Testimony: – How Jesus Appeared Physically to me; Joshua

My testimony: - How Jesus appeared physically to me
My testimony: – How Jesus appeared physically to me

This is my testimony where Jesus Christ appeared physically to me, changed, saved my life and revealed my ministry and purpose of life resulting to the birth of christian Truth Center.

For easy flow and understanding, let me start by giving you my background in brief.

 My Background

I was born in a family of four (excluding my parents); two sisters and a brother, I being the first male child. My two sisters are older than my brother and I.

My parents, being of the Roman Catholic Church, brought us up in the ways of the church but I have been a rebel to this doctrine. I am the only one in the family who is a ‘Protestant’ (as they call it).

I sometimes went to the Catholic Church but I have never surrendered to the doctrines of the church. All my family members are dedicated members of the catholic community.

They have all been baptized according to the ways of the Roman Catholic Church, receives the Holy Communion and attend the Church (Catholic) each Sunday.

My family members, relatives, neighbors and villagers, most of who are of the catholic community, see me as a ‘rebellious child’ because I rebel the Roman Catholic Church. Our village is mostly Catholics.

I grew up being a shepherd of my father’s flock. If anything happened to the flock I was answerable to the family yet I had no room to make decisions as my sisters and brother were and are up to today. From Sunday to Sunday as my family members go to church, I used to be left at home looking after my father’s flock.

My parents neither believed nor understood me. Frustration and stress killed me each day. I was always bad, doing wrong, disobedient, unworthy, stupid, always punished for wrongs I did not commit and had no voice.

This is who I was and still I am to my parents. Sometimes I saw myself worthy; created for a purpose and a mission but other times unworthy to live and unwanted preferring death.

This made me to choose death rather than life. I always wished to die.

I used to spend nights crying, always worried about myself and my life. Severally I thought of running away from home; Home was not home to me.

After high school I got an opportunity to be far from home. This was a dream come true.

I went to stay with my uncle as I studied. But life with him and his family turned much worse than home. My aunt abused and mistreated me badly that I had to move from her house back to the village.

I stayed over a full year at home herding my family flock from Sunday to Sunday. I used to cry day and night, looking for a reason to be alive. My work was only to go with the flock in the fields from 9 am and come back at 6 pm or spent the whole day in the fields from 8am to 6pm.

God heard my cry and remembered me. I applied for an intake in a university and in the beginning of the following year had the reporting letter in my hands. That year, I reported to start my course and I was happy to get an opportunity to be away from my family, relatives and villagers.

I got friends who I can share, open and talk to and I felt happy. I started slowly learning about Jesus Christ from friends around me who had the same belief as me but I was yet to be born again.

Many times I did not realize and recognize the existence of God except on Sundays as many people do today.

I got a friend, whom I refer to as ‘God sent’ who kept pressuring and persuading me to be born-again. The Holy Spirit also was strongly persuading me to accept Christ in my life.

I had high pride in myself that I did not see why I needed Jesus Christ.

Through so much fighting, I started feeling the urge of being born again and giving my life to Christ but at this point, my life started turning from worse to the worst.

Every piece and part of my life was crushing and vanishing into thin air but I held on to Christ but not yet born-again. I did not know that this was the start and more was on the way.

A trial came and I really missed the mark, fell terribly to the devil’s plot and sinned greatly. I did not see the reason for Christ needing me anymore as a voice was telling me but another voice was telling me to stand up.

My body, soul and spirit were crushed and I was down humbled. I stayed over a whole week humbling myself to Jesus, repenting, crying and praying for forgiveness and guidance.

Then, the Lord Jesus Christ came to rescue and save me. He appeared physically and personally in His glorified form which I saw with my eyes, and this is how it was;

Testimony: – How Jesus Appeared Physically to me

It was in the night as I lay in my bed. Suddenly lights went off (black-out). The entire area within a circumference of about five kilometers turned black (no lights).

A strange-looking-light entered and shone entirely in my room that it is only my room that had light in the whole area. Strange to me coz I had never seen such a light before.

The light was bright, purely white and when I looked inside the light, I saw the likeness as the appearance of a man. I did not recognize at that moment who he was and without realizing I found myself kneeling down.

Immediately the man inside the light called me by my name, Joshua. Awe filled me by the call of my name because I could not imagine that someone knew me by my name. Immediately, my eyes were opened, I saw and recognized who He was: Jesus Christ.

My eyes met with bright light as His garments which were white than any other white thing I could think of (even snow is not as white as what I was seeing), were glowing, shining, producing great light which made the entire place bright and glowing and the light covered me.

I could not see His head, hands or feet but I could see His body which was all white, shining and glowing brightly. I cannot explain this. It is beyond words, thinking and explanation.

When my eyes met Him, I realized how crooked, earthly, fleshly and dirty I was with sin. I saw pure purity; I saw the effects of my sins on Him. I saw grace, His mercy and undying love for me.

I was not worthy to stand before Him. Tears were flowing freely from my eyes because I was ashamed of myself, whom I am, not worthy to stand before Him. Surely, I could not look at Him again and I bowed my head.

Suddenly He called me again and said, Joshua, I know all your sins, and since you have repented, I have forgiven you’. I asked, ‘Am I forgiven?’ He answered, ‘All your sins are forgiven.

I was strengthened, and I looked at Him again feeling worthy. I asked Him, ‘You mean all my sins are forgiven even the recent one? because I could not believe that am forgiven.

He replied, Yes, and also your friend’s sins are forgiven’ (I fell into sin with my friend). I bowed my head down and thanked Him.

He told me, ‘rise up and follow me’ and He took me to the coastline where He stood with me.The spirit inside me started talking to me telling me that great revelations are going to be revealed to me.

Seeing Him, the waters of the sea stood still and I was amazed. He told me to look at the top surface of the waters and immediately as I placed my eyes on the water surface, I saw something coming out from deep down the waters. As it settled on the water surface, He turned and said to me, ‘This is the altar which Abraham and Moses used to make’.

The spirit placed the scripture (The Bible) in my mind, and at that moment it was written in my mind and my heart up to today. The spirit opened the book of Genesis, the first altar made by Abraham, and then all other altars made by Abram and Moses.

I discovered that all these altars were the same; same in dimensions, number of stones and they were all made in the same way, exactly like the altar I was looking at placed on top of the sea waters and I was amazed.

I was taken through the life of Abram, Moses through all Genesis, Exodus, and important details were revealed which I could not think of or understand with my mind.

I was taken through a journey and taught the entire Bible. From the book of Genesis to Revelation as He (Jesus) revealed Himself to me in ways I cannot explain. I am happy that I now truly understand the word.

After intensively being taught the word, it being written in my heart and mind, He took me up to the land to a place where I found a big congregation which I was to minister to.

I stood in the podium, and He stood beside me, but no man could see Him. I opened my mouth, I ministered the truth as the Spirit was instructing and directing me (it was the Spirit talking and not me).

No man could stand what I was preaching and teaching because this was the truth, a hard truth, and they (the multitude) were bitter with me. They conspired with each other and chased me away and allowed their scoffers who preach what they want to hear, preach.

I had a tough time here with this congregation and I turned to Him and asked Him, ‘Am I going to go on with this in this way?

Before the congregation harmed me, He protected and took me away from them (no one could see Him except me). He took me to a room where He further revealed Himself to me.

One important thing I must say which He taught me in this room was how to talk to Him, how to pray to Him, how He wants it to be done t and how Christians must pray to Him. All books of the Bible were opened before my eyes as He taught me this, even from His own life on earth.

After all this, I was taken back to the coastline where I found a multitude of people, enjoying and partying in the sea, the beach, and on the seashore. He told me to minister to this people. He (Jesus Christ) was with me, in me and He stood beside me.

I opened my mouth, preached and taught as the spirit was instructing and directing me. No one heard me; all ignored, rebuked and laughed at me. I cried and felt like giving up.

Suddenly power entered me. I felt like a live electric current had entered my body. The Spirit told me to touch the sea waters.

And these words come out of my mouth, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ all things in heaven and on earth hear the voice; His voice’. I stretched my hand and touched the waters of the sea, and amazingly the waters obeyed.

The sea waters stood still; no movement, no waves, no wind. All who were in the sea-shore and inside the waters (swimming) were amazed and filled with awe.

And everyone was drawn to me, and I ministered and many accepted Jesus Christ that day. Even the media was amazed by this power, power which commands the sea waters and the waters obey. They aired this all over the land and many believed in Jesus Christ.

As I ministered, He (Jesus) caught a bird, roasted it and gave it to me. I took it and shared with all those who had accepted Him that day. No one knew were the meal came from, because they could not see Him.

They thought that all these things were done by me but No!. He was in me, beside me, His bright pure white light covered me all through. I was just a vessel being used.

Immediately, I was taken from them to a place where it was only me and Him (Christ). He instructed, taught, gave me power, filled me with the Holy Spirit and gave me signs to watch (All which have passed to be true).

And these were His last words to me.

Joshua, I chose and appointed you before you were born. You will see me again physically when you die. I will always be with you; I will never leave you or forsake you. I will keep on revealing more to you to show and tell my people. Show them the truth’.

Tears flowed freely from my eyes as He vanished in my watch. My room turned dark again and I found myself lying in my bed where I was before.

It was like a dream, but not a dream, it was real; I saw and I was with Jesus Christ.

I cried and worshiped Him all night long, I could not sleep. The signs He gave me to watch were to assure me of all these things and Yes! They have all come to pass.

From that day, He has kept His promises to me. He keeps shaping, directing and instructing me day and night. Giving me revelations of Himself, the future, prophesies and teachings.

The Spirit keeps reminding me the Bible because it is now written in my mind and my heart, to a point I am amazed by myself and His power in me.

As days went on, the effects of that night started being pronounced in my life. Passion for worldly things was killed and nothing else makes sense to me except Him.

I wanted to be highly educated, get all the money, cars and all what the world offers, but right now, all these are nonsense, All I want is Him.

I realized Yes! I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire that night. Through just a word, I can do many signs and miracles, even commanding the nature; wind, rain, sun etc.

I have learned that the human eye sees lies and darkness, the spiritual eye sees the truth.

At first, I did not realize I have all this powers until they started manifesting themselves in everything I did. I did not know I could heal a person by prayer until someone told me to pray to him.

I did not know I could control nature until rain seemed to disturb my open air teaching. I did not know anything, I did not realize but now I know and I am sure of all the power manifested and invested in me. All glory to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ has kept His promise to me. He keeps imparting me, revealing Himself to me, instructing, directing and using me. I will keep revealing all what He showed, shows, taught and teaches me in this website and everywhere I go.

I have being taken to heaven and back to earth, seen the rupture in a vision, the last war between Jesus and the world powers, Armageddon battle, and many more which I will keep revealing to you.

I promise you that as Jesus was, is and will be, I will be there guiding you in truth and I will never fail you my dear brother and sister in Christ.

NB: My bad relationship with my parents, and the hard times I faced in life were for a purpose. If it was not for all that, I could  not have needed Jesus, known Him and I could not be here preaching and teaching His word.

After my parents accomplish God’s plan in my life, God has assured me that He will restore my relationship with them and Yes! I can surely testify that am seeing the hand of God in this area of my life.

Peace be with you.

(I have summarized my testimony and eliminated some pieces)  


  1. Prophet,i have a question,when Jesus Christ was born the 3 wisemen saw a star signifying his unique birth and as a guide to where he was located,i saw a shooting star early this morning,Does it have any spiritual significance?? ?

    • Hi Tawanda!

      Nothing happens ordinary, naturally or an accidents. There is a spirit behind every occurrence and it happens for a reason.

      We may not understand the message now but one day we will. You may not understand what the shooting star made but soon you will.

      God be with you and continue believing and trusting in Him no matter what. Stand strong. Your Faith is your shield.

  2. God bless you brother. Continue to tell people what God commands you to say. Am concerned for well being of our nation as well. i believe your messages. Go ahead .

  3. God bless you prophet! im humbled by your testimony. i would like to know hat jesus told you about prayer. you said “…One important thing I must say which He taught me in this room was how to talk to Him, how to pray to Him, how He wants it to be done and how Christians must pray to Him”
    please do share! thank you brother, Thank you Jesus for your wonderful works

  4. Wow! Your testimony is beautiful and inspiring! It makes me love Jesus even more. I agree with Hadassah. Please do share how the Lord wants us to talk to Him, pray to Him and how it must be done.

    Thanks for sharing and God bless you more!

  5. hi prophet,just as hadassa and the rest am waiting the topic on prayer then there is this asthma that is really disturbing me please pray to JEHOVAH to heall me as i believe in him.be blessed

  6. My bro. am touched i can’t imagine of our past life in Kenyatta University when you were doing analytical chemistry degree as i do my masters in microbiology, surely education, jobs, cars, mansions are all vanities without Jesus. As i speak i am partially deaf after an aeroplane destroyed my ears after flight, Doctors say it has no cure because its SUDDEN DEAF unless it heals on its own. I am still pursuing my PhD with such disability, i lost my permanent job but still remains my GOD without salary and with all my education. A voice in my heart still convinces me God will restore my hearing for His glory to be manifested in the World so lets continue calling the name of the Lord.

    • Hi my bro Sila!

      If a person like you can say that ‘education, jobs, cars, mansions are all vanities without Jesus’ what can i add. I know your problems and God will be with you.

      Good to here this from a friend like you. Trust in God. We will talk more when you will come back here.

    • Sila, your spiritual ears are hearing what you need to be hearing, for now. I was also struck with a disability so that He could take me aside, so that I could be put in a state of rest, removed physically from society and placed on the dunes in nature. There, I could hear His voice.

      HE has since healed me yet even these days He uses it to “pull up my handbrake when I am going too fast.” Your situation has a purpose, just submit and obey. Be blessed and may our Lord heal you completely, in His time.

  7. hi, Praise God. thank you for your testimony. there is one thing i would like
    God to reveal to me, what is his purpose for me and what he called me to do. i want to venture into ministry but am facing very many hurdles and i need to know how to handle them. Kindly shed light on this matter for me and help me get direction on how i should start and which way to go. God bless you, I also want to imerse myself in his word and prayer

    • Praise God.

      Truly seek God with all your heart. Do not go to any human. God is faithful and He will reveal the purpose of your life when you seek Him with all your heart.

      Only wait and hear from God. I also face many hurdles but my God is leading my way powerfully. Hurdles shapes us

      God be with you

  8. Good morning,
    please teach me how i can go about knowing what God has called me to do and his purpose in my life. also how do i know what gifts God has given me.

    • Hi Patriciah!

      Truly seek God with all your heart and he is faithful He will reveal the purpose of your life. And second be patient to Him and do not seek the help of men in this.

      The gift of holy spirit will naturally be manifested in your life without you forcing or trying. They reveal themselves.

      God be with you

  9. just a week ago i had been invited by the christian union officials to attend their form four farewell party.all went well until when darkness fell and i could not go back home due to security reasons.unluckily at night my camera which i had borrowed from an organisation worth 114k was stolen.i was pressurised until i almost lost my faith to GOD.the student i had asked to take us the video was also full of stress.his class began to contribute money for visiting the grass doctor but i told them i do not believe in that.i then decided to fast for two days for the thief not to have peace until HD surrendered.thanks my prayer were answered.amazingly the camera was found in the toilet.

  10. Hi,

    I am so touch by your testimony and thank you for sharing.

    My father is catholic and my mother is Baptist. When my parents got married about more than 30 years ago my father promised my mother that he will not interfere with her faith that she can remain Baptist even after marriage . But later things change. My father mostly stay away from home because of his work. So my mother took care of us(5 siblings). And as for me and my elder siblings, in spite of the fact that we all went to catholic school all our school life and even studied catechism at school but we seldom go to church as my father would get angry if my mother took us to her church and he was never there to take us to his church either. We were never attached to catholic church. My mother taught us from the bible and christian hymn songs at home and we were happy ,we grew up like that believing in Jesus Christ according to bible. Now that we are all grown up and want to freely chose the freedom given to us by christ according to our faith but my father won’t allow us to do so and start putting all the blame on my mother after all this years. Now He wants us all including my mother to come to catholic faith. According to him, only catholic will go to heaven. For him, to have catholic faith is the true religion and only way to salvation though he never go to church as far as i remember.. We all love him.and tried many times to make him understand that we all have to carry our own cross and Jesus is our only savior but he would not listen to anybody. Now he is creating a lot of tension and everyone in the family is confuse

    please help us. What do we do now and how do we deal with such problem?

    thank you and stay blessed

    • Thank you Joina.

      You have the right to choice which your father must never interfere with. You are free to choose.

      if you choose Baptist which is against your father, you have not sinned. I understand your father is not born-again.

      Try to talk to your father but if he cannot give you freedom, take yourselves away from Him. You must serve God no matter what and you have the right to freedom.

      Your mother can live with Him but he must not false her worship a god she does not want. Your mother can leave your father if she cannot giver her her right and that is not a sin. Theirs is a marriage between a believer and unbeliever. See what the Bible teaches about divorce.

      Try to talk things out

  11. Yes. Iam.very a mazed what encounter you had with Jesus Christ.. I love it!!! WoW that makes me wanted to lived for him the more.. I am very encouraged. Can please prayed for my husband he having a hard time living for Jesus. He gets very frustrated. I try to encouraged him sometimes. Be have a hard timeletting go of the world and his friends we are married. We do not sleep together or pray.its very sad…. He tells me to not worry about him. Just do.me.. So I just prayed that he gets revelation about Jesus as his lord. He is saved.

    • Amen Donna!
      Live for Him more and more because He is real and alive and He will never forsake you as people do. It is worthy it.

      It is you to be a light and lead your husband. You have so far done good; congrats. Just keep praying for Him and you will see how God will work on Him. Just prayer will work miracles.

      God bless

  12. I grew up in a Christian home and was, at age 15, convinced by Satan that I had blasphemed against the Holy Spirit and was doomed. I could not talk to my parents, both reborn Christians, but instead had an ear with a science teacher, Mr Tinker Bormann, who also was a missionary to http://www.kwasizabantu.com/. He listened to my story and led me to accept Jesus. I went home, told my mother and was assaulted with the electric cord of the kettle through my face, many blows through my mouth. I was said to have brought shame upon my family for having tarnished our name by discussing problems with others.

    This confused me and I was on the rebound. My Calvinist religion blurred my vision and actually kept me from seeing a Loving Everlasting Father Jesus Christ. All I saw was rejection and cruelty. This was my first persecution at the hands of a Christian. Little did I know that, in decades to come, my wife, my children and I would be shunned, ousted, rejected, ridiculed, exploited and even openly persecuted by Christians, especially a pastor with a Satanist cloud over him (as even confirmed by Police!)

    My faith was shaken when pastors and elders maintained that Jesus was just a prophet sometimes called the son of God, but that He was not God at all! I then challenged Jesus to reveal Himself to me and so He did, clearly showing me that I am a trinity in the saame sense that He is, but that there is no “godhead” (that word sounds disrespectful and even blasphemous; the original word was GodHOOD.) as He is One.

    I am a father.
    I am a son.
    I am a husband.
    I am an auditor.
    I am an IT expert.
    I am a tax consultant.
    I am an accredit financial adviser.
    I am a poet.
    I am a writer.
    I am a pedestrian.
    I am a commuter.
    I am a driver.
    I am me.
    I am one person.
    I live in a body.
    I have a will and a mind.
    I am spirit.

    Created in His image!

    Jesus said: “before Abraham was, I AM!”

    It took Jesus some four years to get this reality into my skull as the religion and traditional beliefs taught otherwise; that religion being totalitarian and regimental.

    The REAL Jesus is one the church do not know and it is my calling to introduce Christianity to the Unknown God, just like Paul did. The early church never preached a trinity, ever. We Christians read “our Saviour and Father” and translate it into “1+1=2.” Instead of 1x1x1=1.

    If we get to the REAL, true Jesus and rid ourselves of pagan beliefs, we answer to the call that God is One. As I live smack in between a Muslim and a Jewish community, I can tell from experience how readily they accept Jesus when He is explained in this way! 😀

    I asked Jesus to reveal Himself to me and He did not give me a snake, but appeared and stated who He is!

      • I never, ever try to convince someone to leave his church, mosque, shrine, synagogue, etc. It is up to that person as it is a matter between God and him/her. I am not here to oppose Islam or any other belief. In fact, my friends are from diverse faiths. If that person accepts Jesus in the way I explain to him/her, it is where rebirth happens and God will guide that person in His way. I just make sure that I explain to such a person the importance of obeying God’s guidance and also to have fellowship with true believers.

        My family and I have been asked to leave our home church because it was said that we had “too much faith” for them. 🙂 I do not want a newly reborn to be exposed to some attitudes we had experienced in come churches on our journey through life. As I minister via the Internet, I cannot usually meet such people in person yet we as a family worship together and witness as we go every day.

      • I have learnt many things from this website am really blessed .
        God bless you richly

        Wehazit kibrom

    • Read the whole verse Mary.

      It is said,

      John 1:18: No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him.

      See clearly that the only Begotten son, Jesus Christ has been declared. Declared to who? Declared to humanity and any created thing.

      Did early Bible God servants see God? Yes!

      Moses, Ezekiel, etc saw God.

      Ex 33:11: And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaks unto his friend.

      God, the father, has never took the body of humanity so He does not have a body. He is in a spirit form. God, the son (Jesus) took the body of humanity and He has a gloried body now. God (the father) has no body but Jesus (the son) has a body.

      The twelve disciples saw and walked with God (the Son) and even in His resurrection, people saw Him (He has a body).

      Stephen did not only see God the father but also the Son standing at the right hand of God the father in heaven.

      Acts 7:56: And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

      Yes! We see God.

      I have not only seen God the son, Jesus Christ, but also God the father. It is through His grace.

      If you believe, doubt not and call Him, you will see Him.

      But if you doubt, you cannot see Him.

      Be of great faith. Faith coming through the word of God. Read and study the Bible sister.

  13. Good bles u my brother. The Lord Jesus also appeared 2 me a number of times in d past, showing and telling me a number of things. It’s only when a person sees such vision that their faith and loyalty 2 God stands firm. Jesus is the very Christ indeed which is the divine body that contains d 7 spirits of God. Once he has made himself known 2 a person enough, it stops. Keep doing what he assigned 2 u, brother and dont look back. My own is 2 publicize him thru preaching and teaching. I’m on it.

  14. Hello Joshua,
    I wonder why I’ve this feeling to go through websites about Jesus.I never seen him personally but I dreamt about him 3 times.I don’t know how to put these experiences together but I should try now.First dream was Jesus came to me and convinced me to follow Him.Secondly,He appeared to me and strongly stated that He was real and last dream was He mentioned about the holy bread was His flesh.I’m dumfounded by this.There was an incident of bright light in my room ,it was so bright and I’m confused whether it was a dream or real incident.

  15. i desire to have open communication with GOD where he speaks to me and i can answer him , because honestly i want to serve him ,i want to live for him and i am willing to even sacrifice my own life but i need that experience u had , i want to talk to him everyday , i want to do everything for him but i want am open communication with him , what do i need to do ?

  16. Morning brother Joshua, am so blessed by your testimony. I have a situation here please pray for me. Am a child of God the spirit of the Lord used to talk to me almost everytime then I was disobient about something that the Lord told me not to do. After that I was struggling in everything in my life and I was having horrible night mares I was praying and fasting to no vail, until I have a vision 1night the Lord told me these words “you need to be deliverd or this things will deliver you” since then knew that I need deliverance and by his grace I did get my deliverance from an anointed man of God in my church last year September 2013. All I need is to dwell in his presence and renew my relationship with Jesus and serve him in spirit nd in truth. I was seeking to hear his voice again as he used to speak to me and show me dreams and vision bt still even after my deliverance I have that constant struggle in my spirit I feel like am alone and dry and that demonic dreams are still haunting me now am tired I feel like giving up everything. I know that God loves and proctect me but what is all this things happening to me? I fasted and pray without an answer does God rejected me? Pls help me man of God this thing troubles me a lot. I don’t know what to do now. Thank you.

    • Praise Jesus Christ

      You need to believe. Believe you were delivered and God forgave you. By your doubting, you are giving Satan space to nail you down reason God cannot speak to you the way He used to. You are not rejected. You have to strongly believe.
      The time you will believe God forgave you and you doubt no more, you will hear the voice of God again

  17. Praise be to God for the encounter you had with Jesus…..im born again, i love reading such encounters with God, recently i was reading about Angelica Zombrano….plis read her story, and i am fasting n praying this month just to have an encounter with Him, pray for me please and if it pleases the Father i desire the gift of open vision too, shallom

  18. hello prophet may God continue using you to help others. I will greatly appreciate it if you could help pray for me.
    I have been having spiritual issues for close to seven years now, since I met this girl who is or was a maimed. since I met her, evil spirits come in the night and do incarnations to take my soul away. I always eat in the night, have constant memory lost, constant sex with people in my dream. On some occasions some men will even have sex with me in the dream. So please help me and pray to Jesus Christ to heal me from this.

    thanks and may my wish be accepted

  19. hey Joshua please pray for me i wrote to you on sunday 3rd i dont know whether you got my message… i desperately need to talk to you please tell me how i can communicate to you more privately, please

  20. Hello brother Joshua, I stumbled across these prophesies and your testimony this morning, though I know that it is for Christ’s purpose. Speak to me whatever the Lord lays on your heart brother, I want all that God has for me to do for His glory, honor, and purpose.
    Perhaps today,

    hey joshua read testimony felt happy tears rolled from my eyes automatically,
    please pray for me and tell me the WILL OF GOD IN MY LIFE

    IAM SISter of johnson please pray for me and tell the WILL OF GOD FATHER Is a heart patieent with pAce maker in the heart my mother deperession patient always depressed past things no peace in home my husband died and full of finance problem the attacks are more please pray and tell what ONLY JESUSCHRIST TELLS YOU

    • I pray for Him. God’s will is not for His people to have pace makers in heart. If it’s God’s will, God set him free from the pace maker in Jesus name.

      I pay fro you sister but i encourage you to keep studying the Bible and seeking more of Jesus Christ. He will set you free by His power and blood

  23. Thank you for your testimony, I have really been touched and prayed to God and I believe he has heard and answered my prayers. I make a prayer request that you remember me in prayer to God to open doors in the right place and deliver my family and for divine protection .Thanks and God Bless you

  24. hi Man of God. i am so blessed with your testimony.
    i am one of them that i have been seeking the Lord so He reveals Himself to me. i want to know HIm and even caught His presence.
    Would you please teach us how to sought after the Lord the way He taught u?

    How can we get your email sir?

    God bless you

  25. Joshua,

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful testimony. Please pray for me. I was diagnosed with ALS this year, but I’m standing on God’s promise that by His Son’s (Jesus) stripes I’m already healed. The more I pray, study and believe the worse the symptoms become. Please pray that my promised healing will come soon.

    Many Blessings!

  26. I am just 25yrs old, l feel lonely and always have this disire in my heart for Jesus to visit me, l want Him more than everything in life . I always want to have an encounter with Jesus Christ, please pray for me that He can visit me. Your testimony Joshua Munguti has really inspired me.

  27. Glory be to God Most High who reveals mysteries to His chosen ones. I am blessed and encouraged by your testimony. Been reading the prophesies as well. Be blessed brother and keep on the good fight of faith. Amen & Amen.

  28. Praise Christ,
    Pray for me that the Lord,restores the mental health of my 1ST born daughter Annette Adhiambo,give my last born son,Aloys Oimo wisdom to get all that he’s taught at sch.Smoothen David Mumbo’s heart n give me new teeth in my mouth.In His H.Name,-AMEN.
    Plz,reply to me via my E-Mail.
    God Bless.

  29. Wow…your testimony is lovely and also kind of scaring me. I got baptised in the HOLY GHOST on first of april dis year and since then it has been wonderful. Doing things i couldnt fo before and feeling sooooo close to God than before. But 3 nights days while i was having my night quiet time and meditating on what i studied. A voice was talking to me the Jesus will pay me a visit very soon. I was like…is it me talking to myself or what??? Since that night,the thought of jesus visiting me intrigues me and SCARES that it gives me goose pimples all over my body. Reading your testismony bring 3night ago to my mind.pleas do you think am the one talking to my self or should i be expectant?? Thanks!

    • Amen Amen Amen

      Praises to Jesus Christ

      That was the Holy Spirit speaking to you – He is able to speak to you clear now because you have Him dwelling in you

      Expect Jesus to visit you

  30. God bless you mightly prophet. Pray for me that God will wash me and revive me and and have me rest on his bossom as He promised some time back in a dream. Since then i have been having nightmares.

  31. God is good. Wonderful testimony my brother. I love Jesus, He is my saviour and friend. I always pray for the Lord Jesus to visit me, just once, if He wills and am sure my life will never be the same again. I just long to see He who died for my sins. Sometimes i wail when i think of Him. Now things of this world do not entice me at all. If it were possible, i would just wake-up and spend all my day with Jesus, literally. God bless you richly.

  32. Joshua,

    Is there any way you can pray for me? I became ordained and I have a mission from the Lord that I am trying to fulfill, but road blocks and brick walls keep holding me back from starting my mission.
    This is very important, as it involves helping a lot of people. I can NOT fail due to the road blocks and walls in my way.
    Thank you Joshua, and may the Lord be with you always.

  33. Hello Joshua,
    To begin with, thanks for your testimony it is very powerful.
    I’ve been reading your blogs for a few months now and I’ve come to like them.
    I even added your recently on my Facebook page so I can be following your latest blogs and warnings to Kenyans. Really appreciate what your doing and my the Good Lord help you and bless you greatly for what your doing.
    Just a small request, I wish that you may pray for my father he has been complaining of experiencing numbness on both hands and I believe if you say a short pray for him he will healed. Just a pray for Julius Itekia and he will be cured. Thanks and may God Bless you Brother!

  34. Hi, Joshua,
    I am thrilled you got to meet Jesus. Hopefully while I am alive I will get to also.
    I have two questions:
    1) You said Jesus showed you how to pray to him. What did he show you? I want to make sure I am doing it right.
    2) I have a hobby of collecting items for my favorite NFL team. Is a collection a sin? Make no mistake, I put nothing before God. If God were to tell me to throw it all away, I would. I just do it for fun.
    Thanks for all your insight and sharing your story. God bless you!

  35. Impressed by your testimony. My father is suffering in old age from weakness and loss of hearing. Please pray for restoration of his hearing and strength and especially for peace of mind and God’s comfort for him.

  36. Please pray for my wife who has terminal cancer. I know that only God knows her fate but he has been showing me signs and I still feel hopeful that she will be healed. I feel that God is using this opportunity to call me and I am very close to being born again. Thank you so much. May God be with you.

  37. Praise Jesus for accepting her. I was able to ask her to be born again and acknowledge that she was a sinner and accept Jesus Christ as her savior. I thank the Lord for giving me another night and serve her as a husband and care for her throughout the night. She has gone to a deep sleep now and is awaiting the coming of our Lord Jesus.
    Thank you for your prayers. May God keep you strong for the journey ahead in spreading His Word.

  38. The same thing happened to me but little different. I was crying out to Jesus one day about my hurt with my mom. The next day I woke up to go to.work. I was laying down and figured I close my eyes for a few minutes. When I closed my eyes, I seen Jesus looking at me. I seen bright light. I seen two men sitting beside Jesus. I was shocked of what I seen so I opened my eyes. I wished I had my eyes closed longer so I can see more or see if Jesus was going to speak to me. This was a year and half ago. I question why me. This is actually the second time I seen Jesus. The first time was a dream Jesus walked in my home and walked in my neighbors homes. Im a catholic girl who is very spiritual since I was 14. I would talk to God at 14 to help me. My mother was a drunk. She made a lot of mistakes. I talked to people for guidance on my experience. Shocking the ones who are religious tell me it was the devil. Why would the devil show himself as Jesus, and make me follow Jesus. People find it hard to believe Jesus is appearing to people. I do wonder why me. Someone said to me, why not me.

  39. Praise the living Lord Jesus Christ,i Honour the Lord Jesus Christ.Holy,Holy,Holy is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.
    I have never meet in person but I had a dream where another servant of God,Prophet Kevin Mirasi,you and I were together.I don’t understand what it meant.
    It is the will of my Lord Jesus Christ,then let Him you and I we meet.Since I know I don’t belong to myself.I was purchased heavily by my Lord Jesus Christ,now I am a slave of righteousness and I humbly accept these before the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ with bowed body and head.
    If possible let me know.Shalom

  40. Good day General Joshua, I have been through hard times since my childhood, my parent was separated, my father was out of the picture and i was raised up by my mother and it was tough growing up for me. Along the way I gave my life to Christ and I have been having series of dreams and visions from God and most of them are mysterious to me and I am still hoping and trusting God for his visitation in my life. And it is like God is speaking to me through people and in different ways but my desire is I want to hear Him. It is difficult for me hearing His voice.

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