Testimony of Rupture and war with chemical weapons used

Testimony of Rupture and war with chemical weapons used
Testimony of Rupture and war with chemical weapons used

This is my testimony of rupture and war with chemical weapons used.

The vision as revealed to me on 25th August 2013

Rupture and war with chemical weapons used

News all over the media were all about immorality, inhumanity and human excess evil.

At the same time there was a rumor of war. 2 big world powers were ready to attack one another and media focus was on this arising war.

One of the big world powers realized truly that she was going to be attacked and immediately things changed for worse.

The big power released a poisonous chemical gas into the world atmosphere in her enemy’s territory. This gas was so poisonous that it could eliminate any living thing on this planet if not neutralized.

Immediately news hit the media and all focus was on this gas. Humanity was trembled and human beings on earth saw death coming.

World best scientists worked tirelessly and vigorously to neutralize this gas led by the United States of America.

At this point, the world came to a stand still just watching the gas movement and spreading waiting for scientists to save them.

I was taken to a place I could see the gas well, moving and spreading in earth’s atmosphere. Far off I saw a black dark cloud of chemical gas moving. I saw my death coming. The gas had not reached where I was standing.

Every person on earth was holding his/her breath praying and waiting for scientists to neutralize the gas before it moved further or else eliminate every living thing on this planet. The world waited eagerly for the scientists to make a break through.

As time passed, deaths started been heard as the gas spread. Every person saw death coming.

A point came when people gave up on waiting for scientists to neutralize the gas as media aired deaths in areas where the gas had reached. Every person gave up and waited to die.

At that moment I heard a voice telling me to look up to the east.

I looked up and saw Christ Jesus. He had descended and stood on the clouds.  Rupture was at hand and Jesus came to save His bride. See how Jesus will descend on rupture.

My sins and deeds started flowing in my mind and I saw how sinful and dirty I was. I was not worthy to be saved from coming death by gas. I pitied myself.

Every person on the world looked at Jesus to save her/him from death by taking them from the world.

At the point I saw myself not worthy to be ruptured and pitying myself, I did not know how I found myself in space rising up from the earth with fully transformed body.

I said, ‘God’s grace is sufficient’. No words can explain the joy I felt.

Yes! God’s grace is sufficient and salvation is only by grace through faith.

2 Cor 12:9 my grace is sufficient for thee

God bless you.