Protestant Heresies Today: – You can buy from God

Protestant Heresies Today: - You can buy from God
Protestant Heresies Today: – You can buy from God

Today we are told that we can buy anything from God – we can buy blessings, salvation, deliverance, healings etc. It’s a lie. It’s a heresy.

Human beings cannot buy anything from God. Heavenly things are worthy beyond humans reach through their ways and deeds.

On the cross Jesus paid the price once and for all, confirming by shouting, ‘it is finished’, for humanity to receive everything from God only through Him.

The only price worthy God’s riches, blessings, deliverance, salvation, healing, baptism with the Holy Spirit, etc is Jesus Christ on the cross.

Everything of Jesus Christ (heaven) is free – freely He gives and freely we are to receive.

God does not need anything from you for blessings, salvation, deliverance, etc but only you to accept His Son Jesus who paid the price for you on the cross.

You cannot by what is already bought. Jesus bought everything on the cross and you cannot buy from Him because He does not sell it.

If only you accept His Son Jesus, everything else will be added to you because He is the kingdom of God.

Mt 6:33: But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

God does not need our little money and filthy worldly things and riches. He created everything, how can He lack those things you are giving Him. Instead He has plenty which He wants to give you and me for us to use them to preach the gospel to the entire world and minister to Him by helping the needy.

See the two groups of people who do not lack

Protestant Heresies Today: – You can buy from God

Today we are told that we can buy from God. It is a lie.

To many people today, it does not matter if they have a relationship with Jesus Christ or not as long as they have money/worldly things to offer, sacrifice, tithe to buy from God.

They do not want Jesus Christ but they want His blessings. The do not want to seek the kingdom of heaven first for all to be added to them but they want blessings first. Therefore, they go to buy blessings and Satan fast comes to deceive them with his riches (remember he rules the world).

Today so-called servants of God, ‘brood of vipers’ cannot preach until they are paid. Brethren in churches have to pay for these wolves to preach. Brood of vipers! They are selling the gospel.

But what type of gospel are they selling? A lie. a false gospel. Prosperity gospel for you to give more for them to continue prospering.

It is one thing to pay a person to preach and another thing to appreciate a person for preaching and sending him/her.

If a person asks money to preach, run! That is a viper.

Prayers are sold and bought today. My friend was once told to pay to be prayed for. Brood of vipers!

Others think that they can buy healings, deliverance, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, etc. Evil generation indeed!

They think what God cares about is selling and doing batter-exchange with what He has. Evil generation!

Churches have started extra-curriculum activities for money. Those activities have nothing to do with Jesus Christ but everything to do with making money. If Jesus Christ is in them, they should be free of charge because humans cannot buy anything from heaven.

Any church program you pay to enter or be there has nothing to do with Jesus Christ but people making money through you.

If those anointed waters are truly anointed, why sell them? Can the Holy Spirit be sold?

If those handkerchiefs are truly anointed, why sell them? Can the Holy Spirit be sold?

Paul through handkerchiefs healed the sick but He did not sell them as you do.

Anything claimed to be of Jesus Christ but is being sold is a lie. Everything of Jesus Christ is free.

If you are told by your so called men of God that you can buy anything from God, do batter-trade with God, is a lie.

Everything from Jesus Christ is free. All true Jesus Christ servants give freely because they are given freely.

Freely they will pray for you. Freely they will deliver you in Jesus name. Freely they will cast out demons, lay hands for baptism with the Holy Spirit, for healing, etc. Freely they are given and freely they will give you. Receive freely.

And God gives also freely to those who seek His kingdom

Brood of vipers tell you to pay – freely they have not receive so freely they will not give you. Satan does not give freely.

May your money and anything you are trying to buy from God with perish with you.

Your money perish with you, because you have thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money (Acts 8:20)

It is because we are buying and selling, that they spirit of God has departed. See why the Holy Spirit departs and how to know He has departed.

The temple in the Bible where people were selling and buying was spiritually dry so it is with today churches and people – they are spiritually dry; dead vessels.

Inside the temple Jesus did no miracles but outside He did them. Inside the churches and to this people buying and selling Jesus does no miracles reason you cannot see miracles signs and wonders in churches and people in this churches today.

Miracles signs and wonders follow Jesus Christ gospel because the kingdom of God is not in word but in power

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand