Tsunami Prophecy

Tsunami Prophecy
Tsunami Prophecy

This is Tsunami prophecy as revealed to me on 7th May 2015

Tsunami Prophecy

Suddenly the sea waters rose

I saw a big wave as big as a mountain

The waters come rushing into the seashore and to the land

People were in the seashore – others swimming

The waters swept them

Many drowned

Property destroyed on the land

Yes! A Tsunami

But the waters had swept some righteous Bride of Christ

God angels immediately got inside the tsunami waters

Inside the waters, the angels created an environment around each one of these people for them to stay alive

I saw the angels miraculous giving people breathe inside the waters; people were breathing normally inside the waters

I saw the angels guiding and bringing out the righteous out of the sea waters

Only the righteous Bride of Christ came out of the waters alive

Tsunami is coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand