The Jewish Temple Was Not Painted – Do Not Paint Your Body

The Jewish Temple Was Not Painted – Do not paint your body the temple of God.
The Jewish Temple Was Not Painted – Do not paint your body the temple of God.

The Jewish Temple was not painted – God did not instruct it to be painted. Do not paint your body the temple of God.

There are 2 temples;

  1. The Old Testament temple
  2. The New Testament temple

1. The Old Testament Temple

The Old Testament temple was built by Solomon – it is the Jewish temple built in the City of David, Jerusalem.

God instructed the entire building of the Jewish temple in the same manner He instructed the building of the Ark of Covenant through Moses. One thing both the Jewish temple and the Ark of Covenant never had was ‘paint’.

Gold was used in its pure natural form, wood in its natural form, stones in their natural form, etc – no painting or coloring was done.

Though the Jewish temple and the Ark of Covenant had no paint, both had clothing (see what this means down the study).

Let me take you to the hidden secrets of the Kingdom.

God never taught humans ‘paint’ – paint includes the mixing of colors. When Cain killed Abel, Cain moved from the presence of God, from fellowship with God and Satan took him over.

Satan and the fallen angels (demons) taught Cain and his generation painting, the mixing of colors, making of weapons, the beautification of women, the making of alcohol, homosexuality, etc. Through Cain generation, in these things Satan defiled the earth.

Then God saw the abomination on earth was great and decreed to destroy both man and beasts, creeping things and birds of the air by flood (Gen 6).

Because painting and the mixing of colors is not from God but Satan and fallen angels taught man, things of God including the Jewish Temple, the Ark of Covenant, the Ark of Noah, vessels in the temple, etc, are not painted.

Today religious people tell you that their painted/colored buildings are ‘the houses of God’, ‘the church’ – it is a lie. Also see protestant heresies today – making a house for God to dwell in and making houses the church

Know this, in the flood Satan and the fallen angels (demons) were not destroyed reason after the flood they are corrupting the earth with the same things as before the flood until they day God will destroy it too by fire. There is nothing new under the sun.

2. The New Testament Temple

By the time Angel Gabriel came to Mary to announce that she will conceive and bring forth a Son (Lk 1), the Spirit of the Lord had lifted from the Jewish temple reason the temple become a house of merchandise (business).

Every gathering the Spirit of God is not in becomes a business gathering. This is the reason today so-called churches are business and money-making houses/gatherings.

See protestant heresies today – merchandising in the church (den of thieves)

Why did the Spirit of God depart from the Jewish Temple? Because Jesus was the Living temple of God walking on earth reason Jesus said,

‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up’ (John 2:19)

On the cross, He was pierced on His side, blood and water come out what comes out when a baby is born – the church was born; living temples of God where born. The Seed gave out branches. See sow a seed a twisted corrupted gospel today.

And the temple of God become our bodies, my body as written

Do you not know that your body is the temple of The Spirit of Holiness (1 Cor 6:19)

Thus the Holy Spirit started dwelling in our bodies, Jesus being the first to give His disciples His Spirit as written

When He had said this, He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit’’ (John 20:22)

Religious people are still stuck with buildings and houses as God temples because they lack the Spirit of God to give them wisdom and understanding of God. Reason they are busy serving buildings on the expense of the people in the buildings.

The Jewish Temple Was Not Painted – Do Not Paint Your Body

The Old Testament temple (the Jewish temple) was a shadow of the New Testament temple as the Old Testament was a shadow of things to come (Col 2, Heb 7)

As the Old Testament temple, the Jewish temple was not painted/colored so must the New Testament temple, our bodies be. Reason God gave a command saying,

You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD (Lev 19:28). See tattoos are against God

Painting/coloring of the body is an abomination to the Most High God.

Remember God does not dwell in things built with human hands, the moment you put a human hand on your body, like painting it, tattooing it, piercing it, putting marks on it, bleaching it, etc, it becomes abominable to God, abominable for the Holy Spirit to dwell in and becomes a temple of Satan and demons.

The Spirit of God, Holy Spirit is Holy and He cannot dwell in an abominable or accursed thing, body/temple. Paint or coloring makes it abominable.

Painting of face, nails, hair, legs, hands or any part of the body is an abomination to God and it make the temple abominable/corrupt for the Holy Spirit to dwell in.

If the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you and you paint/color your body, He departs until you get the paint, color or mark out of the temple and repent. See why the Holy Spirit departs and how to know He has departed.

Every person with paint/color on the body (temple) has no Holy Spirit dwelling in him/her.

Holy Spirit can be with you but not in you. He can speak to you but not be in you. Many people think that because they are dreaming dreams, prophesying, seeing visions, healing the sick, etc, that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in them – it may not be so. Remember heaven is only for those Holy Spirit is dwelling in.

See the difference between dwelling in and upon and the 3 relationships the Holy Spirit has with humans

The evidence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you is the manifestation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in you (Gal 5:22), your love of the Word of God and hate of the world.

God is the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb 13:8) – He never changes. If He said this is an abomination, accursed thing, sin, it remains so forever in this earth and earth to come. Flee from every person presenting/preaching a changing God to you.

If you have painted your body the temple of God, remove the paint and repent for defiling the temple – making the temple with your own hands.

Fear the image of God – do not alter or try to change it for that will take you to hell.

Do not Paint your body the temple of God

See a temple in whom Jesus Christ is dwelling is holy inside and outside

The Jewish temple and the Ark of Covenant all had clothing. Cloth decently your body the temple of God. Do not dress the temple of God the attire of a harlot (Prov 8:10) or what is abominable like women in men’s clothing.

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand