Prophecy of Kenya terror attack

Prophecy of Kenya Terror Attack
Prophecy of Kenya Terror Attack

This is the prophecy of Kenya terror attack as revealed to me in the early hours of morning on 4th November 2013.

Prophecy of Kenya terror attack

The executioners of the terror attack will be three men who God clearly revealed to me.

The fourth man will be assigned to ferry the three after the attack.

The target is three buildings in Nairobi CBD.

How the terrorists attack will be executed

The three men will plant remotely controlled powerful bombs in three buildings in Nairobi CBD and walk out to a hotel for a meal.  It is in this hotel where they planned to be ferried from by the fourth man.

With the bombs remote control in their hands, they will trigger the bombs as they take their meals and a loud bang will be heard all over Nairobi city as the three building crumple down. Cries will be heard all over Nairobi CBD as people scatter for fear and safety.

Immediately the third man will be at the hotel door-step with a black tinted car, dressed in a clean black suit. Seeing their accomplice at the door-step, the three men will leave their meals on the table, into the car and straight to the airport and off they will leave Kenya.

Kenya Repent


  1. This is in line with owuor’s latest kenyan prophecy where he says he saw people being pulled of something like a rubble/earthquake/landslide..:(
    Gotta get my house in order

    • You nailed it on the head

      There are 2 times which i know now when Kenyans will be pulled from rabbles of collapsed building.
      1. during this terrorist attack and
      2, in the earthquake but in the earthquake it will be all over the country of Kenya. Buildings and houses will bury Kenyans
      Prophet Owour is talking of one of this

  2. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! This is my question sir …every time we’re told “Kenya repent” and personally I do, but even after that, I hear the same,that “Kenya should repent.” So does it mean if a few repent it doesn’t count? How should the repentance be carried out?

    • The way Nineveh repented. If all true God’s children hear, accept the country has rebelled and sinned and repent, God will repent his wrath. Repentance comes first with accepting your sins.
      Repent and if Kenya does not repent God will protect you personally when He strikes Kenya.
      god be with you

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    Only Jesus can save us from this maddness repent People because only he has the power to protect us from these illuminati satanists…

  4. None can control what God intents to do except by meeting the condition he has set before he can change his mind. If he has deemed doom for our country, we can’t do anything else other than meeting his condition. The president should be informed categorically what is impending and that Gods plans can’t be fought by human efforts and equipment and plans. We will be left to regret especially due to the fact that the thief comes to steal, destroy and kill on an hour no one knows, this leaves us all vexed and utterly disturbed. God have mercy on us all still.

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