Vision of the bible in clouds being presented to the world

Vision of the Bible from heaven to the world
Vision of the Bible from heaven to the world

This is the vision of the Bible from heaven to the world and the message presented to me on 13th October 2011.

I saw the door of heaven open and two angels stood at the door step. The Bible emerged from the door (it alone) moving slowly down to the world. I watched as it passed the outer space to the clouds then to the earth space but it stood just below the clouds.

White shinny clouds covered above it that the whole world could see it. It then opened itself and lay from above the writings facing the earth. And as this was happening, a voice so loud from heaven proclaimed, ‘I am coming soon to fulfill the word’, ‘I am coming soon’.

The Bible is the word of God from heaven to the world

People must know that the bible is the word of God; true and perfect. God inspired it,  he fulfilled fulfills it and He is coming back soon to fulfill the word in the bible. Many people today do not see the bible as true even to appoint of trying to disapprove it. When the son of man will stand in the cloud they are going to be ashamed and shocked as all what is written in the bible is fulfilled from dot to dot.

To the true Christians, stand firm covering yourselves with the shield of faith and very soon He is coming to deliver and take us to the Promised Land.

Watch out, time is now.


  1. How we should be anxiously waiting but the truth is dissapointing to know. I have asked a few of my serious christian friends if they are ready for the rapture but they opted for Massiah to hold on longer so that those who are single can marry, those with young children to grow older and see grand children before he can consider coming. it is in our condition it appears not on his own terms as teh great i am who i am. he is supposed to fit in our terms. what a vile we are before our God giving creater ofg universe conditions on everything. God have mercy and still release your spirit of revival which renews the face of the world (Psalms 106:29-30).

  2. Last week 15th of May 2015 I had a dream about the end times in which we live.
    I stood outside on a plain together with a not so large group of people, we were looking at the sky, there was much movement of grey clouds and lots of movement on earth and in the atmosphere, like something important was about to happen.
    We spoke to oneanother about Jesus coming soon to take us up with Him, as the movement in the air increased we felt led to run up to a high rocky hill in order to be urgently ready and wait for Jesus to appear in the sky.
    Then looking toward the North East we saw Him suddenly standing on earth among some bare wintery trees. He was dressed in a glowing white robe, pleated at the schoulders. His form was large, strong and calm as He stood looking out over the earth, He then proceeded to walk down the East side towards the South, in passing our high lookout post He looked at us greeted us with a respectful and friendly nod, He knew us and also knew that we were wating for Him.

    End of dream.
    The scriptures that came to my mind were from Genesis 11, and te Lord came down to see what the children of men were doing, they were building the tower of Babel a heathen system that needed to be destroyed.
    Today the whole world is building a terrible heathen sytem and the Lord will come to Judge the world and bring His church home.
    Also read Luke 21 and Rev. 3:10 Pray that you may escape the things that are coming over the earth and stand before the Son of man when He comes.

  3. God bless you I like would like to share some of my images dthat through the month have taken at first people would will say I’m crazy because I’m looking the sky so often you can’t blame them . I come from a past that is defiling and embarrassing for the lto say the least but I praise God for giving a gift of of spiritual eyes please email thanks


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