Meaning of the bloody moon

Meaning of the bloody moon
Meaning of the bloody moon

Bloody moon appeared on the sky and many people saw it. What was the meaning of the bloody moon?

There were a lot of explanations to why the moon was bloody but many of this explanations lied on human knowledge, understanding and wisdom. To the world, the moon was ‘red’ and this is what the media reported all over the world.

God Seasons and Times

God uses signs to reveal seasons and times to humanity. The word ‘seasons’ implies appointed times of God.

Jesus promised us that He will reveals signs in heaven and on earth prior to His return. Reason He told His followers to keep on watching because He will definitely signal His coming.

For those people watching, He will not come as a thief but to those asleep His coming will be like a thief.

The bloody moon was a sign revealed to me in a vision on august 2011 and I was instructed to wait until its occurred  to give out the revelation and explain to Christians what the sign meant.

It was also a special sign and communication to me from God signifies something He told me.

Meaning of the bloody moon

The blood on the moon signified;

  1. Blood of the Lamb of God; – the blood of Jesus Christ shed in the cross.
  2. Sign of salvation to the children of God on earth.  Salvation is at hand. Penalty for your sins was paid with the blood of the lamb.
  3. Jesus Christ second coming; – Jesus is at the heavens doorstep coming for His church.
  4. The coming shedding of blood for the penalty of sin; – A sign of the tribulation coming to the world with great shedding of blood as God pours his wrath to a rebellious world.

Watch! Time is now.


  1. Devil amazes me.Anytym Heaven speaks,he comes with a copy.Luciferians know that its tym4 departure.Whateva sacrifices they r makin globally now2 stop it cant be explained!but this will be their last.Infact i have the baphomet photo sitted on top of the world with 2moons just2 remind me its comin 2an end but not without Prayers;love U LORD.The best angels-90feet(size) are on earth..No Fear.
    Moon worshippers will go nuts once the realm is clear.Cameras,mortuary;get ready 2make cash!
    ThankU Joshua

  2. May the True Way of Jesus be revealed – I hope with all my heart The Blood Moon is a sign from God – the mighty power – and that we must confess our Sins !! I have many but through deep,honest, loving Prayer WE will have Peace and be closer to him God Bless X