Kenya prophecy fulfillment part-1: – Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the President of Kenya

Kenya prophecy fulfillment part-1: - Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the President of Kenya
Kenya prophecy fulfillment part-1: – Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the President of Kenya

This is Kenya prophecy fulfillment part-1 of Kenya judgment prophecy as revealed to me on March 2011.

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A son becomes the President of Kenya

A son is a male child.

In 2013 Kenya general elections, there were female and males seeking the presidential seat but a son (male) became the president of Kenya.

Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the President of Kenya

In the Kenya judgment prophecy, a mother was to bear a son. The son is the leader who the people of Kenya were to elect.

A son has a mother and a father.

The son’s mother is the country Kenya. Then who is the father?

The father of the son is the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta. His son, Uhuru Kenyatta was and is the one appointed by God to lead Kenya before her judgment if Kenya rebels and never repents.

It is God who raises and appoints world leaders to accomplish His plan and will. The son, Uhuru Kenyatta (son of Jomo Kenyatta) is accomplishing God’s plan to Kenya.

In the prophecy, the mother is holding her son in her arms close to her chest lovingly. This meant that the son was to be adored and Kenyans be highly optimistic that the son will give them the future they have been searching for many years.

And Yes! Majority of Kenyans were highly optimistic with Uhuru Kenyatta being their president.

God’s prophets who prophesied before 2013 Kenya general elections all said that Uhuru Kenyatta will be the elect Kenya president. This was a confirmation of God words to me in 2011.

Kenya judgment prophecy needed God understanding and wisdom to know who the son was; the president appointed to lead Kenya immediately after 2013 general election.

Uhuru Kenyatta was and is appointed by God to lead Kenya before her judgment if she does not repent.

For how long are you Kenyans going to rebel God? For how long are you going to strive with God? Can the clay strive with its maker?

Isaiah 45:9 Woe to him that strives with his Maker!  Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashions it, what are you making? 

Is it God’s will or your will (the will of your minds and mouths)?

Kenya Repent


  1. God watches closely to fulfil his word. Last year we saw an eclipse in the northern kenya and the whole world came to watch it just before the sunset. What many peaople did not know was the message behind the eclipse. it was on Nov 3rd 2013, which day was the last day of the 8th month in Gods calender, 1 hour before sunset, as given to moses before exit to Egypt staring from the month of Abib as the 1st month of God’s calender.
    To many it might have been a day when the county received many tourists hence revenue, but GOD said in Genesis 1:14 that the luminaries, ie sun, moon and stars are for signs and seasons. So with that said, on that day God was saying something to Kenya that its 8th month ie new begginning anticipated will have a darkness just before its sunset, ie the new beginninG anticipated will be darkened by gloom from the Northern parts of the country. We all wait to see since God has spoken, what he will do.

  2. Am born again bt coz of hypocrisy in church, Master uses the gentiles/muslims 2provide 4me.I stopped goin church n will neva go bak.The funny thing,those in church/saved(i dont know 4m what) r the ones who hv bn dying.Its a funny scenario bt judgement begins in d houz of God.
    Am enjoyin my life with no burden of warning people anymore.Walevi/prostitute etc. r my best pals-not hypocrites n they bless me.
    Its either u r hot/cold.Dont wait 4a mlevi 2b judged 1st b4 others ‘saved’ cz God [email protected]

    • Slider, Get rid of bitterness….where is recocialition with those who wronged you? So if you will never go back to church, where is the fellowship with the brethren as commanded by God? You have deceived yourself and come out of it before its too late. And if that part of the body wronged you, is it the whole body of Christ? so when you minister to the walevis and so called, have been ministered to by you, where do you send them? Or you tell them how church is bad. Isnt it your responsibility to work with your own hands so that ypu may eat? What is this responsibility you have layed upon the church that they should feed you? This is a bad attitude….kindly repent

  3. The greatest sin Kenyans should repent from is idol worship and false oath taking.The use of false names ;God,Jesus or Yesu,Mungu,etc instead of Wholy names is destroying this nation.
    pray anything in my name( Yahsuah) ,the father( Yahweh) will be glorified in me.
    keep of the names of Gods of nations( Joshuah 23:7)from your lips.

  4. We thank God for the new year which gives us the opportunity to reflect on 2014.

    With regard to the comment by Agnes on the eclipsemthatmwas visible from northern Kenya,, I just want to reflect in the bit she mentioned on the gloom from the northern Kenya. It really was a year that gave Kenya a lot of challenged from the Northern region..

    God always fulfills what He sets out to achieve! A lot will happen this year I believe especially with regard to international events but God is in control.

    God’s blessings to the Servant of God Joshua and to all followers and believers of Jesus Christ.

  5. SHALOM:To Agnes your spiritual eye is deeper.
    truly the gloom has come gain in the northern of Kenya:look Garissa university killings…I came to learn even the Christians who were having morning fellowship were killed….am seeing bloodshed as foretold by prophet Joshua. Right now am dreaming of Moses and David,what they really did when God chose them.we need Moses and David in Kenya to take this country to God through repentance to fulfill these sctipture zephania 3:9-11.SHALOM

  6. Baba nipe macho nione are the words of Christina shusho. I pray Almighty Father that Utanipa macho ya. kiroho. Am tired of living this way, inthe shadows of drugs and sin. though I disobey Your Holy word,You are Wonderful and Awesome. Save me Oh Lord and I will save my fellow kenyans. I Love You Lord and I will Serve You till the End.

  7. Thanks Agnes but my query is who is to make Uhuru Kenyatta understand this that he is to read Kenya to judgement if it does not repent.

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