How two become one flesh

Unification in Sex: - How two become one flesh
Unification in Sex: – How two become one flesh

In the Bible, the main purpose of sex is unification; ‘two shall be one flesh’ as you have seen in the main purpose of sex. Then how does unification happen in sex for two to become one flesh?

Unification in Sex

If you mix a glass of red juice with a glass of yellow juice you get an orange juice (a mixture).

Sex: - How two become one flesh
Sex: – How two become one flesh

Sex is like mixing two glasses of juices each with a juice of a different color resulting to a mixer of both juices; a juice of another different color.

And this is how two become one flesh in sex.

How two become one flesh

Humans are created in the image and likeness of God.

Gen 1:26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

God is a trinity, see the Holy Trinity, and hence man is a trinity. See the moving hand untouched to body touching me.

Humans have a body, a soul and a spirit.

  • The body is the material, the physical, the outer person.
  • The soul is the nonphysical aspect of a person: the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body. The mind, emotions, thoughts all contribute to the soul.
  • The spirit is the life force of a person: the vital force that characterizes a human being as being alive. This is the inner being of a person.

In sex, the 3 forms of man are unified; becomes one. How?

1.     Body

In sex, first the sex organs unite.

Also the bodies unite by mixing their fluids; the same way a glass of red juice mixes with another of yellow juice to give a mixture; a orange juice.

From one body to the other, fluids mix unifying the bodies of the two persons to become one flesh. Thus you find the body fluids in one person are the same body fluids in his/her sex partner.

This is the reason diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV/AID’s, etc are transmitted in sex. Much more, demons are also transmitted in sex.

Many people do not understand that in sex you are unifying (mixing) your body with the other person’s and if that other person has a disease, a demon, you already have it.

2.     Soul

In sex, two souls unify to become one soul.

It is only in sex you find two people thinking and feeling the same. Ever wondered why couples fighting or arguing before sex become happy like nothing happened after sex?

This is because the two in sex have unified their souls (feelings, thinking, emotions, will, etc) to be in the same wavelength; same level.

Two people with one soul are referred to as soul mates. Soul mates because they have mated, mixed or unified their souls to form one soul and this is what happens in sex.

3.     Spirit

In sex, humans unify their spirits.

A person’s spirit is either connected to God’s spirit (Holy Spirit) or to Satan’s spirit (the evil spirit). Human’s spirit does not live in a void and there is nothing like being Luke-warm; neither in God’s camp nor Satan camp. You are either in one of the two.

If one of the person is connecting her/his spirit with the Holy Spirit and the other person is connecting her/his spirit with the Holy Spirit, the two spirits will unify easily in sex forming one spirit.

If one person’s spirit is connected with the evil spirit and the other person’s spirit too, the spirits will unify so easily in sex forming one spirit.

But when one person’s spirit is connected with the Holy Spirit and the other person’s spirit is connected with the evil spirit, the two spirits will repel each other and never unify.

This is why Christians must always marry fellow Christians.

If you asked God for a partner and you see someone who is not a Christian coming to you, run away because that is not God’s but Satan’s. God only brings you a partner with the same spirit as you.

No matter how hard two people with different spirits try to unify or click to each other, they never become one flesh. The two spirits (Holy Spirit and evil spirit) repel and fight.

Reason a marriage between a Christian and non-Christian is doomed from the start and never survives except when the Christian falls or the non-Christian changes her/his heart.

You can unify your bodies and souls but the spirits; if both of you have different spirits, cannot be unified thus you will never be one flesh no matter how hard you try.

Reason in qualities of a perfect partner who is created and brought to you by God, you have seen that the three forms of human exactly match and you can say, ‘bone of my bones’ flesh of my flesh.

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; God’s dwelling place. See how God dwells in humans bodies.

In sex you are unifying two temples of God to form one temple reason sex is a mystery. Sex is a Trinitarian relationship of God, self and spouse. It is supernatural and divine.

World lies about sex

  1. The world tells you that sex is just a bodily act which is a lie. Sex involves the body, the soul and the spirit.
  2. The world tells you that you are an animal thus you can have sex with every and any person which is a lie. You a created in an image and likeness of God while animals are not. See more in the moving hand untouched to a body touching me.
  3. The world tells you that you were not created by God but you evolved which is a lie. God created you.
  4. The world tells you that you can marry any person as long as you agree which is a lie. Yes! you will agree with your mouths but if you have different spirits, your relationship is doomed.

When the body, the soul and the spirit unify, they form one flesh thus two become one flesh.

Let’s see when two people in the eyes of God become a man and a wife.

You will travel east and west but you will find very few and I say very few people teaching the truth and revealing the mysteries of God. Not even world education including theology reveals to you God mysteries but they are only found in God and God has found favor in me to understand His mysterious and reveal to His children.

Mt 13:11 Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

Sex is a mystery and only few people understand the mystery because it is neither learned from world education nor science but from God.

God bless