Idolatry: - How we worship other gods knowingly & unknowingly
Idolatry: – How we worship other gods knowingly & unknowingly

Idolatry is the worship of idols. Idols are images of deity, animals, etc as an object of worship, object of excessive or supreme adulation. Idols are gods.

Worship of idols is a breach of God Commandments: You shall have no other gods before me and you shall not make to you any graven image.

Idolatry:- Worship of other gods

Although there is only one true living God ‘I AM’, there are also other gods and man can turn anything to be a god; an idol.

God hates idolatry; He is a jealousy God and He punishes severely for this sin.

Having occupied Canaan, Israel was constantly tempted to absorb the worship of the Canaanite gods and goddesses. Severally they failed by absorbing and mixing the worship of ‘I AM’ with other gods; bringing the worship of the Canaanites into the worship of ‘I AM’, and in the process they forgot their true God who brought them out of Egypt.

In addition, they also made images of ‘I AM’ and they idolized other objects, which is a breach of the law.

In times of Prophet Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Hosea, the worship of other gods was so ripe and pronounced within the children of Israel. God always had to intervene and punished the children of Israel for them to remember that He is the only true living God and to abandon the worship of other gods.

Due to their disobedience, in times of Jeremiah, God send the Babylonians who carried them into 70 years captivity in Babylon.

In the wilderness, those who worshiped the golden calf were destroyed instantly and God had to keep the children of Israel in wilderness for forty years to wipe out that disobedient generation.

1 Cor 10:5: But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness.

This demonstrates how God hates idolatry and how  He punishes severely.

How we worship other gods knowingly & unknowingly

In today’s world and in the churches, the worship of idols is ripe and even being practiced without fear.

Like the children of Israel, the church has taken the worship of other gods and mixed with worship of ‘I AM’.

How can ‘I AM’ stand in the same altar with Allah and all dead gods? How can you say that we worship the same God with them? Total Idolatry.

Images of God (deity) are everywhere even inside the churches and men have turned these images to be idols of worship; they kneel before them and pray.

Man and the world (Satan) can turn anything to be an idol as I revealed in the article; you shall have no other god.

There are so many gods (idols) in the world and many people are blindly worshiping them, giving them total allegiance.

Money, pleasure, sex, drugs, fame, power, education, knowledge, wisdom, games, electronics, music idols, movie idols, footballers,  etc are things which Satan has formed for people to worship. He diverts people from worship god to worship theses things.

Idols enslave their worshipers through lies and blind superstition.

Satanic angels (demons) operate through idols making them a positive spiritual menace. Through these demonic spirits, black magic and lies like pharaohs, they hold man captive in belief that they can save her/him but the truth is idols are nothing.

All idols have same characteristics. See Characteristics of idols.

God bless