About Christian Truth Center

Christian Truth Center started in June 2012 and since then we have achieved tremendous growth and success in conveying God knowledge and wisdom.

We unveil the truth in the Bible and revealing  Jesus Christ, who He is, His works, love and grace . We do this by giving detailed Bible study teachings, prophecies and testimonies.


Carry out the great commission of teaching all the nations the word of God (Mt 28:19-20).


Reach every man, woman and child who has not yet heard the good news, bring back those who have fallen away from grace (back-slidden), snatch many from the fires of Hell, grow faith of Christians, give them hope, and guide them in their Christian walk focusing on Jesus Christ.

We trust, believe and serve one God; Jesus Christ,  ‘I AM

About Christian Truth Center founder Joshua Munguti

Joshua is the author and founder of Christian Truth Center, called to carry out the great commission (see my testimony), born-again and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

I minister and teach the Bible.

Imparting and changing people life is my joy and happiness.

Feel free to contact me.

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