I Was in Heaven: – My Testimony


I was in heaven and this is my testimony.

I Was in Heaven; My testimony (Joshua Munguti)
I Was in Heaven; My testimony (Joshua Munguti)

I asked God several questions which I could neither understand nor find answers. God come and to answer me, He took me to heaven. This was in the year 2011.

One of my questions was;

What role does all other religions; Hindus, Islam, Babylon system, Roman, etc, play in God’s plan?

I knew for sure that it is only the Bride of Jesus Christ who will inherit heaven.

I was in Heaven: – My Testimony

A voice called me, ‘Joshua, Rise up and follow me’.

I was immediately taken to a place I could not recognize until I heard another voice calling me.

I looked at where the voice was coming from and LO! My eyes met again one-on-one with The Risen Glorified Son of God; Jesus Christ.

He looked exactly as I saw Him in my testimony of how Jesus Christ appearing to me.

He said to me, ‘Joshua, come’.

I was taken to a big screen. A hand took a remote, switched on the screen and a voice said, ‘watch’.

My entire life played in the big screen like a movie as I watched; how God created me, me being in my mother’s womb, to my birth and every single detail of my life up to the year 2011

I saw myself crawling, playing in dangerous places in the village when I was a kid. I saw God delivering me from a lot of dangers I could not see as I grew up.

I saw myself in the fields shepherding my father’s flock as I used to.

I saw how I rebelled the roman catholic doctrines. Majority of the people in the village I grew up in are Catholics and I saw each single person in the screen.

The hand then switched off the screen exactly at the point I am today (year 2011) in my life and I was amazed.

Immediately I was taken up into heaven.

My future was then fully revealed to me (It is personal; only between me and God).

In heaven, Jesus told me to look for the people I saw in the screen; my friends in the village who I grew with and all other catholic neighbors. No one was in heaven.

I was told to look down to earth. I looked. Yes! they were there. They had not made it in rupture.

I started crying but Jesus quickly interrupted, ‘Stop crying they still have a chance in the great tribulation period. Come, let me show you how they worship and praise the devil’.

Every doctrine was revealed to me and how they have erred; not worshiping the true living God ‘I AM’.

I started teaching what I was taught in heaven in the following articles;

  1. Salvation only by grace through faith
  2. Truths about Jesus,
  3. the Antichrist,
  4. truth about Mary mother of Jesus,
  5. the roman catholic church,
  6. love of money,
  7. essential building blocks of Christianity and
  8. apostasy of the church today.

Also see

1. False prosperity gospel leading millions to hell

2. Ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing

Hear this from me and if you do not agree with it ask Jesus Christ to confirm it to you.

No person in the Roman Catholic Church will make it to heaven unless they repent and move out of the beast.

See the four beastly kingdoms as revealed by Daniel in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

The Roman Catholic church is the old Babylon worship system and the persecutor of all true God servants and any person in this beast will not see the kingdom of heaven unless they repent and move out.

I have nothing to gain by hiding this from you now.

Move out of the beast

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. Hey Joshua, i have read your story on your testimony and it is amazing, Glory be to Yehovah Adonay. Well you said you were taught how to pray and especially i have a problem cos at times i go to pray and want to do it usual way …Father in the mighty names of Jesus Christ of Nazareth but it seems to be going no where cos that day the spirit wants me to engage Jesus in a conversation which i do but at the end of it i feel so guilty that i did not pray at all but engaged in a talk whereas we are taught how prayers should be said. Since he taught you would you be kind enough to share the secret he taught you on prayer specifically cos at times it puzzles me cos i go to pray with a list of what to pray but on a certain day i can just worship and no other prayer comes even if i force it or i can fail to pray for a certain issue as i have planned but the prayer fails to come out and i wonder. i told some other friend who told me its demons which do not want me to pray about issues but the testimony within me is different. whats your advise and don’t forget to email me Jesus on prayer omitting no detail.
    Agnes Ndanu.

    • @Ndanu First you have to know prayer positions which show God honor. http://www.christiantruthcenter.com/best-body-prayer-positions-which-show-god-honor. If there are times your cannot pray, that is devil fighting you. you have to pray all times; in season and out of season.
      i will teach you more on prayer but even before you pray know that God knows all what you want to tell Him and all what is in your mind. Just open your mouth, start praying and the Holy Spirit puts the words in your mouth. Prayer has no formula nor structure but it is the Holy spirit who dictates and guides us in prayer.

  2. It is a lie! Totally a lie……….a white lie, if you like.
    God for bid you for your lies. Either it is simply your nightmares!

    • Never counter a person preaching God word without knowing the spirit powering the person. If it is God, you are directly cursing and denying God. Remember Balaam? It will come down on you badly. Watch out brother!

      God bless you

  3. You are right,Christian TC…………prayer has no formula. But let’s not go too far to say that the devil is fighting, etc. You need to exercise prayer so that you can do it easily. The devil fighting comes next.

  4. Hi
    Just want to share a dream which I had afew months ago. The part where you say a hand appeared reminded me.

    So it went like this. I was standing alone then a hand appeared and wrote down Isaiah 60 and Isaiah 61. The hand then went ahead to stamp on Isaiah 61. Anyclues as to what it means. I tried googling commentaries and still do as often as I remember.

    Thanks and God bless!

  5. prophet of God.its true.yr prophecy is true I have another vision abt another person.death now three time. pls organized we meet.so that we can talk.thanks.

  6. Comment: Hi prophet of the lord. I have a vision.like yours but deference. politician. death 3times.I don’t want maintion his Name.just organized we talk.pls.

  7. Calvary greetings, it has been my prayer ever snce I have been a Christian to have such an encounter but my worry is will plp ever believe me, I wold love to shown my life from the day I was formed in my mother womb and to know what is my purpose in this life, I have done things but I go before the Lord and repent

    • Greetings.

      Praise Jesus Christ

      If people did not believe Jesus Christ, will they believe you? No! If you are looking for human acknowledgment, you are wrong – world people acknowledge and believe their own – those of the world; those of Satan. They do not acknowledge and believe anything from heaven.

      When we preach, we do not preach for everyone to believe – there are those to believe and those to persecute and abuse you even unto your death and majority will abuse and persecute, but those who believe, Jesus Christ will teach them through you many revelations.

  8. Some of u coursing this man are bunch of unbelieving heathens, i know some people will not believe him just the same way some didnt believe my own visitation to heaven and what Jesus told me the day he sent Angels to come pick me up from my room. I could still look and see my the other body lying there in my room, befor we flew into the glorious space. But hour time shall come when those of you who did not believe will never have second chance. God is using this last day to get his children back from Satan. And some of u are making mockery of it.

  9. I pray to God that he may help us to realize the much that he loves us and that’s why he is even giving people visits to heaven so that none will perish. How I pray that he convicts the hard hearts to believe that heaven and hell is real and satan puts doubt in our hearts so that we may not know the Lord. A lady called Nyesak from Tanzania was given a visit to heaven and hell and if we could all listen to her cd’s we would change our ways. God help us to repent and live right. Jesus died ones and for all to redeem us and we are living at a time when his grace is sufficient. Let us repent and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. God bless you.

  10. My Name is EKOM-OBONG. i really want to restore Gods name. please ask God what is his true eternal name that he declared to moses at mount sinian to tell the children of israel. According to Codex Leningard which is the oldest hebrew text in the world from promotethetruh.com the name of the Father is YAHUAH, while name of His son is YAHUAH HA MASHIYAACH. Now, according to the website titled “The secret of the holy spirit” from amightwind.com the name of God is revealed by prophet Elizabeth as Abba YAHUVEH while His Son name is YAHUVEH HA MASHIYAACH. And according to The Eternal Word Of YAH, the name of God is restored in the bible as YAHAUH Eloah YAH IM and YAHUAH Eloah YAH AM while his son name is restored as YAHUAH HA MASHIYAACH. But according to the world oldest inscription of God Name in babylon, the name as written in the wall is transliterated as YAHWEH which is commonly seen in every hebrew bible. Hebrew bibles say the right name was YAHWEH but english bibles says write that his name is JEHOVAH.


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