Kenya Prophecy: – Kenya Given to Terrorists Prophecy

Kenya prophecy: - Kenya given to terrorists prophecy
Kenya prophecy: – Kenya given to terrorists prophecy

Prophecy of Kenya given to terrorists come when Kenya was experiencing troubles as revealed in Kenya and south Africa in trouble prophecy

God visited me at the end of September 2011. The visions revealed to me that night remained disturbing because I did not expect something terrible like this to happen to Kenya.

Kenya given to terrorists prophecy

This is the prophecy as revealed to me.

Al-Shabaab are going to trigger Kenya and just within a twinkle of an eye, Kenya will head to war with Al-Shabaab in Somalia. In doing this, God is going to give Kenya to terrorists to be trembled until her appointed times.

It was not a surprise when within a night Kenya decided to head to Somalia for war. And it was not a surprise when Kenyans did not take a second thought on this because God had closed their eyes (they were blinded).

Leaders are appointed by God to carry out His will without them realizing what they are doing. Like pharaoh, they will think that they are doing what they want and what is good to them but in reality they are being used by God to accomplish His will.

Kenyan leaders are not exception. Every move they make falls in the plans of God.

Sitting in a meeting within a few minutes and concluding to head to Somalia for war was God’s plan for Kenya.

The Al-Shabaab kidnapping few tourists, with the media and politicians exaggerating the whole issue. And this was the trigger which God had placed in place to deliver Kenya to the hands of terrorists.

I cried because I knew what was going to happen when Kenya heads to Somalia for war.

Reasons for Kenya war in Somalia

1. God was making Kenya bankrupt

Kenya had no capacity to fund this war she started. God milking Kenya each and every cent she has and make her poor and bankrupt.

We saw in the start of the war Kenya leader’s running up and down looking for support and funding from other nations, the AU, UN, even the Prime Minister Raila Odinga going to Israel.

At the start of the war, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) were funded by Kenyans and each single tax payers coin was been drained.

This was happening the same time with workers strikes been the order of the day, demanding for increase in salaries and the response was, ‘All the money is going to the war in Somalia’. This was not a coincidence but fulfillment of God’s plan.

With Kenyan leaders at first denying the plan to join AMISOM, God’s plan was been fulfilled. What Kenyans did not remember is that the war was being funded by Kenyan tax payer’s money and Kenya was sinking deep into a pit of bankruptcy.

This war, coupled with Kenya troubles, was a pit-fall for Kenyans.

2. Kenya delivered to terrorists

Kenyan was being given to terrorists to be trembled until her appointed times.

I saw in the vision how Kenya was always to be on terror with blasts of grenades and bombs been everyday life and Kenyans dying like flies.

Few tourists were abducted in Mombasa but answer this questions;

  1. how many tourists died?
  2. how many Kenyans have died in grenade and bombs attacks?

The same tourists Kenya was busy protecting instead of protecting its citizens packed their bags and headed back to their countries. Many tourist hotels were closed and Kenya economy was shattered.

Kenya went to fight terrorist when she;

  1. Cannot protect her citizens and
  2. Cannot fund its war

In going to war with Al-Shabaab, God had totally blinded Kenya and her leaders and like a sheep they took themselves to slaughterhouse.

As Kenya was given to terrorists, God revealed another Kenya prophecy to me: – Kenya captivity prophecy.