Prophecy of Earth Tilting out of its Axis

Prophecy of Earth Tilting out of its Axis
Prophecy of Earth Tilting out of its Axis

This is prophecy of earth tilting out of its axis as revealed to me on 22nd October 2014.

Prophecy of Earth tilting out of its axis

I watched the earth tilt out of its axis

Gravitational pull changed

And the earth became like a steep hill to humanity

People started falling to the ground

Anxiety and awe fell on humanity

I interceded and as I prayed, the earth started tilting back to its axis

Immediately I heard a voice saying, ‘I AM COMING’

This is the second time I am seeing the earth tilt out of its axis

See the earth tilting out of its axis and floods and water devastations coming to the earth

Surely, Jesus Christ is coming

Come Lord Jesus (Rev 22:20)

Repent! Repent! Repent!

Sin no more

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. This post is amazing. I came across Isaiah 13:9-12, on Gods wrath on His day(tribulation). In 13:13, which many Christians scientist hold to mean tilting of earth out of axis. Many hold the earth tilted out of axis once either at time of fall of Satan Gen 1:1-3, Jer 4:23-26 or during Noahs flood. None is sure when it happened, but that axis shift turned the world as created upside down. Its said it was triggered by planet venus which was before a comet entering into the solar system, bringing gravitational effect on earth.
    scientists say Nabiru/ planet X is entering our solar system from October. If its true it could affect the solar system turning world to new directions. For all things have to be straightened up before the second coming of Jesus Christ for the millennial reign. Jesus said all sins committed on earth will be avenged on this generation, maybe during the tribulation to the blood of Abel Mat 23:35-36, Isa 13:11. Strange things are on the way eh. We wait to witness the doings of the Lord.


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