Vision of Rapture – How Rapture Will Be

Vision of Rapture - How Rapture will be
Vision of Rapture – How Rapture will be

This is vision of rapture by Jesus Christ to me in 2011

Vision of Rapture – How Rapture Will Be

I was placed on a very high plain ground; on top of a very high mountain. I heard a voice telling me to look up to the clouds. I could not see the source of the voice.

I look up.

The door of the heaven opened and I saw two angels stand on the sides of the door. Son of Man (Jesus) was about to make His descend to the clouds.

Power and great glory was with Him. Great in a way I cannot explain to satisfactory because there are no words to fully describe.

Jesus descended as I watched being followed by many angels closely behind. His garments were white than anything I can think of (even snow is not as white as what I saw).

Light was coming out of Him and His garments were brightly glowing that my eyes could not see His face, hands or feet (The same way I saw Him in My testimony).

A bright cloud was with Him, behind Him and on His sides.

His glory and power settle in the clouds not in the far clouds but in the near clouds we can see. Clouds were respecting and honoring Him to a point that they covered the earth entirely making it dull beneath them.

Neither the moon nor the stars and the sun gave their light. They were all hidden from man on earth by bright dense thick white clouds and no man on earth could see them but I could.

The light which was shinning on earth came from Jesus Christ, through the clouds and the earth was illuminated but people did not see any difference in the illumination but I could.

I was told to look back to the earth, to the space between the clouds and the earth.

A great multitude of the chosen was coming out of earth to space.

Tears flowed as I watched this happening – it is unimaginable, unbelievable.

Before even they could reach the space, they were all changed (transformed) within a twinkling of an eye, so fast that I could not realize how it happened, to complete cleanliness and whiteness in likeness of Jesus Christ.

Every person was dressed with exact white garments like Jesus. This great multitude of chosen had great joy and happiness as they entered the space.

Have never ever and I repeat, never ever, in my life seen people so happy, joyful and together without discriminating who is this or who is that; they were all like one big family.

I saw this multitude of the elect unite with Jesus Christ and the angels in the clouds and I was turned to be like them and taken to stand in the clouds. I was placed in a place where I could clearly watch them.

All angels took a stand around them in a circle with Jesus Christ at the front. The great multitude being led by Jesus ascended up up up in the skies as I watched.

The heaven door was still open with the two angles at the door steps. The great multitude ascended and as I saw them enter the kingdom of heaven through the heaven opened door, being honored by the two angels at the door-steps, I cried (tears of Joy).

I was told to write all what I saw.

With a paper and a pen, I wrote everything I saw. Then, I was told to write what I was being told by the spirit.

And this is what the spirit was telling me.

Holy Spirit words

‘What I saw is coming to happen soon and very soon.

Some people living in this generation are not going to die. Saints should not be afraid and concentrate on His third coming because the most important is the rapture.

His third coming comes with a lot of destruction, with shaking the earth and heavens. This is not made for the saints.

Saints should keep watching and be ready for His second coming (rapture) because the time is at hand.

Let’s repent and pray that we are found worthy to be part of the rapture.

Woe to those who will be left on earth because God’s wrath is coming after like wild-fire’.

I looked at what I had written was good and amazing.

All Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ