Vision of Jesus Christ Glory Appearing in the Moon

Vision of Jesus Christ Glory Appearing in the Moon
Vision of Jesus Christ Glory Appearing in the Moon

This is Vision of Jesus Christ Glory Appearing in the Moon as revealed to me on 2nd May 2015.

Vision of Jesus Christ Glory Appearing in the Moon

I heard this said to me,

This is the most important object in the sky to watch’

It was the moon

And the voice continued

‘See, it is surrounded by the glory’

I looked and saw that the edges of the moon had the glory of Jesus Christ

The voice continued,

‘Watch as the moon reaches 3 o’clock, the glory will be all over the moon’

1 Thess 5:6: Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

Rom 13:11: And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed

Repent Repent Repent

Jesus Christ is coming

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. Shalom. Assembly time. In Noah’s days all to enter the ark assembled outside to be ushered in. In lots day, angels requested all his family assemble in lots house, for a take off early next day to the mountains. Sons in law declined to assemble thinking it was a joke n were left. In the presence of the lord, dont dare leave. Remain spirit filled n pray n repent to be sanctified to spotless. No one knows the day or hour…shalom.

  2. Praise God brother Joshua, Thanks for the eye opening prophecies and teachings. I start by saying am a Christian and believe and confess JESUS CHRIST as my saviour and the son of GOD. My soul patiently long for HIS second coming for the bride (CHURCH) as I spread the good news of his salvation.
    Secondly I want to share a almost similar dream I had a few days ago(12/08/2015). I dreamt walking from my workplace at night with the sky clear and a full moon shinning bright from the north east east direction. As i got closer to my place , I noticed that there were 3 stars slightly above the shinning full moon. I continued gazing with amazement since there were no other stars in the sky, I thought to myself that the invisibility of the stars was due to the bright full moon. I continued looking at the moon admiring its beauty and something surprisingly started happening, The 3 stars above the moon started revolving at a great speed forming an oval shape and in no time I saw the moon take the shape of JESUS face. The 3 stars had turned to a shape of an angel standing holding a bow and arrow pointing east. The face of JESUS was shinning in a bright golden colour facing the earth. I tried to look around and saw people who were and near me and tried to show them what I was seeing but none could listen they were drunk. I started crying telling insisting ” can’t you see the face of JESUS time is near!” but none could listen they all continued walking.
    I don’t know much about vision and prophecy but would like to understand more. I know am in the right path. Interpretation and comments would be highly appreciated
    Thanks you and GOD bless.


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