Problems of Mixing Law and Grace

Problems of Mixing Law and Grace
Problems of Mixing Law and Grace

There are 9 problems of mixing law and grace. The law is the Old Covenant, the Old Testament while grace is the New Covenant, the New Testament.

First see this bible teachings; – major difference between the old covenant and the new, effects and shortcomings of the law, explanation of the ten commandments, can the law save you, purpose of the law, difference between God law and mosaic law and the law.

Many people are living mixing law and grace, only few are defined.

How do you know the side you are?

By the way you live.

Do you live to do the works or you live to obey? Do you have responsibilities or you respond? Do you have a relationship with God or you have a religion?

The law needs doing, legalism, responsibly, religion, tradition and works while grace only needs obedience (responding).

9 Problems of mixing law and Grace

1. Law and Grace cannot mix

Law and Grace are totally different and they cannot mix. They are like oil and water which cannot mix.

When Jesus said,

But you go and figure out what this means: I will have mercy, and not sacrifice. No man sews a piece of new cloth on an old garment, or the patch will shrink and the tear will be worse. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles or the bottles break and the wine runs out and the bottles are ruined, but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are saved’ (Matthew 9:14-17).

Jesus was teaching about law and grace. That you cannot have something new while you still hold to the old. You cannot be under grace while still under the law.

So if you are mixing law and grace, you are not under grace but under the law.

2. Jesus is not with you

Jesus is a Jesus of grace not of the law and He is not with you as you struggle doing the works of the law. He does not mix Himself up.

3. Laws are for Jews, Grace for gentiles

The laws (both God’s and Mosaic) are contained in the Old Testament and they were given to the Jews except the Ten Commandments (God laws) which were given to the whole world.

In giving out the Ten Commandments, God spoke in seventy different languages a prove that the Ten Commandments were given to the whole world. This is proven by the Jews scribes early scripts.

The New Testament (grace) is specifically to the gentiles and as you have read in  difference between the old covenant and the new, we have our laws written in our hearts not on stone tablet.

This was achieved by the Holy Spirit thus you do not need to read or study the laws but when you are born again, the Holy Spirit writes the laws in your heart. He leads, commands and guides you that when you go astray, you hear His voice instructing you.

4. Your not a christian

The word Christian comes from the word Christ-like. You cannot be a Christian when you are not living like Jesus Christ. Living like Christ is living under grace neither under the law nor mixing law and grace.

5. Condemnation awaits you

Mixing law and grace is being under the law and you are still in the old covenant (dispensation of the law) and condemnation awaits you.

6. You deny salvation is only by grace

Many people do not know which side they are. They claim to be Christians yet the go back to the law and still claim doing the works (obeying the law) as part of salvation.

People under the law or mixing the law and grace deny that salvation is by grace through faith. The claim that to be saved you need works.

7. You will never inherit the Kingdom of heaven.

Being under the law and mixing up the law and grace, you will never inherit the kingdom of heaven.

8. People under law want to place those free under the law

I have this wanna be Christians close to me who judge me by the laws yet I have clearly stated that I am not under the law. They push to put me under slavery but I am in grace (freedom); no turning back!

If you have these wanna be Christians around you who judge and try to put you under the law, stand firm to the truth.

9. You do not obey the law

There are many laws in the bible, many you neither know nor heard of. So if you are struggling to fulfill only ten laws, what about all other laws? And breaking one law is breaking all laws so which law do you obey?

Definitely, there is no law you obey.

Jesus end of the law

Jesus abolished the law, even the Ten Commandments, and He is the absolute fulfillment of the laws. If Jesus Christ dwells in you (find how Christ dwells in men), you have fulfilled all laws and you have no works to do but just praise and worship Him

Jesus fulfilled all law demands and finished all works, and He proved this when He said, It is finished (John:19:30).

If you are under the law, you need to wake up, see the light and salvation. It is not about obeying the Ten Commandments, Mosaic Law but responding to Jesus Christ.

It is not about obeying the Sabbath, not killing, not committing adultery and all laws but it is about having Jesus Christ dwelling in you and you will fulfill all laws since He fulfilled (and fulfills) every single law.

No one will inherit the kingdom of heaven by the law. See the light, come to grace, to salvation.

Forget the laws and only focus on Jesus Christ.

God bless