Christ; heaven is your inheritance. Move from your past, dust-off fast and soldier ahead focusing on Jesus Christ.

Satan has a way of reminding us our past. His goal is to make us hopeless. Hopeless is the opposite is holiness.

As Satan reminds you of your past, tell Him that you were forgiven and your sins forgot and you are heading to heaven. Tell him his future that he will burn in the lake of fire forever and you will see him flee from you.

Jesus Christ will soon rescue all of us from the flesh, from all troubles of the flesh thus no more AID’s or any other disease will be found in you and me forever.

With or without any sickness in your body, trust and stick to God for God to give you strength, accomplish His purpose of creating you and to be rescued from body troubles.

For people not living with HIV/AID’s, stay away from sin; from fornication and all forms of sexual immorality. See what the Bible teaches about fornication

Resist Satan and He will flee from you.

Jas 4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Homosexuality is a sin and the source of HIV/AID’s

God bless