How to honor God

How to honor God
How to honor God

How to honor God is the first thing that Jesus Christ taught me when He appeared to me physically in my testimony. It was a teaching not only to me but He commanded me to go out and teach others how to honor God.

Honor is the top most important primary priority and principle that God deserves and needs first from us. Without honoring and acknowledging Him as God, all other acts to Him are in vain.

Many people don’t know how to honor God. Many think that they do it the right way but no!

What is honor

Honor means high respect thus honoring someone means you are recognizing and respecting his authority. God is not just a God but an eminent powerful living God. He has power and authority than any other creature. He is not just honorable but the most honorable. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings thus powerful and highly respected.

Many people know how to honor their earthly leaders and kings in the ways they deserve but they do not honor their maker, the living heavenly king King of Kings, in the way He deserves.

Ways to honor God

God deserves honor in all ways.

  • Full body honor

Many people, even His children, know to honor God with their mouth i.e. the way they talk, with their work, up holding his commands and teachings  in their hearts, tithing, giving etc but all this is in vain and void if you do not honor Him physically; with your body. Honoring God with your body is the first principle which every person must know.

The entire body has first to honor God before other parts of the body. Remember that the body is the temple of Christ.

How to honor God with your body

When the leg is pricked by a thorn or one figure burns it’s the entire body which responds, neither the leg nor the figure alone, because the body is one but with several members.

One member cannot respond without all other body members. If the hand responds alone other parts of the body will not have done so, or if the mouth responds alone also other parts of the body will not have done so.

What am i saying? If you honor God with your mouth only, e.g through singing and praising Him, it is only your mouth which will have done so, not the entire body.

You cannot honor God with only one part of your body while others have not, and yet claim you honor Him. Honoring God completely with your body means that all parts of your body honor Him, not only one body part.

Thus fully honoring God, your whole body has to totally honor Him. If the mouth has honored Him, it does not mean the legs, the eyes, the ears, the mind or the heart have honored Him although they are one body.

When the whole body honors Him, it means that the whole persona or person has humbled and lowered himself/herself with all s/he has and owns. S/he has presented himself/herself whole and truly to God with everything, and that’s how to honor God with your body first.

  • Bowing down

Bowing down is one way to honor God with your whole body. Bow down means to bend or kneel especially in submission.

Traditionally and in today’s society, people bow down when they meet or talk to their rulers or presidents. This was and still is so important because it is a sign of respect. If you search the entire Bible you will see how people positioned their bodies when talking to God.

If you meet with president Obama, what will be your first reaction? Will you just stand and greet him as your colleague  or your close pal? No! Your first reaction will be to honor him .

Then, why is it hard to honor God who is great and powerful than any other creature?

Before you talk, pray or do anything to God, bow down.  This is not for His good but your good. 

Psalms 95:6: O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker

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