Why you must know the name of God

Why must you know the name of God? And what is the importance of a name?

Let me ask you a question: – Why do someone  has to know your name?

For the same reasons, one has to know the name of  God.

In Exodus 3, Moses knew who God was but his problem was identifying Him by His name when asked. Realize that God had not identified and revealed His name before to mankind. No one knew His name, even Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, but they all knew who He was.

And this is the same problem many of us Christians have. We know who He is but we do not know His name. Many think they know but many do not, only a few know.

Its time you know God by His name for you to have a close intimate relationship and revelation of who He is in your life and you will never be the same person again.

Did Moses know Him? Yes. Moses knew who he was talking to before he asked God His name. God had already revealed Himself to Moses. Look at the earlier verse 6

Ex: 3:6: Moreover he said, I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.  And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look at God.

Why then was Moses asking God his name since He knew Him? What was Moses doing? Why know the name of God when you know Him by who He is?

Why know the name of God

1.   For communication

When you really know a person by his/her name you can communicate to the person effectively. If you call me by my name ‘Joshua’ immediately you will capture my attention because I will realize that someone has a certain relationship with me and knows me.

Not just by calling me ‘hi dude’, ‘hi buddy’. I will not respond because you may not be calling me and that signifies that there may be no relationship between you and me. If someone calls you by your name, you know truly that that person knows who you are; he knows you and he knows who he wants to talk or speak to.

Reason Moses asked God His personal specific name for him to be able to communicate efficiently with Him. He did this for me and you, and God knew he had to give His name for proper efficient communication between us and Him.

This is the reason why Jesus said, whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do’ (John: 14:13). Jesus was teaching that it is until you call the true living God by His name, not by titles or other names,  that he will respond.

The name God is not His name but a title and there are very many gods. Many people pray or talk to Him through the name ‘God’ or other titles and they wonder why He does not respond.

Ask yourself, why did He had to reveal his name to mankind, if not for mankind to use and call him by his name? I challenge you today, call Him by His personal specific name and reply to me what you have found.

2.   Revelation

The name ‘I AM THAT I AM’ is a revelation of Him. It revels who, what He is and who He is to us.  It reveals, His nature, His deity, who He is, what He is, who and what He is to us. To know more about the name, look at this article, the meaning of ‘I AM THAT I AM’.
I AM‘ bless you.