Vision: Glory of Jesus Christ Flashes on Earth from East to West

Vision: Glory of Jesus Christ Flashes on Earth from East to West
Vision: Glory of Jesus Christ Flashes on Earth from East to West

Vision of the glory of Jesus Christ flashing on earth from east to west as revealed to me on 3rd March 2015

Vision: Glory of Jesus Christ flashes on earth from east to west

The sun turned into darkness

Light dark clouds cover the sky

And I saw the glory of Jesus Christ

The so bright clear white light

Shine on earth from east moving to west

Humanity was amazed

I knew that the hour had come

And the Holy Spirit confirmed

‘Jesus is descending to stand on the clouds’

After all these things, I saw fires on earth

Repent Repent Repent

Jesus Christ is coming

Rapture is at hand

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. Its such a relieve that He is on the way. I remember the article you had done that people of God will be delivered from bondages before the rupture. On my own view, being a christian has never been tough as it has been since july 2014. Things just changed, warfare is so tough and the spiritual realm so intensely a rough brutal terrain that any christian knows its the toughest time in history of their life. Many are falling by the pressure. No wonder the story of ten virgins upon his delay, they all slept, but some had a reserve of the spirit of God while half did not have(oil of spirit), so they lacked the light to enter into the bridegroom marriage ceremony whereas all had been preparing all along and only last moments preparations counted. We should all pray for preservation of the brethren in the last few minutes to midnight hour when the bridegroom came, which is a likening to Jesus return in the parable of the 10 virgins.

  2. The other night of 3rd or 4th March 2015 i dreamt seeing the blue sky cracking as i watched. it was like behind them was the whole atmosphere on fire and fire flames were ready to burst out of these cracks. As i watched i, i saw Written in the cracking sky above me ‘Revelation’ and the other words which were written beside that i could not remember when i woke up. Was this anything to go by or just a full ugali stomach as we are told not to take these things serious in thologies of today.

    • hahahaaa…. Ask how many people dream search dreams and you will know if its full ugali stomach or no. Instead they dream having sex with demons, and owning worldly wealth and riches. They cannot see what is happening in the heavens and in the kingdom of God. They are indeed blind.

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