Prophecy Fulfillment: – Kenya in trouble after election

Prophecy fulfillment: -Kenya in trouble after election
Prophecy fulfillment: Kenya in trouble after election

Kenya is in trouble after March 4th election, a fulfillment of Kenya prophecy.

Kenya has turned away from God and God has prepared her for judgment revealing signs of His wrath.

From Kenya famine prophecy, Kenya in trouble prophecy, Kenya carried to captivity, Kenya given to terrorists, God wrath on churches, I revealed signs of God judgement to Kenya but Kenya has not repented.

God judgment to Kenya is at the door-step. See the death of Uhuru Kenyatta and the Earthquake.

Kenya in trouble after election

God revealed how Kenya will be in trouble after election which is just before her judgment.

After election, Kenya was to be in troubles tougher than September 2011 to December 2011. See Kenya in trouble prophecy.

In Kenya repent before judgement, I revealed how after elections Kenya will be under workers strikes. And Yes, here we are.

In Kenya churches prophecy, I prophesied how after election Kenya churches and their leaders will have no say in the government but the Muslims will be given power to rule over them. And Yes! Here we are.

Kenya prophecy events ushering judgment

There are several events ushering Kenya into her judgment.

These are; –

  1. Workers strikes
  2. High standard of living
  3. Tribal enmity
  4. Economy worsening
  5. Enmity between Kenya citizens and the government

Kenya is in her last stretch to her judgment and God accomplishing His plan to her.

By December 2013, Kenyan citizens will have had enough of the government in place and just by a strike of a match stick, Kenya will burn and blood will be the price.

Worse judgment to Kenya than 2007 – 2008 post-election violence is coming.

God will then give Kenya a short period to repent before the earthquake.

If you see all the above prophesied events fall in place and Kenya citizens mad with their government, Kenyans its time to personally look up and repent for God to spare you from His wrath.

God is ready to repent His wrath to Kenya if she repents.

We are in a period where God is revealing Kenya sins through the media and other sources for her to repent or God punish her.

Who can say today that Kenya has turned to God? Who can say that Kenya has repented?

Kenya Repent


  1. Praise God
    Thank you for sharing the warnings especially on the need to repent,alot is happening not jst in Kenya but worldwide which tells of the end times.
    I wanted to enquire,do you think the national repentance prayer meetings hosted by Prophet Owuor in early March 2013 were heard by Jehovah and may have helped avoid post election bloodshed?
    If such prayers of repentance were national leaders are in attendance are being organized then how else can the national repentance process be done?



    • Praise God and thank you.

      The Kenya national repentance prayers before elections was more of a show off not repentance.

      If Kenya rely repented, why are we see evil, immorality, killing, insecurity, inhumanity, high cost of living, political enmity, workers strike, etc in Kenya?

      God wants Kenyans to repent first from the churches and national wide prayers organized not a show off but real repentance to God and God will hear Kenyans cry.

      Remember Jonah prophecy and how the city repented?

      God bless you

  2. Prophet Joshua your prophecy and Daniel Iter prophecy concurs with another one of a female kikuyu prophetess who before 2013 election at ambassador house street said that if Uhuru or Raila gets the presidency kenya will be worst than Rwanda, it touched me and the prophetess went on giving her prophesy on how she had warned michuki of how God will turn all his money to buying drugs until his death on multiple organ failure. I was almost killed in a Nissan Matatu when i also told the passengers that with their election of ICC suspects, Kenya must pay dearly economically and wrath of God shall be on us so lets wait because we cannot say we were not warned before we made the mistakes and the sins.


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