Prophecy of a Heavenly Sign & Wonder never seen on earth in 2016

Prophecy of a Heavenly Sign & Wonder never seen on earth in 2016
Prophecy of a Heavenly Sign & Wonder never seen on earth in 2016

This is the prophecy of a heavenly sign & wonder never seen on earth coming in 2016 as revealed to me in October 2013.

Prophecy of a Heavenly Sign & Wonder never seen on earth in 2016

Jesus Christ told me that He is coming for the church

And in 2016, He will show a sign and a wonder in the heavens and on earth never seen since the earth was created

Brethren, Rapture is at hand

Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand

Joel 2:30-31: And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come

Watch the coming heavenly sign & wonder in 2016 never seen since the earth was created.


  1. Joshua,may ur 2moros b abundant.
    Do kenyans even kno that we hv bn havin alien visitations?pple hv bn watchin 2much stuff 4m holywud bt they don elewa that we r bein informed in advance of wat is2 kam both in spiritual+natural.
    11/7/2014-midnyt,Israel wz attacked oficialy wit 350rockets 4m pple realiz hell hz began?What is our media showin insted?pple r ‘DEAD’
    in al ways!Dontb FOOLS.Serikali cant do evrythin.Only God.
    Global events wilb suppresed by govments.
    Donb deceived.

  2. Praise the Lord Man Of God! ! i have some queries i would like your response:
    1. Corncerning M.east there is a concern about an arab nation detoning a nuclear weapon as a means of jihad against a perceived enemy. Are you aware of these?
    2. There has been prophecy concerning war coming to east Africa, have you been aware of these?
    Lastly thank you for keeping your word on rapture timelines.

  3. Praise the Lord Man of God! I was wondering does this prophecy got to do with rapture of the church? The same prophecy is also given by Prophet Owour.

  4. Thanks for your answers, man of God! Recently there has been strange occurrances in kilifi county as more than 100 cattle died mysterious, and just yesterday a river in china turned blood red. signs are everywhere!
    Jesus is coming ! Moreso the 2 time change of the israel Pm netanyahu is also a significant event.

  5. Thanks for the messages Joshoua, am from uganda and just wanted to ask ,there has been word that God is going to judge the nation of ug before the 2016 elections this is becoz of too much witch craft that has rchd the Lords throne room. Have you heard any thing regarding this ?

    • Hi Brian.

      What i know from the God i serve is that Uganda has to repent or else take the cup of His wrath. About the timing, i do not know.

      Thank you

      I will inquire from God more about Uganda

  6. thanks Joshua for the great message . i have had the same dream. in mine, i was woken up deep in the night by my brother. he was calling me to go outside and see something in the sky. i noticed the sun had come out so early ,for i had just gone to sleep. i rushed to the sitting room to check out the time and to my surprise it was 2 am in the night but it was as bright as midday out side. so i rushed out and could see many people were standing on rooftops , fences and on trees all gazing to the west in the sky. there was something bright as the sun in the sky to the west. then i noticed there were missiles that were being brought from the airport towards the capital city Kampala. i did not get to know whose missiles they were and what they were intended for.

  7. Hello Joshua, praise be to our Lord Jesus, does this have to do with the three days of darkness that most prophets have seen coming in the next few months. Brian uganda

  8. A certain kenyan brother said the world would already be in the great tribulations during the Olympics and USA and Russia would be at loggerheads over the RFID chips on athletes!


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