Vision of Drug Barons Menace in Kenya

Vision of Drug Barons Menace in Kenya
Vision of Drug Barons Menace in Kenya

This is vision of drug barons menace in Kenya as revealed to me on 23rd December 2016

Vision of Drug Barons Menace in Kenya

I saw drug barons with their own police men

I saw their gangs and killer squads

I saw their guns and weaponry

I saw them kill

They hunt and kill those against them

I saw the people they have killed even prominent Kenyans

I saw how they are above the government – they are untouchable

I saw their parties and orgies

I saw them run lotteries (money winning competitions) milking the poor dry

Pray Kenya to be delivered from drugs and drug barons

Jesus is coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand


  1. Joshua, as Kenya, this appears everywhere,

    This world-wide ‘plague’ will kill people in many ways. What better example of the ‘worldly’ phenomenon that will kill the body … and ultimately, the soul !!!

    Also, last night, I heard a preacher comment that a few minutes in hell would be the ultimate conversion ‘tool’ ; that people so exposed would rebound to Jesus Christ and would never to go away again.
    Now, I have second thoughts about that logic; I fear that as many succumb to drugs as the ‘moth to the candle-light’, so also would be those attracted to the enticements of hell ….
    And perhaps drugs truly are one of Satan’s “enticements of hell ….”

    Thank you for stirring our thoughts to reassess our ‘worldly’ logic,

    GODspeed, Joshua


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