Roman Catholic Church Apostasy

Roman Catholic Church Apostasy
Roman Catholic Church Apostasy

The Roman Catholic Church is the ‘MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH’ and we cannot talk of Church Apostasy without mentioning her.

See the article; the harlot

The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest pervert of the word of God in the world.

This church has been there since ages and it regards itself as the only legitimate inheritor by an unbroken succession of bishops descending from Saint Peter to the present time.

While the truth is that it has been there persecuting and killing God’s chosen men, the 12 disciples of Jesus (peter included), even the son of God (Jesus), and they have neither repented nor changed there ways.

They hide this from there followers in deception, calling those they have persecuted martyrs (the only church painted with martyrs). Rev 17:6: And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. 

They killed the shepherd of the sheep, Peter, (Jesus said unto him, ‘Feed my sheep’), and buried him in Rome. Even Paul’s ministry ended in Rome when he was persecuted.

Roman Catholic Church the Beast

This is the fourth beast in Daniel dream of four beasts and in the Book of Revelation. It is a beast with a political system and a harlot. A harlot is an adulterous church; Church practicing idolatry.

Millions world-wide are inside this beast and harlot, eating drinking and committing fornication and adultery with her. You inside this beast open up your eyes and ears, stop hardening your hearts and see the truth.

Roman Catholic Church Apostasy

The Council of Trent (1545-1563) brought together the leading bishops and cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church in order to counter the Reformation.

The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent contain more than 100 anathemas (ecclesiastical curse) condemning every point of the true gospel and damning to hell those who believe it.

For example:

  • If anyone says that the sacraments of the New Law [Catholic rituals] are not necessary for salvation but men obtain salvation from God through faith alone (the grace of justification) let him be anathema.
  • If anyone says that baptism is not necessary for salvation, let him be anathema.
  • If anyone says that, in the Mass, a true and real sacrifice is not offered to God but a mere commemoration of the sacrifice consummated on the cross and not a propitiatory one, let him be anathema.

On December 31, 1995, honoring the 450th anniversary of the opening of Trent, Pope John Paul II declared that its anathemas are still in full force: ‘Its conclusions maintain all their value’.

The Pope and his entire Church reject Biblical truth that Jesus Christ paid the full penalty for sin once and for all on the Cross and He is the mediator between us and our father; God.

As a catholic, you have to present and confess you sins to their clergy to be forgiven.

At the very heart of Catholicism is the lie that a wafer is turned into Christ to be endlessly sacrificed for sin in the Mass, that infant baptism makes one a child of God, and that no one can be certain of heaven.

The Catholic Church teaches salvation is in the Mass or Holy Eucharist not salvation is by grace through faith. The Eucharist (Mass) is where Catholics partake of the wine and the bread communion.

In the Eucharist, through a mystic process called transubstantiation the bread literally changes into the actual body of Christ and the blood literally turns into the blood of Christ. Without partaking of the Catholic Mass there is no salvation. This is not Biblical at all.

Many saints and true men of God are afraid of pointing out the truth in the Roman Catholic Church, only being ‘positive’ (scoffing) for fear of giving offense, forgetting the far greater offense of condoning a false gospel that is sending millions to hell.

The Roman Catholic Church is the father of Church Apostasy

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God bless


  1. …..the writer of the article has no idea on the believes and the principle of faith in christianity ,has no idea at all on the intrepretation of the celebration of the Mass and service in Catholic church….the catholic uses the holy bible in the preaching of the Holy gospel to it’s followers,christians in the church do believe in salvation through the death of Christ…the idea of the church to have sacrificed Jesus has no basis since the death of Christ was a way of Jesus going through the whole process of mankind…if He was not to die for ur sins,then He could not have been conceived and born of the Virgin Mary….this is fight to the strong and unshaken faith of Catholic Christians…….we move on and God becomes the Judge of us all,not sure of the writer but may be has the powers to judge on what Catholic Christians believe in and yet does not know the reality of the catholic faith……

    • @8b24f46bd7f07ab3029baba28f41c536:disqus First have not said anywhere in this article that the catholic does not use the Holy bible.True! they use the bible.Second, go back to church history before, during and after Jesus Christ time and acquit yourself with all necessary information.what other specifics do you deny in this article? Do not be generalize
      Thank you for commenting

  2. The biggest lie is not the message in the text. Of course, the text has several errors. There are also some truths. But the biggest lie is:
    – the writer say he/she learned it directly from God through revelation. Is that? The truth is already in the Bible. We don’t need tourists from heaven to tell us such fake stories which they fabricate them or receive them through their nightmares! They are liers! TheWORD OF GOD, THE BIBLE IS ENOUGH to understand all about God and his will.

    What a fun you guys do? And surprisingly, you receive visions the way you used to believe! Example: those who strongly believe in tithing tell us that God told them non-tithers will go to hell. Those who believe in Sunday celebration tell us that God told them people who don’t make Sunday holy will go to hell.

    You are liers………..please repent!

    • Some facts i must tell you.

      1. Do not contradict or talk bad to a person teaching God word without knowing the spirit powering that person. If it is God’s spirit powering the person, your are directly cursing God and denying Him. Remember Balaam?

      2. God has not stopped talking after he gave the Bible. God is still teaching us today.

      3. There is no where in my site i said tithers do not go to heaven. Please study about tithing from my site please.

      God bless you

  3. “1. Do not contradict or talk bad to a person teaching God word without knowing the spirit powering that person.”

    Seriously?? You’re going to tell someone not to bad talk you…. What is this whole article about? You talking bad about the Catholic Church.
    I found this article extremely hurtful. I don’t understand why some Christians feel the need to spread hate about other Christians…. I really don’t see how the Holy Spirit could be guiding someone if they’re spreading hate.

    You, my friend, are spreading hatred.
    All who follow Christ are children of God. I’m not sure God would be very happy to see someone claiming to follow Him trying to break apart and separate the body of Christ.
    Since when did you become all-knowing? God is the only one who truly knows who is going to Heaven… so you can’t say the Catholic Church is sending millions to Hell.

    You may have some really great stuff on this website of yours (which, you do, I read some things before I got here), but posting something so hateful and calling the Catholic church perverted and beastly has made me want to not read anything anymore. It’s fine for me, I’ve got many other people and resources I can look too…
    But you should realize, there may be someone who is searching for Christ… whose life is empty, and wants to know more about Christ and be filled with His love. And what if they fall upon this article early on. Do you think this would make them want to look more into who Christ is. You got to remember… you’ve got a wide range of audience when you post online.

  4. Well said and written, i agree. This people need to open there eyes (spiritual ones), and see the truth. I believe that church is the one fronting for a new world order. And the pope is that man of SIN! prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. Most christian t.v stations are part of the said apostasy, teaching false gospels, legends and myths. The middle east peace plan has that the Vatican be given control of the temple mount, the Pope is going to Israel on may 2014 to kick start the stalled peace plan. And remember The Vatican is the only religious organization having ambassadors in almost all the countries in the world. More so a part from bahai faith the pope speaks in every U.N general assembly. The said church also is fore runner implementing a one world church through ecumenism movement, in conjunction with the world council of Churches.
    So keep up the GOOD work Joshua!

  5. Keep up the good work man of God.You are of God and any one who doubts that can go to God in prayer and ask him,He has never stopped speaking.Idol worshippers will not pertake of the kingdom of God ,there is always a demon behind every idol.That idol is not mary but the wife of nimrod who built babylon and her child tamus.catholics open your eyes this is not hate speech but the truth.Dont let this truth be the one that will torment you in hell.God hates idol worship beause he is a jelous God.I want to expound on this hot topic [in tribulation

  6. In tribulation time babylon the mother of all harlots[catholic church]will assit the false prophet,she will be the bride of the anti christ Rev18:1-24.she will be destroyed by God Daniel2:44-45.

  7. Dear man of God,
    1. I am honestly asking whether all the catholics who are dead went to hell.
    2. Do also all the people who believe and practice the catholic doctrine going to hell?


  8. I also know that catholics are cults.i dont even know whether they read the Bible or not.honestly speaking,how can a man worship an idol? people from roman catholics need to come out of it .it is asatanic church.

  9. hallow brothers Jesus LOVES you all!!!
    We are not saying that Jesus hates catholics BUT literary roman catholic system is perverted and excellent example of lukewarm system that does not bother of the biblical truth at all. More over the issues of Mary as ever virgin mother of God and prayers through saints is pure corruption of the teaching of LORD JESUS . SO Again quite from this self appeasing system for surely is meant to send billion to HELL unknowingly and blindfolded!!!!

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