Baptism with Fire: – Are you baptized?

Baptism with Fire: - Are you baptized?
Baptism with Fire: – Are you baptized?

Baptism with fire and baptism with the Holy Spirit are two different baptisms.

See what is baptism and baptism with the Holy Spirit.

What is baptism with fire

Baptism with fire is the coming upon of the Holy Spirit to a person. 

Coming upon of the Holy Spirit (baptism with fire) is the empowerment and it happens to people Jesus Christ has chosen for radical use and imparting for the ministry.

Acts 1:8: But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth

These are specific people chosen by Jesus according to His will for the ministry. Jesus does not sent without empowering, baptizing with fire.

How baptism with fire happens

In coming upon (baptism with fire), Jesus pours the Holy Spirit in form of fire to an individual; the same fire seen in Pentecost.

Holy Spirit is a fire that burns strongly and when the fire is inside you, you feel it. The burning of the fire is for the ministry and carrying out the great commission. 

Not every person is baptized with fire but only few specific servants of God chosen by Jesus according to His will but all believers are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

In coming upon, the Holy Spirit comes with great power and energy that the Spirit takes full control of a person. A person lacks control of him/herself.

The Holy Spirit empowers and energizes you that you give out your whole life for the ministry. You do not care if you die, have money or not, what people say as long as you preach and teach the gospel.

The people who Jesus baptizes with fire are those Jesus chose even before their birth for the ministry but He waits at His appointed right time to baptize them with fire.

He prepares a person from even before his/her birth up to his/her appointed time to start his/her ministry and it is at that time when He pours Holy Spirit inform of fire into the person.

Holy Spirit power is a power beyond all powers.

When this fire gets in a person, that person’s life changes at that instance. Everything in the world becomes valueless, even his/her own life, and his/her total focus becomes Jesus Christ and carrying out the great commission. At this point, dying for the ministry is not an issue and one is ready to be persecuted (die) for the gospel.

The fire burns inside an individual that the person cannot rest. All s/he thinks, needs and wants is to preach and teach God word 24/7. It is a fire which burns so furious to be radiated, thus a person does not care where or whom to minister.

Let me say this clearly: You can minister to trees, animals or anything when baptized with fire just to radiate the fire burning strongly inside you.

When baptized with fire, you open you mouth to preach and teach the gospel and words just flow; Holy Spirit powering. At this point, it is the Holy Spirit speaking not the person; the person is just a vessel being used.

This is the time when a person carries out great acts of the ministry; from miracles, healing the disabled, controlling the nature (wind, clouds, rain etc), even raising the dead.

When you are baptized with fire, the only need and want you have is to minister and preach the gospel. You find yourself in the streets, roads and everywhere you find place to preach the gospel and you do not care if people listen or not, if you eat or not, if you sleep or not, if you’re killed etc.

Churches today closing doors for people baptized with fire

Many churches today do not give space and time to these God’s chosen servants. With their leadership structure not inline to Godly structure of the church, churches today have closed doors to God appointed powered servants and even today church leadership cannot recognize this people.

When you are baptized with fire, you sit in a church burning wanting to minister, preach, teach, prophecy and testify but the church does not give you space. Reason many true God appointed servants move out to the streets or any other place they can find to radiate this fire.

You cannot sit down when baptized with fire. It rely burns you strongly to radiate it.

Therefore, when you find a person in funny places ministering, do not look down upon that person because s/he may be true appointed powered God servant send to the world but the world and the churches do not give her/him space and time to carry their appointed purpose; even Jesus was not reason He was always in the streets.

If you have the gift of discerning spirits you can truly know who is God appointed powered servant and who is not.

Jesus is not a God who you will find in beautiful places, sitting in kings presidents seats, high tables and all best worldly high places but a heavenly God who you will find in humble places and persons which the world looks down upon.

Apostle Peter baptism with fire changed his life

Many bible students will testify that Peter was a person who could not stand in a multitude and minister. He was afraid and he had no confidence in himself and he loved His life that he could not give his life to die for the ministry reason he denied Jesus three times. See that this happened before he was baptized with fire in Pentecost.

After the empowerment (baptism with fire) in Pentecost, he was the first to rise and address the multitudes with neither fear nor being afraid, ready to face what ever comes even his own death.

This is what happens when the Holy Spirit comes upon (baptizes with fire) a person.

When I was baptized with fire

When the Holy Spirit came upon me, every thing because of less importance and my life priority became ministering and doing my assignment as given to me by Jesus Christ.

Fire burned (it is burning) inside me so strongly that I wanted to minister and I ministered to whoever I come across anywhere but the churches with their man-made systems could not open their doors to me even up to today but God revealed in a vision this place for me to radiate the fire in me.

All doors were opened without match struggling and I am happy I am changing the life of a person through this site.

As I minister, preach and teach the gospel here, the Holy Spirit always powers me to a point that He dictates to me so fast than I can write. I cannot teach the word without Him taking over my body.

God bless you