My life my testimony part-4:- Testimony of God promise to give me something to do after instructing me not to search for a job

Testimony of God promise to give me something to do after instructing me not to search for a job
Testimony of God promise to give me something to do after instructing me not to search for a job

This is my testimony of God promise to give me something to do after instructing me not to search for a job.

God instructed me not to look for a job but I disobeyed and looked for a job for 3 months, from June 2011 to August 2011, all in vain. End August 2011, God came with consequences of my disobedience and a promise.

One consequence was the taking away of my education certificates and you saw how they miraculously got lost in consequences of my disobedience.

In end October 2011, God revealed where He has kept my education certificates and instructed me not to go look for them because I will not see them. See consequences of my disobedience.

The same time, end October 2011, when God revealed where He has kept my education certificates, He also promised to give me something to do.

Since the night Jesus Christ appeared to me, I developed a deep thirst for the word. When God took away my education certificates, I had nothing else to do but only be in the word, intimate with Jesus Christ 24/7. One reason I later learned why God wanted to set me free.

Daytime is Bible study time the entire day and in the night, God comes to impart me. This is my life up to today and God has neither failed me nor will He.

From the night of my testimony, I started writing everything God was teaching me and His messages.

A time came when God strongly fired me up and I could no longer hold it. The fire burned me furiously wanting to be radiated. I could stand to preach and teach the Bible to my empty house which I do up to today.   

After preaching and teaching the Bible to empty house, with no person listening, I could cry with many tears to God and ask Him why He has fired me so strongly yet He has given me no person to receive the fire I radiate.

I still cry to Him up to today because He has not let me out to His people.

God has really baptized me with the fire thus as I write this teachings and open my mouth to teach the gospel to no person but non-living things in my house, I get carried away that it is not me who dictates what I say or write but the Holy Spirit.

God promise to give me something to do after instructing me not to look for a job

When God came on end October 2011, He told me, ’Joshua, I will come to you on 28th February 2012 to show you what you will be doing for me as I raise you to where I want you to be’.

From end October 2011, I lived eagerly waiting for 28th February 2012.

God faithfulness

28th February 2012 was here. I woke up that morning rejuvenated knowing God is coming to me.

I was in the house as usual just me and Bible Study the whole day even with no food to eat and nothing seemed unusual that day.

At around 1pm in the afternoon, my sister who lived in a far town phoned and told me that she is in Nairobi passing by to say hi but not staying. This was usual. I continued with my Bible study.

Minutes after 2pm, she was in my house. She told me she is not here to stay but leaving shortly then she went ahead and talked about something I had never heard about; blogging; running a website.

As she talked about it, a loud voice said to me, ‘Joshua! That is what I want you to do for me’. For the first time I heard about blogging and immediately my sister was through, she left and I was left amazed.

Then the voice came again and told me to open a blog (website) where I will be writing everything that God tells and teaches me.

God revealed to me that this website is part of the journey of raising me up to where He wants me to be. After all this, I was amazed.

I had never heard or knew anything about running a blog (website) thus I had a task; to learn everything and open a website.

How Christian Truth Center was born

I took it to myself to learn everything from scratch.

From 28th February 2012 up to end March 2012, I learned a lot about blogging and I started a free blog with BlogSpot to do a test and learn what I had not known.

By June 2012, I had learned a lot and it was time I did exactly what God had told me.

I did a name search and came up with Christian Truth Center; A truth center for all Christians worldwide. I also made that name the domain name.

I had done my research on webhosting and chose hostgator. I had also made a decision to run it in wordpress with a free theme.

Now came the part to start-up.

I had no money, not even food to eat, yet I needed money to start this blog.

I borrowed about 24 dollars. I registered the domain and got the first month of hosting without knowing where money for successive hosting will come from since I neither had/have a job nor source of money as you see in God promise after instructing me not to search for a job.

I was walking a walk of faith.

Hostgator is able to do both domain registering and hosting at the same time. Therefore I did both domain registering and paid for the first month hosting in June 2012.

I installed wordpress, which is easy to do with hostgator, and installed a free wordpress theme; Atahualpa.

Christian Truth Center was up but with neither posts nor styling. I knew nothing about css and html but using Atahualpa theme, I learned a lot. I styled my site to my satisfaction then posted first post which is how Jesus physically appeared to me.

As I continued teaching the Bible in this site, I learned more and more about blogging, css and html.

From the start of this blog up to where it is now, it is only I who has been working on it; no hand of a professional website designer has been here.

I knew nothing about search engines but if you look at my keyword rank, you will see how good I have become.

This blog started growing from back then. With so many hardships, with no job, food, money, etc, I do not know how i have managed to run it up to today. I do not know how I pay its monthly hosting fee which is about 10 dollars.

It is a miracle.

A time came for me to move this site from a free wordpress theme to a paid theme yet I had no money. See God doing miracles through this blog.

And that is how Christian truth center was born through God promise and His faithfulness.

God bless