Vision of How Women Makeup is Satanic

Vision of How Women Makeup is Satanic
Vision of How Women Makeup is Satanic

This is vision of how women makeup is Satanic as revealed to me in the morning of 27th November 2016.

Vision of How Women Makeup is Satanic

Women makeup came from the fallen angels

These fallen angels taught humanity makeup and artificial beautification including fake eyebrows and eyelashes

Then powdery women makeup products were presented to me

I saw how these makeup products destroy the skin

I saw very young women looking very old on their facial skin because of makeup

I saw facial skin problems with women who use makeup

If you look at a woman part of skin were makeup is often applied, the skin is damaged

And some men are also using makeup

Makeup is Satan agenda

Lying to you that you look beautiful with makeup

And damaging your skin for you to continue using his makeup products in the name of hiding blemish

You give yourself a mask while in reality your skin is dying inside

Stop listening to Satan lies and lying to yourself

Makeup does not make you beautiful, it is Satanic and you will answer your creator for feeding on Satan table

If you depart from these satanic makeup products, God will give you a new skin and take away the destroyed even the blemishes

Remember also that God revealed about tights – See Vision of What God Sees When a Lady Dresses in Tights or Hot Pants

Flee from Satan

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. This is the second vision i have seen a prophet write about makeup kind of products and both are shockingly discouraging people from using them especially hair extensions and such.its sad since our societies have really embraised them as part of daily routine all day long.sad.

  2. Narrow indeed is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Its so sad that the very Pastors’ wives are the ones that promote such in the house of God and see make up as ‘no sin’ at all and yet they will be mocking God by saying God did not create them the way they wanted and they add on make up, thereby mocking God in the process. While claiming to be wise, they become fools. May the Lord have mercy on us.

  3. You are sincere in your message but sincerely wrong! Just stumbled in your blog and you are giving the devil too much credit yet you say the gospel is Christ!!
    You highlight too much of shallowness, engaging in such petty things like make up, tights…. physical activities that do not bring people closer to God.
    There are people with no make up and wear long dresses and that doesnot make them right in any way, external measurement are for religious system not spiritual households.
    your expressions will always be limited to your knowledge therefore, increase your knowledge in Jesus Christ and allow Him to use you to bring change to humanity not judgement.

  4. I’m so thrilled that with just a few clicks you’ve made it easy for everyone to know that you actually know nothing about God.
    Neither are you hearing from Him.
    Yuck yuck yuck to every word of your so called visions. Your unlearned in many rhelma. Well meaning but these are the doctrine of Devils. And please, make me leap for joy by calling me a false prophet.


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