The gospel of Kings and Queens is of Hell

The gospel of Kings and Queens is of Hell
The gospel of Kings and Queens is of Hell

The gospel of kings and queens is of hell, of the kingdom of darkness not the kingdom of heaven.

You have heard some preachers tell you, ‘you are a queen’, ‘you are a king’, ‘we are making kings and queens’, ‘act like a queen, like a king’, etc – this is a doctrine, a gospel of hell.

Let’s first see the gospel of heaven, the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gospel makes no ‘kings and queens’

The gospel of Jesus Christ makes no ‘kings and queens’ but makes us;

1. Sons and Daughters

2Cor 6:18: And will be a Father unto you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty

We, whom Holy Spirit dwells in are sons and daughters of the LORD Almighty

2. Children of Abraham

When we believe in Jesus Christ and have faith in Him we become descendants of Abraham or children of Abraham

Gal 3:6-7: Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know you therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.

3. The Bride of Christ

God is the Father and Israel is His wife (Jem 3, 31, Hosea 2) while we are bride of His Son Jesus – the Bride of Christ

The church is not Israel but a bride of Christ

4. Adopted

The gospel of Christ tells us the church, that we are adopted

Eph 1:5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will. Read Rom 8, 9:4, Gal 4:5.

5. Grafted against nature

We are a wild olive branch grafted to a cultivated olive against nature – Romans 11.

There is nowhere in the gospel of Jesus Christ we are called ‘kings and queens’ and the gospel of Jesus Christ neither makes ‘kings and queens’ but ‘sons and daughters’. God alone is the King and there are no kings or queens in His kingdom

The gospel of Kings and Queens is of Hell

When Satan said, ‘I will be like the Most High God’ (Isaiah 14) he was cast out of heaven

The Most High God is a King therefore by saying ‘I will be like the Most High God’ Satan wanted to be a King in heaven.

Every king and queen has a kingdom and no 2 kings or queens can be in the same kingdom thus Satan was cast out of heaven to earth and the world become his kingdom therefore he is called the ruler of the world (John 12:31).

In the Kingdom of heaven there is only One King, Jesus Christ whom everything is subjected to (1 Cor 15:28) thus when you say ‘I am a king’, ‘I am a queen’ you are exactly like Satan and you will be cast out to hell.

When you hear a preacher tell you, ‘you are a king’, ‘you are a queen’, ‘we are making kings and queens’ s/he is damning you, sending you to hell – flee!

I have taught you about the Kingdom of Heaven that it makes no kings and queens but sons and daughters, let me reveal slightly the kingdom of Satan, the kingdom of darkness to you.

The kingdom of darkness led by Satan has several branches and one is of the harlot. From the harlot it descends down to marine kingdom, to Jezebel, to making kings and queens, to feminists, etc.

In the kingdom of darkness, women are given leadership, power and dominion not men. As women are made queens, men are made princes whose work is to give strength to the women – they act as ‘strong-men’ whose first priority is to protect and fight for these queens.

Reason when a preacher of Christ reveals this darkness and it’s doctrines, as queens in the darkness rise to fight, you will see men accompanying these women in fighting – these are the princes of the kingdom of darkness. Example, when I revealed that there is no single mother in heaven, there are men who accompanied queens to fight for darkness. See them in the Facebook comments here christiantruthcenter facebook and Joshua Munguti facebook

In the kingdom of darkness, women are given leadership over men which is contrary to the kingdom of heaven where men are the leaders of women.

But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God (1 Cor 11:3)

Reason in the kingdom of darkness women lead churches, these are the churches of darkness. Jesus Christ church was never led by a woman and will never be forever, it will always be led by a man. See women must not lead

These women who lead these churches are the queens of darkness and Jezebels and surrounding these women are men whose work is to give their strength to the queens, Jezebels – they are the strong-men. Women are weaker vessels (1 Peter 3:7) therefore for strength, they take men especially young men to surround them – give them strength, in the same manner you see older woman marry young men.

Remember Proverbs 31:3 says do not give your strength to women Prov 31:3

These queens are cunning, they may not place themselves in the leadership position of the church but they are the one dictating the direction of the church in the same manner Jezebel was no the king but a queen running the kingdom – Ahab, the elders and nobles were her strength.

As the kingdom of heaven gives men leadership and position, the kingdom of darkness give women leadership and position – this is a battle until Jesus comes to destroy this kingdom of darkness forever.

It’s the priesthood of darkness preaching the gospel of kings and queens – they are doing their work to take many to hell for they are promised rewards and a share of world and hell kingdom – it is a lie, Satan will never share his kingdom.

When you hear a preacher tell you, ‘you are a queen, you are a king’ – flee!

When you hear a preacher say, ‘we are making queens and kings’ flee for indeed you will be made a king and queen of hell.

You have heard people call themselves, queens and kings – it is the demon of darkness in them confessing to you what it is and only by power of Jesus Christ (anointing upon) can it be cast out for the person to be a son and daughter of God.

When you hear a man and woman say, ‘I am a king or queen’, they are identifying themselves with the kingdom of darkness, the marines kingdom, Jezebel and the harlot.

Kings marry queens and queens marry kings. When you hear a man say ‘I am a king’ and you you are a daughter of God – Flee! Do not think of marrying him without deliverance first for indeed you will be made a queen and a queen of hell.

When you hear a woman say ‘I am a queen’, flee do not think of marrying her without deliverance first for you will marry a queen and latter you will realize indeed you have a queen in the house.

It is only by the Power of Jesus Christ that a person can be snatched from the kingdom of darkness. If you know you are married to a king or queen, run physically to Jesus Christ. And if you know the person you are about to marry is a queen or king, run to Christ first.

Many men are suffering silently for marrying queens – run to Christ and that woman of yours will be snatched from darkness and made your wife. Though a wife is a woman there is a difference between a woman and a wife.

See there is time to pray and time to run physically to Jesus

You have heard this said, ‘treat her lie a queen’, ‘treat him like a king’, it is darkness speaking instead treat each other like sons and daughters of the Almighty God. Though she is your wife, she is a daughter of the Almighty LORD not a queen. Though he is your husband, he is the son of the Almighty God not a king.

When you hear a person say, ‘I am a king’, ‘I am a queen’ do not take it lightly

If you have being made a queen or king, or knowing and unknowing said ‘I am a queen’, ‘I am a king’, run to Jesus Christ physically for deliverance for you to be made a son and daughter of God.

Kings and queens are part and parcel of spiritual husbands and wives too. See how to know you have a spiritual wife or husband

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand