3 Must Qualities of a Perfect Husband or Wife

3 must qualities of a perfect partner, husband or wife
3 must qualities of a perfect partner, husband or wife

What are the 3 must qualities of a perfect partner, husband or wife? Every person has his/her perfect partner, husband or wife created by God specifically for him/her.

The ‘Bone of my bones’ ‘flesh of my flesh’. See  ‘Biblical meaning of the word ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

There is an exact perfect husband or wife for every man and woman called into matrimony, marriage and family.

God creates and brings you your perfect partner at the right time if you choose to obey and follow His order of creation. This is the perfect partner, husband or wife you will see and say ‘bone of my bones’ ‘flesh of my flesh’ ‘my woman’ ‘my man’.

So, what are the qualities of a perfect partner?

3 must qualities of a perfect partner, husband or wife

God created man in His own image and likeness. He is a trinity, the Holy Trinity; God the father, the son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

Thus man is also a trinity; the spirit, the body and the soul. See the moving hand not attached to a body touching me.

  • The body is the material part, the physical aspect.
  • The soul is emotions, feelings and the mind,
  • The spirit is the power of life and this is God’s give and His communication point with man.

The difference between the body, the soul and the spirit can be well understood if we compare man with an animal.

An animal like a dog has a body and soul; has emotions, feelings and mind but has no spirit.

You will never see a dog bow down to give thanks or worship God. You will never see a dog or a cow bow down to pray. Only man has spirit, a gift from God.

What then do these three forms of a man have to do with the qualities of a perfect partner?

When God creates and brings you your perfect partner, husband or wife, both of you match perfectly in the three areas of man’s trinity.


1. Body attraction

There is a physical attraction, chemistry, an electric spark of attraction in the bodies.

This is not lust or a spark that dies today but a life long chemistry between your bodies.

If the first time you see a person what comes into your mind is sex or anything related to sex, that is not an electric spark which I am talking about but lust.

2. Soul unity (soul-mates)

There is unity in the soul; you can communicate on the same wavelength, what is referred to as soul-mates.

Being soul-mates is having your emotions, feelings and mind in the same wavelength i.e. you do not differ on areas which concerns the soul.

If you find that your partner likes outdoors while you like indoors, s/he likes talking and you hate talkative people, you like been in a silent places and s/he likes noisy places, you like games and s/he dislikes them, you like shopping s/he dislikes shopping, s/he likes watching soap-operas but a bore to you, you like this she likes that and so on and so on, you are not soul-mates; you are not suited for each other.

Even if you choose to settle together both of you will keep on compromising but for how long will you compromise?

3. Spiritual unity

Unity in the spirit; you’re commitment to God is in equal levels.

God brings a perfect partner, husband or wife to you who you are in the same spiritual level.

Not you like going to church and s/he does not know the last time s/he stepped in the church’s door. You like reading the bible, listening to pastors and men of God preach in the churches, televisions but s/he has not time for this.

God does not unite two people with two different spirits.

Christians have the Holy Spirit while the world has the evil spirit.

A person with contradicting spirit which contradicts yours is not your perfect partner.

A christian and a non-christian cannot be perfect partners because they are not in the same level of commitment to God.

But God unites two people in different levels of commitment to Him because the person in low-level of commitment to God and willing to grow spiritually will be helped by the other person.

If your partner, husband or wife matches you in these 3 areas, s/he is your perfect partner.

Many people settle for two out of three.

  1. Body and spirit you are in the same level; there is an electric spark in the bodies and unity in the spirit but in your souls, you are totally in different wavelengths
  2. Body and souls you are one; bodies have chemistry, you are soul-mates but spiritually you are different
  3. Spirit and soul you are one; spiritually you are in the same level and you are soul-mates but your bodies have no chemistry.

There is a very big danger in settling for two out of three.

If you settle for two, the third part will need work and compromising, and for sure you will work to make it work.

Because this person is not your perfect partner, another person will appear in the scene and bring the missing part, and this will definitely be a problem.

If you’re not married, wait for God to bring your exact counter part. Learn from finding a partner the God’s way.

But if you have searched, settled for two out of three, see when you marry the wrong person.

God bless