Satanic Show-off in Social Media Today Luring Many to Satan Worship

Satanic Show-off in Social Media Today Luring Many to Satan Worship

Today social media (Instagram Youtube Facebook Twitter Snapchat Tiktok etc) have been turned into show-off platforms – platforms for people to show-off worldly materials, worldly splendor.

This is not a mistake neither ignorance but a Satan agenda to today’s generation and God came speedily to warn you.

Satanic Show-off in Social Media Today Luring Many to Satan Worship

Let’s go first to the Bible;

When Satan came to tempt Jesus, in the last temptation, Satan placed Jesus on a high ground, showed Him world kingdoms and their splendor and told Him to bow down worship him to be given

Mt 4:8-9 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.  “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

And this is exactly the same thing Satan is doing to these generation through YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook all social medias and many are bowing down worshiping Satan in pursuit of these worldly materials knowingly or unknowingly (the 2 ways humans worship Satan).

Every man blessed by God in the Bible never showed-off or bragged of his worldly wealth and riches; Abraham Jacob Isaac David Job etc. Show-off is not a parcel of God’s people.

God and everything of Him humbles while Satan and all of him Puff UP, installs Pride thus show-off. Show-off is a fruit of PRIDE. Satan material things must be showed-off because they are a key to drawing humans to worship him

One character that differentiates God blessings from the rest, that differentiates Jesus Christ people from the rest is show-off (Pride). One character of Satanists (devil worshipers), hypocrites, people claiming to be of Jesus but not, is show-off. Indeed 100% of people showing-off are under Satan knowingly or unknowingly.

The Truth Those Showing-off Worldly Splendor Will Not Tell You

These people showing-off worldly splendor will never tell you the TRUTH

They will never tell you the covenants they sealed with Satan to receive those worldly riches – the bowing down to Satan they did. They will never tell you the rituals they performed or their parents did.

They will never tell you the sexual covenants with Satan they did; through having sex with demons or Satan agents e.g., their bosses, prostitution, etc.

They will never tell you the demonic sacrifices they did; the going to Satan altars at night to sacrifice, the sacrificing at the sea lake oceans at night they did, offering their parents or loved ones as sacrifice for them to receive those material things etc.

They will never tell you how many people they have killed sacrificing to Satan, how many accidents they have caused, stealing of children to sacrifice, etc.

They will never tell you the wickedness, demonic things they have done, bowing down to Satan in pursuit of these worldly riches but all what they do is show-off.

They will never tell you how those material riches are a curse to them not a blessing as they claim

How they can’t have a sleep at night because of being haunted by demons, nightmares, etc.

The incurable diseases they are living with, some 24/7 on medication

The addictions in their lives; drug addictions, addictions to eating filthy inhuman substances, sex addictions, stealing addiction, etc.

They will never tell you how their personal lives are a mess, their families, marriages, etc, are all a mess but all they do is sell a lie to you

God blessings adds no sorrows. Satan riches ‘what many claim to be blessings’ come with many sorrows – Do not be deceived!

Have you experienced a nightmare after watching a YouTube video Instagram Facebook or after reading any other social media and you wonder why? Because the person/people behind what you have read or watched are not what they claim to be but Satanists.

Satan has nothing; all what he has is stolen. Even the worldly riches he was showing Jesus, its Jesus who created them, who owns them – Satan is just a thief.

Since Satan is a thief with nothing, he never gives but lends reason all his come with sorrows in same manner a loan is a sorrow, plus anytime he wishes he can come for what he has lend you plus your soul as the loan profit. Only God gives freely and never takes what he has given you.

God’s people have much more material riches than what Satan people have – it’s only that God people are humble; they never show-off neither brag. Abraham had more material riches than all Satan people had. So was Job, David, Solomon, etc.

But people don’t want a relationship with Jesus Christ to truly be blessed, all they want is shortcuts e.g., Sacrifice to be blessed, attend a church and you will be blessed, etc.

Satan took Jesus to a high place, showed him all worldly riches and told him to bow to receive. Satan through his vessels in YouTube Instagram all social media and in every place are busy showing you worldly splendor for you to bow and worship him

The choice is yours – you have the Truth.

It’s Rapture Season

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand