Vision of Satan Physically in Churches

Vision of Satan Physically in Churches
Vision of Satan Physically in Churches

This is vision of Satan physically in churches today – It is a vision of how Satan has taken over churches and created his churches as revealed to me on 9th January 2017.

Vision of Satan Physically in Churches

I was taken to many churches in Kenya

I found people singing worldly songs in the name of praise and worship

I saw theatrics and dramas in the name of worshiping praising and preaching the gospel

In all these churches, I saw a very well dressed man – it was Satan

He appears physically in the churches at times

The leaders of these churches know, see and recognize him because they are serving him and they know they are indeed serving him

But the people under them are blind spiritually to recognize him – they cannot differentiate a true human being and Satan in flesh

And I saw him drive fear in people – fear not of God but of twisted concocted gospel

And I saw how people give in churches and worship their church leaders because of this fear

I warn you people and I tell you the truth

Many churches in Kenya and around the world are of Satan

Satan has taken them over, bought their leaders and these churches worship him

People inside them knowingly or unknowingly worship Satan

Flee from these churches

Let me give you some clues for you to know these churches of Satan

  1. They worship and praise with worldly music
  2. They are full of theatrics, drama and entertainment
  3. They twist the gospel – preach prosperity gospel

– They are in motivation and inspiration speaking
– Speak in tongues inside the church with no interpreter
–  Prayer is not important to them
– They do not preach the truth about Satan or never preach about it at all
– They never speak of Judgment and hell
– They create fear with a concocted gospel e.g. if you will not tithe, you will not be blessed

  1. Church leader are wallowing in show-off riches and wealth

Flee from these churches

For if you will not, you will perish

Your church leaders know whom they are serving (Satan) and under them you worship him too

Open your eyes and see, your ears and hear

Satan is physically in churches today

Before you take your legs to any church, ask God whom they are serving – Him or Satan

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand