My life my testimony part-3: – God promise after instructing me not to search for a job

Testimony of God promise after instructing me not to search for a job
Testimony of God promise after instructing me not to search for a job

This is God promise after instructing me not to search for a job. See God instruction to me.

God came in end August 2011 when I was totally tired and worn out after disobeying Him and looking for a job for 3 months all in vain. He came with consequences of my disobedience and a promise.

Here is the promise.

Testimony of God promise after instructing me not to search for a job

Few days after I looked up and saw God holding a cup fully burning with wrath ready to pour it to Kenya after Kenyan missed the point of the famine as I reveal in Kenya famine prophecy, God came with a promise to me.

God promised to feed, cloth, protect, make sure that I have a place to sleep, be my provider and everything.

Yes, I can now testify of His faithfulness.

Testimony of God faithfulness

From that day God made His promise to me in August 2011 up to today, I am a living testimony that God is faithful and a provider.

With no Job, no source of money, I have lived eating, clothing, sleeping and living so sweetly up to today. Only some few days when God wants me to fast, He takes me through a time of lack but at the end of the tunnel I see the reason.

A good example was December 2012 when I went with no food for over a week until 1st 2013 and after those days, God revealed vision of  Armageddon battle and immediately after that night, He provided.

I pay house rent yet for over 2 years I have paid all months without any source of money. I asked God to cover me that the landlord does not even come to my door until when He (God) gives me money to pay rent.

And Yes! The landlord does not come to my door until I have his rent in my hands. It is miraculous that at the start of every month the landlord is at my neighbors doors asking for rent yet he does not touch my door even if days move until the end of month without paying.

As I testify now, I paid last  month’s (November) rent on 27th and the landlord did not even knock my door for all those days. God is able and the things which are impossible with men are possible with God (Lk 18:27).

I also have bills for this website each month but since God is in control, for almost over 2 years, I have paid all bills. Instead of lacking money to pay for the site bills, God send one of His angels and the site was taken to another level thus looking great now.

See God promise for a job and the start of this website and how God send an angel to this website.

God is the potter and I am the clay.

Isa 45:9 …Shall the clay say to Him who forms it, ‘what are you making?’

I thank God for His continued molding of me to fit into the kingdom of heaven.

God being my potter, I have learned what life is. I used to think that life is being highly educated, having a good job, good housing, cars, etc as I revealed in my testimony of how Jesus appeared to me but I can now surely say that these things are not life.

Being with worldly things or not does not define life. It is true when the Bible says,

Lk 12:15, 23 …for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. Life is more than food and the body more than clothing

How many people have all worldly possessions but they have no life? They have money, jobs, cars, education, etc but they are sick in hospitals, stressed, dead men walking, etc, yet they die and leave all their possessions?

Life is not found in the things you possess, worldly riches, etc. Life is found in God and the same God who gave you those possessions and riches can take them away anytime He wills then you will know the meaning of life.

When I testified of how God instructed me not to search for a job, a person mockingly asked me, ‘how is life without a job?’ He does not know that the same God who gave her/him a Job is the same God who instructed me not to search for a job.

God is not mocked.

Gal 6:7 Do not be deceived, for God is not mocked for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap

I lack worldly riches now but I have life abundantly. Yes! I have real happiness and joy in life. I cannot remember the last time I was in hospital with a serious body ailment; my body is free from diseases, stress, etc and this is not because of what I do or have done to God but His grace.

I have life and life abundantly from Jesus Christ that I lead people to life through ministering the word, healing the sick, revealing life (Jesus Christ), etc.

You get life abundantly from the giver if you truly believe in Him with all your heart and mind.

All worldly possessions are His additions to me and not only to me but to all who believe in Him and I am so sure that soon He will add them to me. Watch this space.

Mt 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you

I do not rejoice when brethren lack, neither do I rejoice because the spirits are subject to me but I rejoice because my name is written in heaven.

Lk 10:20 ‘Nevertheless do not rejoice in this that the spirit are subject to you but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven’.

If you have worldly riches its God favor on you but they do not give you life.

Many people read this blog without knowing the real person behind it and what God has done and is doing in my life, reason I started writing my life my testimony to let my fellow brethren know my life testimonies as I edify Jesus Christ.

I neither beg nor ask for help, offerings or giving’s because my God ‘I AM’ is sufficient and He has proved Himself in my life. Every time I have a problem, be it financially, I have seen God send His angels and eagles miraculously.

God sees my problems and needs even before I tell Him and at the right time He sends His angels and eagles to help me. See the testimony of God sending an angel to help this blog (next).

If God feeds the birds who neither sow, reap, gather into barns nor save in banks, am I not of more value than them? (Mt 6:26)

If God cloths the lilies of the field that neither toll nor spin, am I not of more value than them? (Mt 6:28)

I have placed my life totally in His hands that I do not worry about life, what I eat, wear or drink. He knows I need all this things and for almost 3 years now, He has provided.

Mt 6:32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly father knows that you need all these things.

I do not worry about my tomorrow, it is in safe hands. What matters to me is this minute I am breathing now not tomorrow. Even if I worry about my tomorrow I cannot add or minus anything.

Mt 6:27, 34 which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for a day is its own trouble.

Even when I eat or do not eat, I lack or not, I have learned to thank, praise and worship God in all seasons.

God’s burning bushes, angels and eagles today are His loved children who he uses for His ministry. For those who God has sent to support me, thank you. The same God who sends you will bless and multiply you.

God bless


  1. Prophet Joshua, Elijah lived in forest for months eating grasshoppers plus all what we are not told in the bible, a widow and son remained alive with little fat and flour after she accepted to cook the little she had to the servant of GOD, Peter and John said there was only bread and fish when Jesus asked them what they had for the congregation and Jesus fed the multitude with the few food items until several baskets of leftovers were collected so bro.

    Take heart you are not doing it in pain, you were not a failure because we were in same university together and you got a marketable bachelor’s degree and you chose to obey God and declined not to search for a Job.

    In March 2013 when my former college where i used to lecture was upgraded to a university and most of my colloquies were absorbed, I could be now taking home over KSh. 120,000 per month but i lost the job probably because of my hearing problem and worst of all my salary was stopped all over now that am on study leave but after i read your testimony earlier i have learned that life is not a matter of good cars, fat salary, good wife, good mansion, living overseas but godliness with contentment of heart which is a great gain.

    I own several degrees and now about to acquire my PhD but i have never found peace and joy in them but when i call the name of the Lord i always have enough sleep like a baby and full of joy in my heart when i remember there is a promised kingdom if i overcome (Matt 24:13) so lets wait upon God as we serve Him faithfully and whole hearted for there is a GREAT REWARD to them those who will ENDURE till the end bro.

  2. So you mean you qualified to work in Company of God without having dropped even a single C.V and the way looking for a job is one of the most expensive things to do? The tarmacking etc. You must have found extreme favour with him. Many graduates do not want to work in this Company and their minds have not even thought such a Company exists.

    This is because at first it doesn’t provide a salary at end of each calender month and hence its ridden with uncertainty for a fresh graduate who wants to make a name among friends circles and have an answer to that usual question by peers (where are you these days?). Very few have worked in this Company fresh from college like you. Thus many usually revert to it after frustration in other companies opting to chase the hope and peace it offers as to opposed to the peace less cash others offer.

    God also needs fresh graduates to work in his Company. You are among the few chosen. See Shandrack, Mishael, Abedinego and Daniel were graduates who served in the Company you serve now. They were very effective. Emulate them. You have to know in this Company you have no where to file employment claim so the earlier you know the terms of service the better, as you will regularly face the big CEO himself.

    The first is ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’. If you do this to your best without faltering, the faster you climb the ladder as you will qualify for allowances “ and all these things shall be added to you’. This will require you to have that unshakable faith in God that he means just what he says(Col 2:1-5).

    Remember also unlike us who work in other companies, you are working with the real expert. You are not learning together with your employer like we do. He has eternal experience in the job he has deployed you to do, so the earlier you learn to play along joyfully even when you don’t know where its all heading the better. You as young people we have a tendency to sit and evaluate, but here you don’t have all the facts to enable you make the real choice. Play along (obedience) like the others before you who after are now kings in your Employers Kingdom.

    They used to have prescription as to basic things like what to eat (See John Baptist was told to eat honey and locusts, and Jesus, butter etc), whether to have pleasures the others were having or not (See Jeremiah was told not to marry that time), So you have to make a choice to follow without supervision, although I can assure you that your Master is always watching to see whether you comply willingly or its because there is no option other than backsliding, being disposed of your gifts and being killed by Satan for ambushing him thus far.

    Armed with these few facts among others, you are supposed to make a choice and like Paul come to this conclusion in Phil 3:8, ‘counting all beneficial things in this life as rubbish’. That requires a resolute heart because as you remember Mum and Dad(relatives and friends) are watching to see what will become of their educated son. They must be thinking that you are mad. You have to put a brave face that reflects your resolute mind otherwise they are watching to say you are like an arrow that has shot a hyaena with a poisoned arrow(Kamba proverb- on uselessness).

    Make your mind completely to follow Him and not look at it as to depend on what it will turn out to be. I know when God will say you need to die it will not even call you suggestion. Many people in this call have a problem of temper. It must be one of qualification or general weakness because where we are weak, is where Gods grace fills. See Elijah told God to kill him and stop disturbing him. He had actually lied down waiting to die 1 kings 19. you don’t need to go that way as it retards your progress.
    Instead you should always say as he said ‘As God of Israel lives before whom I stand’ …

    The reflection on his Ebenezer quality so far is a strengthening factor as it gives you faith to go ahead, but now let it be an adventure other than being a trial on like a tight rope. Say whatever will be let it be and see what he will do. You are now being trained on totally learning to depend on him despite the circumstances and when you grasp that concept very well in his own terms you will see there will be no lack any longer, as David had to learn in hands of Saul( the harsh world which wants you dead soonest). Don’t resolve on your own like Sarah did to help God which is source of Isaac’s trouble to date, as many say God helps those who help themselves, as this removes your Employer in the picture, and terminates th employment.

    Endure it will come to pass. Its a tight internship but its worth the trouble. Amen.

  3. Thank you for these encouraging voices of faith and hope. I am unemployed, I was, through some circumstances rejected employment by the government. Not through something bad that I did but through a very complicated situation that turned my whole world around. But I believe that this was God’s will in my life. I still have a bond to serve and I really got no idea as to how I will manage this. But I have placed all my hope & reliances on Jesus. He is a Great God and none can compare to him. Even if the world (government, society) says its impossible He says Possible. And I take him for his word.

  4. I thank God for who you are obedient to the voice of the Lord you did a right thing when you heard his voice you reponded postively many today hear the voice of God but don’t do as he has instructed them. God bless

  5. Hello Joshua,
    To begin with, thanks for your testimony it is very powerful.
    I’ve been reading your blogs for a few months now and I’ve come to like them.
    I even added your recently on my Facebook page so I can be following your latest blogs and warnings to Kenyans. Really appreciate what your doing and my the Good Lord help you and bless you greatly for what your doing.
    Just a small request, I wish that you may pray for my father he has been complaining of experiencing numbness on both hands and I believe if you say a short pray for him he will healed. Just a pray for Julius Itekia and he will be cured. Thanks and may God Bless you Brother!

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