Vision of Armageddon Battle

Vision of Armageddon Battle to me Joshua Munguti
Vision of Armageddon Battle to me Joshua Munguti

Before receiving this vision of Armageddon Battle on 1/1/2012, God took away food and money from me that I had nothing to eat even if I wanted to. I could only have tea and water.

I went without food from 23rd December 2011 to 1st January 2012. By the time it was 31st December 2011, my body was drained and weak that speaking was a heavy task.

That night before I slept, I asked God to take away my life and give me rest from this world; I truly wanted to die.

God did not do that but on the early morning hours of 1st January 2012, I saw angels descending from heaven and they brought this Revelation of Jesus Christ; Revelation of His Third coming and the Armageddon war.

Vision of Armageddon Battle

I was placed on a flat ground and a voice told me to look up to the skies. I looked and lo!  Great signs were all over the heavens.

The moon had a picture of a man, and the clouds revealed a face of a man giving his hand to His loving child (like He is trying to help the child). Many people on earth could not see these signs, because many were and are blind; they lack light; the word.

World Armies Assemble in Megiddo

Immediately after many signs were revealed to me, I was taken and placed on a high mountain. I looked on the world and saw all nations and kingdoms of the world, from great to the least, assemble their armies with all weapons they have acquired over their lifetime heading to the great valley.

I saw nation after nation best armies assemble in the valley of Megiddo for war. I saw Kenya coming out with all its forces, weapons and tanks to join herself with the rest of the world in the valley. Kenya armies were part of world armies led by China, Russia and the United States heading to Megiddo.

I was taken off the mountain to the leading commander Kenyan tank. This tank was in front of a great multitude of Kenya tanks and army personnel’s as they entered the valley of Megiddo.

As world armies entered Megiddo, I heard the commanders (US, China and Russia) say to each other and to their personnel’s, ‘we are strong. We are going to win this war’.

The Russians led a powerful multitude of many nation armies with great sophisticated weaponry. Russia had the most powerful army in the valley as revealed to me.

All world great country armies; the Americans, the Germans, the Chinas, Britons, were in the valley. There were two camps, one led by the Russians and this was the great, powerful and fearful.

The Armageddon Battle

Immediately I was taken far off to a high plain ground where I could see the entire valley and a voice told me, ‘watch’.

As all world armies met inside the valley with all kinds and types of weaponry, hell broke loose.  Weapons flew in the air as armies and nations fight displaying their mightiness. I saw total madness, man killing each other falling dead like flies.

I was immediately taken to the Jews camp. The Israelites could not understand why the war and what exactly was taking place.

Inside the valley, total war, madness, was all I could see and blood started streaming out of the valley like waters of a river. The war intensified and Jews enemies turned to eliminate them forever. Fear grasped me because I was in the Jews camp who were to be totally wiped out from the earths’ surface.

Immediately I turned my eyes and looked at the clouds in the east.

The door of Heaven opened and I saw the son of man: Jesus Christ, descending from heaven surrounded by a thick white cloud. The white cloud was surrounded by another black dark cloud which hid Him from been seen by the world but I could see Him.

(I have seen Jesus Christ severally, from the first time I saw Him in my testimony)

He descended without anyone noticing Him and His armies until He appeared on the earth’s atmosphere. Then I turned to the Jews and said to them, look! Your saviour is hereas I pointed to Jesus Christ.

The clouds immediately departed from Him and He was revealed to the whole world and every man on earth saw Him.

Armies inside the valley were all frightened and total madness possessed them and they all turned to shoot at Jesus and His armies.

Immediately, a great earthquake shook the entire earth and all mountains started erupting; a kind of eruption I have never seen in my life. Lava, hot red with fire, came from deep down the mountains and hills with great speed, ascending up in the skies, and then coming down to the valley consuming every living creature.

This lava was so hot that some landed in the sea and part of the sea dried up.

All World Mountains and hills erupted; hot red lava coming out with great speed into the skies. As the fired lava come down, it consumed all cities of the world.

The eruptions took some time until every mountain and hill of the world had erupted to its completion (until it flattened). Many people died all over the world. The whole earth was flattened; neither a mountain nor a hill could be seen.

Immediately, hailstones came out from the skies, and killed entire human race in the earth’s surface except the Jews.

When mountains and hills started erupting, the Jews run away and hid themselves and neither fire nor hailstones come there way; they were shielded all round by Jesus and Angels. I wanted to run with them but I was instructed to keep standing on that ground to watch all what was taking place.

As all this was happening, Jesus Christ with His armies did not descend down to earth but remained in the earth’s atmosphere, standing in the east, all dressed in white.

After all this, I heard a voice calling the Jews from their hiding. They all emerged from caves inside the earth and met with Jesus Christ. Tears flew them as they realized He was the messiah; their saviour, who they rejected, cursed and wounded: Jesus Christ.

Tears come out of my eyes after seeing all the destruction, and all human beings wiped out of the world except the Israelites.

I cried for all nations and every person who has not accepted Christ.

All glory to Him; Jesus Christ

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Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand