Love of Money in Churches Today

love of money in churches today
love of money in churches today

Love of money has penetrated deeply in churches today. Ministries are being measured by their monetary worthy and even Christians value each other in terms of financial capabilities and this fully angers God.

If money or financial richness is what will take churches and people to heaven, some will now be seated with Jesus Christ. But no, thanks to Jesus Christ, salvation is only by grace through faith.

Consequences of love of money in Churches today

1 Tim 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1. Rise of prosperity gospel; a false damnation gospel

I went to one of the so-called ‘big churches’ which are always on our televisions and i was astonished. Before the main preacher comes to the pulpit, there is first 5 minutes of preaching about money and telling people to tithe and give.

I have watched this Church Sunday services (which I will not name) severally on the television and this is what happens Sunday after Sunday after Sunday. This is one example of the million prosperity churches in the world today.

Shame on you preaching prosperity gospel!

2. Increase in evil

Money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10) and people calling themselves ‘men of God’ are doing whatever they can to get prosperous even paying sex workers for miracle testimonies

3. Apostasy

Apostasy in the church today is an end time sign and many people have fallen away from the truth.

4. Frustrations

Christians are being frustrated by man-made systems in churches today sucking each coin in their pockets. Christianity has become a burden in churches.

God is not a God of money

God is not a God of money, large beautiful expensive buildings called churches or any non-living object but God is a God of the living, with body soul spirit and destiny. See What is a church.

Many churches today and so-called ‘men of God’ scoff and preach money from Sunday to Sunday, and all they do, they say, is all for and about money. Ministries are being valued by their financial gain not their spiritual gain.

Selfish individuals have imposed themselves in the church, calling themselves ‘men of God’, but they are there only for the financial gain not allowing the Holy Spirit to work through His chosen. See Biblical church leadership structure.

They frustrate Christians in the name of God, name of the church, name of authority and so on and so on, burdening the saints with difficult and any available heavy yoke, in the name of Christ (Mt:11:30). Demoralizing many God’s children and making many move out from churches.

You calling yourself ‘man of God’; do you know that God will punish you more severely than others? Do you know that God will question you for any lost sheep?

Jesus did not lose any of His sheep except for Judas Iscariot for the word to be fulfilled as it was written. If in your ministry you do not know you own sheep, how do you serve them? If you do not have relationship with them how do you know them?

Ministry is about perfecting saints (Eph 4). How does a person perfect saints s/he does not know personally?

Today last time ministries (churches) want Christians to just come in the church, sit down, listen to prosperity gospel and give out their money. And they have so many programs and man-made systems which require giving more and more.

In addition they push saints to give and give without caring where they will get the money, what they eat or where they sleep and what they (churches) do is eat and eat and eat, driving big cars and living high lifestyles.

This was not the Jesus way of the ministry. If need be, He provided for His faithful.

What do they (today churches) do? They provide saints with half-baked verses from the bible which only talk of blessings and prosperity without preaching the true gospel (See meaning of gospel 1 Corithians 15).

They say, ‘the more you give the more you receive’, ‘plant a seed’, and the perverted gospel goes on and on. Where is the truth here? They just want Christians to give more and more for them to eat and eat.

God does not need our money, He needs our hearts. He only need and want us to believe in Him and have great faith in Him.

God bless you.