The Most Accurate English Bible Version

The Most Accurate English Bible Version
The Most Accurate English Bible Version

Which is the most accurate English Bible version?  We have so many English Bible versions but which is the most accurate English Bible version?

You must see  the Bible History and the translation road to English Bible version.

Why so many English Bible versions

The major reason for so many English Bible versions is for some religious groups and sects to push their doctrines, through twisting and eliminating some facts and truths from the Bible. This is done by religious group and sects translators.

The Bible writers were inspired by God and they wrote what God was saying and telling them; The word of God.

Translators are not writers and many were and are not inspired by God. Satan also inspires. Some translated the Bible intentionally not to convey the word of God the way it was originally written but for their own selfish reasons or devilish plan.

Many English Bible versions have twisted or removed the truth by;

  1. eliminating some verses
  2. eliminating some words
  3. wrongly punctuating
  4. wrong tense
  5. wrong replacement of words
  6. wrong plurality and singularity of words (And many more)

The first English Bible translators, John Wycliffe and William Tyndale, were much inspired by God and their work was perfect as reflected in the ‘King James Version’ which is a completion of their work.

Realize that God does not make a mistake; He is perfect, accurate and only human beings make mistakes.

Men using their worldly knowledge and wisdom criticized (which they do up to today) this perfect work of God and took the task to translate the Bible to reflect and suit their religious doctrines not to convey the word of God they way it was originally given.

Some examples of perversion and twisting in English Bible translation

Let me give you some examples of perversion and twisting in translation of Bible to English.

Example 1:  Matthew 6

Look at the Lords prayer in Matthew 6.

Jesus concluded the prayer by saying,

‘…For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen’ Mt 6:13 (KJV)

Many English Bible versions have twisted this prayer by eliminating this last line, ‘For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen’.

This twisting and removing this line in some Bible versions was made by translators to make the Bible fit into their doctrine.

The removing of this line is made not to acknowledge the kingdom, power and glory to be God’s but other gods.

Look at some English Bible versions and you will not find this line.

Jesus did not teach that way and you cannot say that the people who translated the Bible and removed that line were inspired by God.

Example 2: Exodus 12:6

The Old Testament is a fore-shadow, prophecy and compliments the New Testament.

God said, and ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening’ (KJV).

Look at the ‘it’ (highlighted).

Many English Bible versions have missed the point here. They have pluralized the ‘it’ referring to a single lamb to ‘their lambs’ or ‘lambs’.

‘It’ was a prophecy; prophecy of a single lamb.

God used a single ‘it’ referring to a single lamb who is also found in the New Testament who John the Baptist bore witness to saying, ‘…Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world’(john 1:29). This is the same single lamb which God referred to in exodus; The Lamb of God: Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is a single lamb not lambs.

The most accurate English Bible version

Only the King James Version (KJV) is the most accurate English Bible version and true word of God which is not altered by men through their worldly knowledge and wisdom or to fit into their doctrines.

Walk through the journey of Bible translation to understand Bible writing and translation. See Bible writing and translation

I strongly recommend this bible version.

King James Version was revised from its use of the old English style to the New Revised King James Version (NKJV).

If you cannot understand it, take another English bible version you can understand and use the King James Bible version as your reference point.

NB: in this site, Bible quotes are only from the New King James Bible Version or otherwise stated.

God bless


  1. thank you Sir for enlighten me ,am so i no the best Bible to read from.i had wanted sendin a prayer requst but i couldnot find it anywere on ur article so i decided to include in here. ive really learned alot from ur teaching. ive read thru almost all ur articles am so bless.pls Sir pray for my healing am HIV positive i discover a drug that they say can heal the disease and am prayin an trustin in I AM(GOD)to heal me,i no God can heal me,cos he said in his word that by his stribs we are heal,am puting all my trust ,faith,hope that Him alone can heal me cos der is notin impossible for him to do. so am expecting a divine healing from God and my testimonies will be heard all over the world to the Glory of GOD i no he has done it for orders he can do same for me.i want to live a HIV free life , i want to live a normal life i no I AM will do it for me . also pray for me the my spiritual life will not be weaken by anytin, i love God and i want to serve him and live a rigteous life, i want to obey his word and keep his commandment.i want to b live a prayerful life and hunger more for Gods word.pray also for Gods protection and provision over the life of my family.As am writin you dis , am into one week fastin and prayers and trustin and belivin in God for healing and i want Him to show and revele to me who my husband is.Pls pray for me Sir.Thank you and God Bless you

    • Thank you so much. I will always remember you in my prayers. Trust and believe in Jesus Christ that he can heal you.It is until you believe without doubting that Jesus will heal you. As you pray remind and tell Him that since you are his son,and you are like Him, if he has HIV, let you have it, but if He does not have it,let Him heal you and make you be like Him. Truly Jesus Christ is pure with no diseases and with no doubts He will make you be like Him; in the name of Jesus Christ.
      keep on trusting and obeying God and i promise you he will never leave you alone nor fail you.
      God will reveal to you your husband at the right time.always be patient with God. He does everything at the right time only that human beings are not patient.Let His will be done but not your will.Do not in any way push for your will.At the right time i promise you,He will act.
      There is an article i will post about prayer positions, i will like you to read it. Also i hope you have read the article about finding a husband.
      Be blessed and i pray and beseech the Almighty living true God; I AM, to be with you and reveal Himself to you.Amen!

  2. amen! this is very true, the Lord revealed this to me a few years ago when i was using NIV and i stopped using it and bought a king james bible, it has a concordance , centre column reference and translation notes and so it helps me even with hard words by giving alternative words but still mainintaining the validity of scripture. i love king james and im grateful the Lord showed this to me because he revealed to thru leading me on a research online how NIV was ommitting many scriptures, watering down and changing meaningswhich were core to the word of God. amen!

  3. This is not true. The King James Version of the Bible was subject to the same biases any other versions are. The newest ESV version is probably the most accurate since it uses a word by word translation and uses an entire team of translators from various denominations to avoid personal bias. Modern translators have more access to newer tools and experience in helping to clarify. Don’t believe that the KJV is the only Bible that is true…this is simply not the case.

  4. People are not as honest in general as people were 500 years ago; besides, you might get your head cut off for tampering with the Bible under King James! The new versions leave out words of God; such as, Mark 16:9-20; Acts 8:37, etc. How can we speak as the oracles of God if we don’t have them all? (1 Peter 4:11). Call me a King James Man.


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