The Anti-terrorism bill: The devilish snare to Christians

new world order
new world order

Kenya has debated and passed the anti-terrorism bill which is a copy of the U.S Anti-Terrorism Act being copied to all world governments. The Kenyan parliamentarians have been over welcomed by pressure from the western world and passed the bill which breaches all constitutional rights. With the bill in place not only the Muslims are unsafe but everyone is not safe.

Only Muslims and the human rights societies in Kenya have stood up and fought against the bill. The anti-terrorism bill is not a laugh off matter or being proud off but a snare to all men especially Christians. But the surprising matter is, Christians in Kenya are blind, asleep and no one sees the devil inside consuming them. Unlike the Muslim clergy’s, they have been silent just sitting and allowing satanic anti-Christ agendas to be pushed to Christians.

The anti-terrorism bill is not a Kenyan agenda but an agenda been driven by the western world to Africa countries. The bill contravenes the fundamental bill of rights provided in Kenya’s new constitution. Kenya’s new constitution provides the right of freedom and privacy with respect to the right of worship and honor of worship places like churches but the anti-terrorism bill snatches this away.

Christianity is freedom, Christ came to give people freedom from slavery but the bill contravenes this right of freedom to Christians. Gal: 5-1 for freedom Christ has set us free stand fast and do not submit to a yoke of slavery (RSV). The bill allows Christians to be arrested inside the churches and this is lack of respect to the churches and to God.

The bill oppresses men and it is a pity that Kenyans have taken themselves back to slavery; freedom has been denied and taken away from. The values of religious and political freedom, free enterprise capitalism, democratic government, and respect for other’s rights are violently rejected by those who have set themselves in battle to destroy our culture and civilization through this bill. It suppresses the right of expression as entitled in the constitution.

Christians in Kenya must open their eyes and see; see beyond their two eyes. This bill is a satanic devilish agenda pushed in the agenda of a ‘New World Order’ to the world. The war on terror is in the agenda of pushing for a ‘New World Order’ were all nations of the world are being pushed to deny citizens their fundamental rights in order to oppress them and create a path to push for other devilish agendas to the people without their resistance.

Watch out brethren.



  1. I do not think the law of universe can be defeated by denying some bill. the rapture labor pains Jesus spoke of in mat: 24 & 25 are unfolding and it could be his will we be like that so that his word can come to pass so its time to watch out for the return of the messiah and clean our hearts so that when he returns he will find some faith as that is his concern.These things must come to pass first when all will be busy with their own life, and worldly things keeping care and love away from their dwellings. He says the bride is not ready for the wedding. Get ready for him and tell a few to do so. imagine attending a wedding where the bride and groom do not know each other and neither the parents know one another. it looks fake and thats what most of us are giving Jesus so that when he presents the bride to the father it looks like a stage-managed thing for marriage of convenience to heavenly citizenship.

    • @Ndanu A wise comment. i think we must stand up and open our fellow saints eyes to show them the truth even if some things have to happen. in this way, they will be knowing the truth not to fall to Satan traps.

  2. Any word concerning the visit by BO to Kenya? I have begun to feel like its more of a deal signing for the NWO. I may be wrong.

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