Prophecy: – Kenya and South Africa Trouble

Prophecy: - Kenya and South Africa in trouble prophecy
Prophecy: – Kenya and South Africa in trouble prophecy

Prophecy of Kenya and South Africa trouble come after the Kenya prophecy on famine.

After famine in Kenya,  I looked up and saw God holding a cup burning fully with fierce wrath ready to pour it down to Kenya.

Immediately He visited me at the end of Kenyans for Kenya concert and this is the revelation presented to me;

Kenya and South Africa in trouble prophecy

Revealed to me on 18th August 2011.

I was awaken by a voice calling me in the middle of the night, ‘Joshua, Joshua, Joshua wake up‘. I opened my eyes and lo! The angel who had visited me in the earlier revelation of Kenya famine was here, and immediately he vanished.

A voice (I could not see its source) started talking to me saying,

Two countries are in trouble. One is Kenya because Kenyans have stiff-necked themselves from the voice of God. They have not repented and looked to God for solutions. Therefore, several things are going to happen within a short time period‘.

I am summarizing the entire revelations (only those which can be made public).

And this are the things the voice told me;

  1. The situation and everything in Kenya is going to be worse and worse, and life will turn tough and tougher
  2. Kenya economy is going to worsen
  3. Prices of goods and oil is going to sky-rock (rise very rapidly)
  4. Kenya shilling is going to depreciate lower than 100 compared to dollar
  5. Life for Kenyans is going to be unbearable with very high living cost
  6. Workers strikes are going to be the order of the day
  7. The voice added, ‘I am going to create enmity between the Kenya government and its citizens; no Kenyan will trust and be happy with the Kenya government’.

Then I was asked, ‘which other country do I think is in trouble?

I said, ‘Greece because earlier God had revealed to me Greece hard times.

I was told, ‘No! it is South Africa’.

Kenya in trouble prophecy fulfilled

When I first presented this revelation to my pals and any person I could talk to on august 2011, every person laughed and told me I was crazy.

But after a short period when the prophecy started being fulfilled and everything falling in place, they all come back to me for more and they all believed God.

The prophecy was truly fulfilled within a short period.

From September 2011 to December 2011, Kenya experience her hardest times. I do not have to name how all this was fulfilled because every Kenyan citizen knows.

This was not the end of Kenya prophecy and God was and is calling Kenya to Repent for Him to repent His judgement to Kenya.

As the above prophesies were been fulfilled, I was visited severally for several prophecies of what was coming down to Kenya.

At the end of the month of September, i got another visitation from the LORD. See Kenya given to terrorists prophecy

God bless