Kenya prophecy: – Death of Kenya President and Earthquake

kenya prophecy
Kenya prophecy

In the ongoing Kenya prophecy, God has revealed His anger and wrath (judgement) on Kenya through several ways. 

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There are many God signs I have not given out for my protection.

God is a faithful loving father who does not do anything to man without revealing or warning His children. If He is to pour out His wrath, He reveals it and why, and He gives man chance to repent.

God revealed several signs to me of His oncoming wrath (judgment) to Kenya and send me with a message to Kenyans, ‘Kenya repent for God to repent His wrath on you’. But no one listens; they are all busy and they have ignored God’s voice.

God has being taking Kenya through several difficulties and problems to open their eyes and see things are not rosy as they think and claim . The major God signs of oncoming judgement on Kenya are;

  1. Famine (revealed to me in end march 2011. Kenya media and the entire country knew of it in may 2011 and the prophecy was fulfilled: See oracle concerning Kenya part-1).
  2. Everything in Kenya turning from worse to worse
  3. Workers strikes
  4. Kenya shilling depreciating to a historical low value
  5. Prices of goods and necessities going up beyond many Kenyan reach
  6. Living standard raising beyond many Kenyan reach
  7. Life turning tougher and tougher to many Kenyan citizens (2-7 revealed to me in 18th August 2011.  Prophecy fulfilled from September to December 2011. See oracle concerning Kenya part-2)
  8. Kenya war in Somalia
  9. Kenya given out to captivity and terrorism (Bombs and grenade strikes to kill Kenyan citizens like flies for a given appointed time)
  10. Kenya bankruptcy (see oracle concerning Kenya part-3)
  11. International criminal court (ICC)
  12. Citizens lack of confidence with Kenya leadership and governance
  13. Death of several Kenya leaders
  14. Tension between different ethnic groups and eventually entire country

I have prophesied to Kenya telling her to repent. I have contacted many churches, Kenya leaders, Kenya church leaders and even the media and all have chosen to ignore me.

Kenyans must repent and this is my message up to today.

Kenya has not repented and it is time she knows her prophecy; what is coming down from the heavens.

Kenya prophecy

God is pouring is full wrath on Kenya making her repent and change her ways. She has being stiff-necked, not willing to listen and obey God’s voice. God is going to make every Kenyan man woman and child go down on their knees, repent and ask God for forgiveness.

And this is the prophecy on Kenya;

The mother and his son

NB: This vision was revealed to me on 18th August 2011.

I saw a mother who had a son about eight months old, holding Him in her arms close to her chest lovingly. I was told to look beside her and I saw the devil (Satan) holding his fork (with three branches), red with blood twinkling from its stands (blood of those he has killed).

The devil scoop the child from his mothers arms with his three-stranded-fork and kill Him. Immediately, I heard a voice talking to me explaining what that meant.

Prophecy figurative meaning

The mother represents a country; Kenya. She will bear a son whom she will adore dearly; highly optimistic that the son will give her the future she has being searching for many years.

The son is a leader who the people of Kenya will elect. After about 8 months from the day the leader is elected, he will be killed.

Then, Kenya will enter into a worse state than she was in 2007 (post-election violence). God first round of judgment to Kenya will be fulfilled and Kenya will be given a chance to repent before God pours His last judgment on her.

Then, what next if the Kenya does not repent after death of her president?

Earthquake hits Kenya

After vision of the first round of judgment on Kenya, I was taken and placed on a high ground for what will follow if Kenya does not repent.

A great earthquake which has never occurred in Kenya ever, shook every part of the country as I watched. It had a very high magnitude that buildings, trees and mountains come down causing a lot of destruction and deaths.

Awe filled every Kenyan man, woman and child as the earthquake shook up Kenya from dip down her roots. The earthquake was clearly within Kenya borders not touching on her neighbors and every Kenya land shook greatly.

Every man, woman and child will turn their eyes and hearts to the heavens and ask God for mercy and forgiveness as the earthquake falls Kenya down.

Yes! God will make Kenya repent her sins with this earthquake.

But in the earthquake something different is happening which the Kenyans cannot see or know. I will keep hidden as instructed.

All this future Kenya prophecies made me cry for her but God strengthened me and told me I should not.

After this vision of the earthquake, I had a question. I have studied geography and I understand more about earthquakes. In geography we read that an earthquake occurs only in areas not shaking the entire country.

And in reality this is how earthquakes occur on earth. I kept asking God; how will an earthquake shake Kenya entirely?

On April 17th 2012, I prayed and before I slept, I had a voice telling me that God will answer my question tonight. I slept but I was awoken by an earth tremor with a magnitude I have never felt since I was born. That morning, all Kenya Media, social media and every Kenyan was talking of this earth tremor.

I knelt and thanked God.

Kenyans need to repent and God will hear the cry of His children and have mercy on them. Kenyans; get down on your knees, repent and pray, and God will repent His wrath on Kenya as revealed in this Kenya prophecy.

All glory to Jesus Christ

See Kenya judgment prophecy fulfillment part-1a

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  1. Hi Prophet Joshua may God bless you for all the good work that you are doing.
    I to had a dream about the death of Uhuru Kenyatta but his supporters almost killed me when i told them and said it is i who will die.
    If you have time check out these testimonies at Osakpamwan Temwanta at yahoo:
    Linda Ngaujah’s testimony
    Your Pastor is sending you to hellfire
    Woman you will go to hell for weave-on,perming,earrings,trousers,jewellries etc
    Warning from God to all women.
    I believe you are in a Position to warn People and save souls from damnation.
    Let me know how i can assist your ministry financially,i would also like to be baptised in water is that possible?
    May Jesus bless you!

    • People dream many dream but without revelation sometime it mean nothing to it,,and what kind of death is it real death, political death, or performance death, To me many Kenyans lack spiritual touch why so happy that president will die and support almost to kill U, when David knew that Saul was anointed he was not happy for his death that he even resist to kill him when God give his life to him,We need to know that those people in power sometime are close to God than the way think in our own .
      This a message to church and God servant in Kenya .
      God had plan for revolution in worshiping for the whole world and was to start Kenya in 2002 but fail due to some circumstance but God never fail it still and it will still happen .
      Politically spiritual leader should stop confusing people choose leader & God chosen leader.
      1.If God was to choose a king he don’t go street asking vote or campaign he had all power to raise David from shepherd to king.
      2.If u are to pray for leader don’t place anybody and assumed that he is the right all David brother were rejected for God eye, way are different with us.
      “Revelation for 2002.”pastor Muiru he prophesies for God choosing prezo for kenya Some people blocking God work,then curse for kenya.
      Wairimu and bonkey praying for foolish Prezo,lack of faith . marching in parliment with candle what does candle symblosed and Wanjiru God is choosing young prezo who was of that AGE that number of that candles was on the race for prezo.Tafuteni Mungu when is around for is here and will hear us NA MUJUE njia za MUNGU

      • Mt 16:21: From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

        Mt 16:22: Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.

        Mt 16:23: But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou mindful not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

        Are you mindful of the things of God or the things of men?

        If you are mindful of the things of God? Have you seen the evil and rebellion in Kenya?. Kenya must repent otherwise God makes her repent

        God raises a leader for a country for a purpose and you cannot stop His will. His will does not have to be your will or go in line with your will. He is God.

        He brought Jesus, His son to die on the cross. If He raised Kenya president to die, who are you to rebuke. Is the Kenya president greater than He bringing His son on earth to die on the cross?

        Satan! You are an offence to God. You are mindful of the things of men not the things of God. Get behind me Satan.

        This is not to you Daniel but to any person with the spirit of Satan rebuking the ways of God

      • It is written,”Who is man for God to remember?”
        Whether man exists or not, God remains the same.
        When King Hezekiah was told about his death by God’s prophet,he pleaded with God and he was given a bonus of 15 years to live.My brother and fellow Kenyans why can’t we humble our selves and plead our cause/condition before God for healing because of sin in the land ,whether you approve or disapprove God’s servant?

        • David tell them and thank you for that.

          Arguing, questioning, being hard hearted and disobeying God does not make Him change His mind. God wants only respect and obedience from humans.

          Kenya you have denied the message, you have not repent, your president is going to die, you will then kill one another like flies and Kenyans will flee their own land to neighbor countries. Uganda prepare your grounds to host fleeing Kenyans.

          God is God and you will remember His voice when His prophets prophesied about the judgment.

          Kenya repent

          • Prophet Joshua your prophecy and Daniel Iter prophecy concurs with another one of a female kikuyu prophetess who before 2013 election at ambassador house street said that if Uhuru or Raila gets the presidency kenya will be worst than Rwanda, it touched me and the prophetess went on giving her prophesy on how she had warned michuki of how God will turn all his money to buying drugs until his death on multiple organ failure. I was almost killed in a Nissan Matatu when i also told the passengers that with their election of ICC suspects, Kenya must pay dearly economically and wrath of God shall be on us so lets wait because we cannot say we were not warned before we made the mistakes and the sins.

            • thanks brother.

              I thank God for people like you who see the truth. Everything you have said is true. It does not matter whoever the president in Kenya is because God’s will has to be accomplished.

              Pray for your protection brother. God protects and secures His own.

    • Just curious… there a forum where prophets meet and actually decide to have one prophesy for Kenya.One group is shouting from the mountaintops of prosperity in Kenya and another about doom and gloom for Kenya.

      I guess for me and this prophesies…they will either condemn or redeem the authors.Is it great that God always has the last word and not man.

      • According to what you are seeing coming out to Kenya and in the Kenya churches, who do you think are the true God servants?

        God is the source and confirmation of all His prophesies and we do not have to meet and decide on what to say. God provided the revelation to each one of us and He does not contradict Himself. Did Jeremiah, Elijah, Hosea, Isaiah had to meet and decide? No. A prophet talks what God wants Him to talk. Even if it is him alone in a multitude of millions talking differently from all others like Jeremiah, he must speak.

        It is good for you to pray and be helped to decern what is from God and what is not. Do not fall to Korah’s error of rebellion, denying and fighting the same God you claim to worship.

        God be with you

        • So,there is no contradiction in your mind between say your prophesy and Dr. Dionny Baez.

          His prophesy can be summarized as:

          1. Kenya will experience 17 years of acceleration after which it will be second to SA as an investment destination in Africa (vision 2030 comes to mind)

          2.There will be an explosion in the telecommunication & tourism sector

          3. Beginning April 2013, additional massive deposits of oil and gas will be discovered

          4.We will have a born again president soon (not clear if it is the next)

          5. The ICC cases will make the West to attack our sovereignty BIG time

          6. MRC will rear its ugly head

          7. There will be drastic changes in weather patterns precipitating drought

          8. There will be election violence (pre & post) but of a lesser scale than 2007-2008′s yet this time the weapons used will be hand guns as opposed to machetes, stones like the previous one

          9. An Asian oil company with a heavy presence in Nigeria will sign a mining contract with Kenya in 2013

          10. Kenya will receive massive funding from European Development Fund to the tune of billions of dollars

          11. EAC trade barriers will be removed; free trade within EA

          12. China will do even more wonders especially infrastructure over the next 5 years

          So Bwana Munguti, as you can see Dr.Danny Baez contradicts almost all your prophesies.Yours is doom and gloom,while the other is uplifting and hopeful.Dr . Baez prophesy have come true.

          How does the Bible teach us to “know” the real prophets,it says “You Will Know Them by Their Fruits”:
          Matthew 7:15-20New King James Version (NKJV)
          15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

          We shall no doubt come to know what the true messenger,if by anything, by the “fruits” i.e. the fulfillment of their “prophesies”

          • looking at what evraiestsupreme said on September 21, 2014 at 10:11….much of what was said in the prophecy by Dr. Dionny Baez has been achieved. Ofcourse i will critic the original ppost and ask…since the new govt n leader came into place, 8 months are gone and yet?

        • 1 John 4:1
          “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

          As you state, “Did Jeremiah, Elijah, Hosea, Isaiah had to meet and decide? No. A prophet talks what God wants Him to talk.”

          The test is fulfillment of your prophesies.If they are fulfilled,then we shall know if God has indeed spoken to you.Test the spirits to see whether they are from God, the bible says.”Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

          May God speedily reveal the truth.

            • Why even prophesy if there’s a chance it won’t be fulfilled. I just love Kenya prophets. The only prophesy that comes to pass is already what we know. Very soon they’ll start prophesying that there’ll be an election next year.

              This prophecy together with all on this site are someone who is writing his wishes, which do not necessarily come true. For example, he wished chaos after election, they never happened. They wished that the president dies and this country goes to the dogs and all that never happened. Hogwash!

          • True Prophets don’t need to meet. Each is called by God at his own time and location and given a specific message to speak to a specific audience. True prophets though unknown to one another will speak the same word. See both major and minor prophets in the OT. Because prophets give warnings and divine direction to avoid impeding danger, they dont come to pamper or massage peoples egos. Normally they will use terse language. Only magicians and diviners gather to consult because their wisdom is limited (see king Nebuchadnezzar’s many magicians versus only Daniel speaking the whole counsel of God. Also see Pharaohs many magicians versus Moses, and joseph interpreting Pharaohs dream alone against many magicians who couldn’t). I would rather hear one man speaking God’s counsel- which normally is uncomfortable and unpopular, than 1,000 who agree to telll lies and vanity. Kenyans, open your ears to God, He has called us to repentance since the Mid-80’s through the 90s when He sent His servant Rev. Hansen to us severally but we wouldn’t listen. I have lived to see every warning from Hansen come to pass. Our cure is in true repentance. Will a day or three days cripple the economy if the president just called a solemn assembly of prayer n fasting? Like or not, this where our help will come from. Prophet Joshua, I only know you through your website and the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Keep prophesying…

            • Amen Damaris

              As long as you know me through the inner witness of the Holy Spirit – that is what matters. It pleases my heart seeing spiritual people like you Damaris.

              God bless you

  2. Hi …

    Told a friend about these prophecies, especially the one about UK…and this really scares alot.

    Question is, was the westgate attack also prophesied?

  3. Thank you Man of God for the reply,may God continue to increase your ministry.I receive the anointing for wealth to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ


        • For the loss of your parents, i say God be with you.

          Why are you afraid of Jesus coming back? He has revealed that to me severally and am so eager waiting for Him.

          If God has something for you, He will clearly reveal it but everything happens for our good.

          God bless you

  4. Praise the name of Jesus,
    I googled looking for any prophesies concerning Kenya after the many discouraging reports we are getting after the terrorist attack and came to this site. I am shocked at what I am reading. God gave a prophesy confirming Uhuru Kenyatta as his choice for presidency. Will God end his life before serving the nation he chose him to serve? It will break the hearts of many but Our God is faithful and He remains God no matter what.

    God Bless you and may He have his way in your ministry as you figure out how to lead the Nation to true repentance.

  5. Man of God,I have read all the prophecies concerning Kenya.But would you like to pray for our country Democratic Rep.of Congo for all these calamities we are going through.Or, do you have any prophecy concerning our Country?

  6. This my brothers and sisters is not from God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob. I was taken to the book of Jeremiah where he talks about prophesies from “their own thoughts”. Yes God is not happy with Kenyans, yes our leadership is wanting, yes there will be an earthquake but not of that magnitude..a normal one that even scientists have predicted. God the almighty is not killing our president.

    However, repent and amend your ways, God declares. Worship Him like he is immortal and not the mortal God that you create in Sundays only. He is to be loved and worshipped all the time. Let Him be your true rock, your true salvation.

    • Hi Nyambura!

      God is God and you do not dictate to Him what He can do or not. God power is beyond scientist predictions. Wait and see the power of the true living God. He does according to His will not our will. He is not limited to our reasoning but He is limitless. He is God.

      Stop letting your mind and reasoning hinder you from accepting God and being in a relationship with Him. Your mind, what you have been taught by the world and your reasoning is hindering you from accepting His voice. He parted the Red Sea and created a road inside the sea, He made water come from a rock, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah withing few hours, he crashed the Babylon empire, etc Who is God? He He is God.

      God be with you

      • God is a loving God and not that God you are pushing people to believe. Paul says in Romans 1;20—, even those who thought they new God did not worship Him like He is God. They worshiped Him like He is a Mortal god. Then God put darkness in their hearts… These prophecies are no less than what Micah was talking about.
        Lets worship the True God!

          • Thank you my brother in the Lord, servant of God. I love your reply to Nyambura. Read Isaiah 46:9-11
            I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say; My purpose will stand and I will do all that I please. From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do. Ezekiel 3:10 also. Like Nyambura, many have a different god, yet they claim he is the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is Just, Holy and Righteous and will not compromise His standard for any human being. Isaiah 55:8. Amos 3 says God does nothing before He reveals it to his prophets. God never sends prophecies of prosperity to His children, because that comes with the territory. You love and fear Him and walk in His ways, blessings are automatic. God never raised a prophet even in the Bible days to prophecy prosperity and wealth, but whenever the children started to backslide and compromise, He raised prophets to warn them and to try and turn them around. What God has said and revealed to His prophets about the nation of Kenya will happen, even as He is also warning judgments to other nations. We should not think that we can twist God with “positive thinking”. If people will not heed His warnings, they will have to deal with His judgments, period. Let us learn to fear and reverence the Lord God and not turn Him into something, that He will only do what we want and make Him to say what we want Him to say.

        • Self denial will take man no where at all!
          During Noah’s time people refused the message of the coming flood but that didn’t change God’s mind and finally the invetible came when they were still ln their sinful comfort zone.No one could think of what happened over Sodom and Gomorah but God fulfiled His wrath.
          Therefore,my fellow Kenyens let us truely repent.It is written,”Every one has fallen short of God’s glory and there is none righteous even one”By nature we usually fall in sin but the only remedy/way out for us to be accepted by God is through repentance.”Self righteousness” will lead us to destruction.
          Let us not wait for what happened recently in Phillipine to occur in Kenya.
          Let him/her who reads this receive revelation. God have mercy on us and forgive us our sins as a nation.

        • Dear breathren,

          From the conversations, I can only read division amongst us. When God called
          Ezekiel,(Eze 3:17) He warned him to speak whatever he was told. And I know from Amos 3:7, there is nothing the lord does before revealing it to His servants.
          Whatever the Lord says, through the prophets, its upon us believers to take that
          word and pray earnestly so that any calamity may be averted from our land and
          our people.
          Do you think the Lord is happy when someone dies? Of course not.. He’d rather that everyone repents and gets saved (John 3:16)
          I have been praying for our nation concerning the things God has been speaking
          in this blog. Recently, I dreamt of a plot being carried out to kill our president. God told me and another person to pray hard and I could see in a clear
          room all these things happening. As we prayed, I saw our president come out
          to testify that he came out with only bullet wounds. He looked so scared. One thing I believe, God has
          allowed us to see these things in dreams/visions, so lets count ourselves privileged. Some people dont even have an idea of what happens in their countries, so lets thank God for the many servants He’s using to talk to us.
          Most importantly, lets continue to pray for ‘God’s will’ upon this land….to happen.


  7. In the name of the father , son and the Holy Ghost i declare decree kenya is blessed , kenya you are lifted no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper you are healed nothing on the above will happen to you you are healed i declare decree as servant of God you will live long this is established in jesus name n no man can challenge this in jesus name AMEN.

  8. What i know with prophecies are for 1, correcting , rebuking and edifying but in your prophecy i cannot see any edifying message or correction all i see is rebuking that is NOT God that i serve .

  9. God is in control over our land and our beloved president, every prophecy is proved once it is fulfilled. i believe God is in control and he will not die, and if God is angry with kenya our prayers wil reach him and spare this land

    • Hi james!

      There is no place in the Bible where it says, ‘every prophecy is proved once fulfilled’. Take time to study your Bible well.

      Take a look at the 2 types of prophecy and the coming article: Things which do not distinguish a true prophet and a false prophet

      Arguing with God or countering His message does not change what is decreed but obedience changes.

      God be with you

  10. hi am pleased to here your prophecy please keep up, am fifty years old and i would like to know my prophecy am doing some business in central kenya.

  11. Sincerely speaking,Kenyans have sinned against God,not only the mighty in ranks,lowly in the society BUT shockingly also to mention some so called servants of God( Pastors,Bishops,Revs……….the list is almost endless)
    Most of them are busy building their own “kingdoms”rather than teaching God’s holiness.”Money” is their main agenda.
    We MUST repent!.That is what I perceive in my heart.In fact l was led to read notes about “SCIENCE OF JUDGEMENT” written by God’s servant called Rev.Hansen.
    The law of “Full Cup of Iniquity” is about to be applied to Kenyans if we do not repent.

    • Hi David!

      I am happy that God is revealing the rot in Kenya to true God children like you. You have said the truth.

      Be a light to Kenya and pray that God protects you when judging Kenya.

      God bless you

  12. i do not have the strength to urgue or say how false this prophesy is but all i know and have knownn for long is that Kenya is so full of sin, we all need to repent and turn back to God.please God forgive me and make me hungry for you

  13. Man of God
    Ive been visiting websites on Kenya’s Prophesies. I have been linking these prophesies with the ongoing politics including yours. On the case of ICC, the outcome seems to be coming true, and according to the daily post, the relationship between Uhuruto including the way Uhuru is making appointments without consulting Ruto which is very annoying, I see yours entering. Though mentioning names is very dangerous, I think I can see the devil beside Uhuru. But who other person is beside him? Only two people namely Ruto and his Uhuru’s wife. And who has blood in his hands of those he has killed before?

    I am highly observing and almost everyday pray to God to seal the two leaders with his own hands and avert his anger on Kenya.

    Am ob

  14. Servant of God, thank you for being the voice of God and telling it as He puts it. However emotional we may get, what God has decreed will be. Im grateful that God has warned us beforehand to repent – This is love, indeed He loves us and would not want any of us to perish but have everlasting life – But the condition is, REPENT.
    I recently had a dream, it was the end of the world. People were moving towards as Christ appeared on the sky but besides Him were two black angels. During then, I searched my heart and found myself not so clean and i didn’t have much strength. I tried to confess but my heart told me of being too late. When I woke up, it really bothered me. I prayed and to this time, My prayer is that, God sustains my salvation. I seek to please Him day by day and to walk in Him.
    As regards Kenya, when you check in the social media, we are totally divided and are always up against each other. We hate each other just because of our tribes. I would like to confess, although I’m a born again Christian, I hate the Kikuyu community because I feel that they are dishonest, full of pride and have stolen our political victory as Kenyans to have only their own ruling and therefore, favor their own with resources meant for all of us. This has made me entertain hate and I would like to confess and let go. Its God to judge and not us if indeed there is anything not right ever happened. I want to surrender everything to Christ and instead, invest my remaining life to love all people as directed by our God without discriminating anyone. Put me in your prayers that Christ will not let me miss out when He comes for His Church.


    Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this THE JUDGEMENT:”
    it is appointed unto man once to die . . .
    and one day — YOU will die . . .
    And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments . . .
    As you leave your body — you realize something is happening. You hear a sound. . . getting louder and louder. . . screaming . . .weeping. . . wailing. Terror and fear beyond anything you could imagine overtakes you. “This can’t be happening!” you scream. Your nostrils are filling with the awful stench of burning souls. Your face ignites from the heat. Flames are now blazing from your eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth — every opening in your body, flames are roaring out. Your body is sizzling and crackling from the flames.
    Your body is now madly thrashing and convulsing from the horrible pain. “Why don’t I die?”, you scream. You begin weeping and gnashing your teeth with the millions. “When will this pain stop?” But you know it will never stop. . .
    The darkness is so terrifying, it begins engulfing you. You feel something moving in the darkness. . . something horrible is happening. “No! No! This can’t be happening” you scream — as your worm is emerging.
    You begin cursing the day you were born. You scream — “Oh God, why didn’t you warn me?”— but you remember the preacher pleading with you to receive Jesus Christ. You remember reading that gospel tract. You cry — “God don’t you care?” — but you remember John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,. . .” “God is a God of love — He won’t allow this”, you cry — but you remember John 3:36, “. . . he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”
    And you soon realize, that Jesus Christ was right!
    There is a place called hell.

    But God is a God of LOVE. . . Why would a GOD OF LOVE send me to hell? Yes, God is a GOD OF LOVE — but God is also a HOLY GOD. A HOLY GOD demands payment for sin. Otherwise God would NOT and could NOT be HOLY.
    Because God is holy — sin MUST be condemned. Joshua 24:19 says, “. . he is an HOLY GOD;. . . he will NOT forgive your transgressions nor your sins.”

    God does NOT want you in hell
    Hell was not made for man. Matthew 25:41 says, hell was, “. . . prepared for the devil and his angels:”
    Because God is a GOD OF LOVE, and He LOVED YOU so much, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to this earth to die a cruel death on a cross to pay the price a HOLY GOD demands for your sins.
    Romans 5:8 says, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
    God does not send someone to hell. You choose hell when you reject Jesus Christ. When you refuse God’s love gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ. . .

    Millionaire Ted Turner, said in an interview, “I’m looking forward to dying and being cast into Hell. That’s where I belong.” You say — he’s a fool! But friend, when you say “No”; to Jesus Christ and His payment for your sin — you are saying the same thing! You’re telling God — I don’t need Jesus Christ — I’ll pay for my sins in hell!
    If you reject God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ

    Dr. Rawlings has watched as thousands of people depart into eternity. Most people think they’ll somehow “sneak” into heaven, but Dr. Rawlings claims most people descend into the flames of hell!
    Jesus Christ gave a solemn warning in Matthew 7:21-23
    “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. . . MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”
    If it was for a few days, a few months, a few years or even a million years, but to be tormented — FOREVER! You will despair of ever having any deliverance! You will beg for death itself to come and take you away! You will curse the day you were born! Revelation 14:11 says, “The smoke of their TORMENT ascendeth up for EVER AND EVER: and they have NO REST DAY NOR NIGHT.”
    What could possibly be worth eternity in hell?
    No wonder Jesus Christ said in Mark 8:36:
    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”Mark 8:36:
    God has something far better than words can describe for those who love Him. I Corinthians 2:9 says:
    “. . . Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”I Corinthians 2:9
    Friend, there is a place called hell! And, if you continually refuse God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ — just as sure as you live and breathe — ONE DAY YOU WILL WAKE UP IN HELL!
    Don’t wait until you die to find out the truth about Hell! Tomorrow may be too late! Proverbs 27:1 says, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow: for thou KNOWEST NOT what a day may bring forth.”
    Three people die every second, 180 every minute, since you started reading this — 2000 more people have gone into eternity! An automobile accident. . . A heart attack. . , A stroke. . .One thing is CERTAIN — you will DIE — today. . . tomorrow . . . a week. . . a month . . . a year. . . 5 years. . . 10 years. . . 20 years. . . 50 years — ONE THING IS CERTAIN —” . . .it is appointed unto man once TO DIE . . .”

    You may have made some terrible mistakes in your life. There may be some things in your life you would give anything to be able to change. But friend, I assure you — if you die without Jesus Christ — it’ll be the worst mistake you could possibly make!
    Has there ever come a time and a place in your life, when you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? If not, you are on the way to hell!
    Don’t let anyone convince you that when you die it will be all over! The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27:
    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this THE JUDGMENT.” Hebrews 9:27
    Revelation 20:15 says:
    “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the LAKE OF FIRE.” Revelation 20:15
    If you’ve never received Jesus Christ as your Savior, bow your head this minute and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.Don’t put it off another second!

    It’s simple to be saved …
    •Realize you are a sinner.
    “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:” Romans 3:10
    “… for there is no difference. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” Romans 3:23

    •Realize you CAN NOT save yourself.
    “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; …” Isaiah 64:6
    “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, …” Titus 3:5

    •Realize that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins.
    “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, …” 1 Peter 2:24
    “… Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,” Revelation 1:5

    • Simply by faith receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
    “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:” John 1:12
    ” …Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”” Acts 16:30,31
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

    Pray this prayer, and mean it with all your heart.
    Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and unless you save me I am lost forever. I thank you for dying for me at Calvary. I come to you now, Lord the best way I know how, and ask you to save me. I now receive you as my Savior. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation;”
    Hebrews 2:3
    Source The truth about hell by Terry Watkins

  16. I wonder why we Kenyans continue to be in denial whenever God in His mercy reveals what is going to happen before it happens!  God must come first not tribe! I have come to understand that God always confirms His Word, so lets stop being “hard” on the Messenger Joshua, and instead humble ourselves, and pray for Kenya to turn to God.

    Are you in doubt of God ‘s message through Joshua?  Can all God’s messaengers be wrong?You can check yourself, and you will know that God is God, and He can never be a liar!  You can google the following:

    1.  Prophet (Rev.) Hansen, as far back as the days of the Molo clashes in 1992, he warned Kenya of dire consequences if we didn’t heed God’s warning and turn back to God through national repentance.  
    2.  Prophet Maged Gimian whose prophecy for Kenya in 2007 can be read in this web site.  
    3.  Prophet Owuor has warned Kenyans at least three times this year that great distress coming to Kenya if we don’t repent.  You can read about his recent warning in ‘Kenyan Daily Post of 27 September 2013.
    4. Ev. Grace Kaberia of has had messages for Kenya since 2010.  She had several messages for Kenya as recently as February 2013.  She even wrote a letter dated 12 March 2013 to the current President and Deputy President urging for corporate repentance.  you can read it on her website.  I feel sad that The Church is so busy with the normal things yet she warns Kenyans that unless we repent we will not enter into our Jubilee!
    5.  Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen of in a message from God dated 5 May 2013, warns Kenya that the floodgates will open above Kenya,if Kenya does not repent!

    The sad thing is unless we humble ourselves and repent our troubles will affect our neighbours.

    Prophet Joshua there are times when I feel so faint because I know what will happen if we don’t take God’s Word seriously as delivered by His servants.  When you tell people they look at you as a spoiler including close family members. God help us to turn away from our unbelief.  If He dealt with His children Israel who are we!  Let’s not deceive ourselves!

    God continually grant you Increase in the ministry!

    • Hi Hellen!

      Thank you so much for revealing to people who God is. God is not a God of confusion and He proves His messages are true through His several servants.

      Kenyans have hardened their hearts and abused their prophets to see the hand of God. In Kenya churches, things are not normal and it is a pity.

      Thank you for that Hellen.

      God be with you

  17. Thank you prophet for your good work of revealing GODS message to HIS people.

    My question is this:
    Does GOD gives a message to HIS prophet and then the prophet gives the wrong timing?

    Thanks and GOD bless you Amen.

    • We may blast the servant of God in any manner we desire but God will remain the same irrespective of our positions.
      Whether we approve or disapprove the timing of events as per the declaration,let us first humble our selves and have understanding before God and seek his face to receive an answer{Daniel 10:12} Daniel knew that and took a step of fasting and praying and as a result God showed him great things of end times.
      I am sure when this prophecy was declared many God fearing people went into prayer to plead with God for forgiveness and this is enough to make Him change His mind(See in Gen.18:22-32 how Abraham pleaded with God’s angels not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah) They were destroyed only after the required number of righteous people was not found in those cities.Let us ask our selves the role we played when we heard this prophecy.Let us stop this behavior of ” wait and see if it is true”. This puts us in a position of mockers hence destruction may knock without any further warning.

      • That’s so true!

        God remains the same irrespective of Kenyans tribal alignments or which side of the government you are. Gods plans and His ways are marvelous and only understood by His own children.

        Many people, God’s children who are believers not even prophets, have seen this judgment in their dreams and other prophets have prophesied the same judgment. If God is a God of confusion and not true, how can so many people see the same thing? How can He reveal the same punishment to Kenya to so many people?

        I thank my God for being so true in my life. He is going to reveal Himself to Kenyans, who He is, and Kenyans with itchy ears will hear His voice.

        David, keep the faith and God be with you

  18. repenting is what God is asking kenya as a nation…. To do.. I v nvr seen any vision or being given any message. bt tiz prophecy I v heard it from like 6 different servants of God…kenya lets all surrender our live to yashuhua ha masiach.GBU joshua

  19. repentance is the way forward for this nation. looking at the judgement of haiti eartquake, ooooh! it hurts! thousands upon thousands perished. kenya imagine all cities of this land grounded,how many pple will perish? i shed tears over this land at this hour when judgement is at hand, lord let me not hurt my leg when you
    enlish your wrath i pray

  20. I may not understand why have come into contact with your prophesy. i was trying to trace a prophesy i was told was given to a 12 years old boy form Uthiru (not sure). The boy’s prophesy/message agrees with your prophesy. a prophesy message was given in the year 1997 about the Kenyan president being removed and Christians being scattered allover the world where they will preach the end time message. whoever was prophesying/giving the message was saying that, the blood he was seeing in the vision was flowing like a river. The Message was repeated twice the same day and i wrote down the two prophesies, which were so similar almost word for word. when i tried to compare the prophesy with what happen during post election my spirit felt that the prophesy was yet to be fulfilled. the plea was ” wachristo ombeni sana msinje mkaua wezenu na mishalee na mikuki”
    lost for words as i see peoples comments. God loves Israel so much but that did not stop Keeping them in the wilderness for 40 years, and at the same time killing almost all of them and remaining with the remnant. I don’t thing he has changed. He only remained with a remnant. My Prayer: “God Let Me Be a Remnant”

  21. The failure of this prophesy will, hopefully, open peoples eyes regarding you. Firstly, how can you keep concealing prophecy for your ‘…own security’? How can God give you a message to disseminate and you keep it because you worry about your security? Secondly, you say after a period of 8 months the child will be killed. Is that 8 months after the election, 8 months after the ruling by the Supreme court or 8 months from when? Tell us so that we can count because I can see us having this conversation in April and the president will still be alive and kicking. Will you claim that Kenyan’s have repented? What sign can we look for so that we know that the nation has repented so that you don’t pull the wool over our eyes. I warn you that the punishment you get from God for being a false prophet will be severe!

    • All I would say is looking at the basics and all that is going on in our nation, it is quite clear that we need to seriously re-think our lives, repent and go back to the Lord Jesus Christ because we really need him in our lives as the people of this nation. Take it this way, every second or day that the prophecy delays from coming to pass consider it to be an extension of God’s mercy upon our nation and his hand is stretched out still. God has been merciful to me and our nation so far but we keep spitting on his face. From some comments here and elsewhere, it looks like we have entered a stage of daring God. I don’t want to appear to be boasting or anything like that, but this same dream came to me and I was put in the scene with the president and it was not pretty my friend. And there are other dreams to confirm prophecies concerning terrorism that Joshua has posted. So James and others, the choice of believing or not is up to you and may the Lord open your eyes and ears as he is doing to mine. May the Lord Jesus Christ sustain and keep us all.

    • Man of God, you will be given so many bad names but expect them after the 8th month has already passed. I am one of them and during that month, I called it Joshua Munguti’s Month which ended between 4th and 9th January 2013. I love our President and I have really been praying for him even after Joshua Munguti’s month was over. I believe God does not go with majority of those praying like votes, but can forgive a great multitude because of just an 1/8 or much less faithfuls. So please never be tempted to stop serving your God. God Bless You.

    • To God one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.Let the Spirit of the Lord help you to understand.
      Some people take God’s everlasting enduring mercies as slackness in fulfilling His wrath.

  22. Joel, 3 questions: 1. How can the ‘prophet’ withold God’s message because he is afraid for his security? What biblical basis is there for this? 2. Could you give an idea of why the prophecy would delay given that it is a specific one as interpreted by the prophet himself – about 8 months? What is ‘about 8 months’ 1 year? 2 years? Why would God give a timing (8 months) and then simultaneously be vague about it? When God gave the king Hezekiah, 2 Kings 20:4-7 an additional 15 years to live, was it maybe 14 years or maybe 17 years? This is exactly how people are misled about God and the bible. Not all prophecy is precise – Jesus is coming again (but we don’t know when and even the bible tells us that). Yet when it is precisely given then it must be precise! Jesus said that the Temple shall be rebuilt in 3 days – it was 3 days, not 2 or 4. When Daniel was given prophecy about captivity in Babylon for 70 years, it was 70 years not 50 or 80. 3. When you are wrong and the president is still alive in 3 years time, will the ‘prophet’ apologisee to us for misleading us or will he claim that Kenyan’s have repented. Why can he not give us clarity on what to look for so that we too can know that Kenyan’s have repented? Everyone is free to dream but don’t call your dream a prophecy if it is not from God.

    • Greetings James,

      I will be very careful on how to answer you.

      First, am not a prophet but I have come to learn that I should never ignore my dreams based on my past, you should not ignore yours either for your own sake. I have learnt the hard way that I should never ignore my dreams especially when I fell last year to something I thought I had put away nearly 7 years ago and all warnings were in the dreams and I thank God that Jesus Christ rescued me.

      Second, the bible is the word of God and it does talk about witnesses and this particular prophecy has many witnesses to it, many who don’t know Joshua even in person. The witnesses give a confirmation to the prophecy. You also have to choose how to approach this prophecy, either from your emotions, from your faith as a Christian, or also from your own political affiliation. Your faith as a Christian will inform you that it is better to obey and follow God’s will even when it is a bitter pill to swallow because the Lord knows best. I prefer to obey God’s will rather than that of men.

      Third, there are a lot of issues waiting to explode in this country and all of them require that we repent and turn to God because only He can solve them for us not governmental strategic plans, politics, tribe or whatever is floated as a solution.

      Fourth, Joshua has the choice of either or not to reveal all that the Lord has shown him but there is one word that will make him not go deep into all he has been shown and that is OBEDIENCE to God. God will direct him on what to reveal and what not to and may go further and tell him the reasons why he should or should not reveal which he has told us being security reasons and this extends to the security of the nation.

      Fifth, my take on the timeline that was given having passed according to your calculations is still the same; GOD IS STILL MERCIFUL UNTO US AND PATIENT TOWARDS US GIVING US TIME TO REPENT. God does not love pouring his wrath on an evil generation but his will is that many might be saved and saving many is what he is doing by delaying the prophecy. Just as the rapture will come unawares for those in the dark, God’s judgement will be instant. Right now all I can say is that I would be more concerned about my standing with the Lord.

      Lastly, I would prefer to judge whether or not Joshua is sent by God from his teachings and not using prophecies. If he is false and the prophecy came to pass, would you have taken him to be now the prophet of the Lord? By the way, Jesus meant his own body, not the human-built temple in Jerusalem. And let me give you a clue, after Westgate, in the spiritual realm, the nation’s defenses were torn down and the leaders made defiant statements that have set the precedence for further shaking.

      The biblical basis you want is in Isaiah 5:25 and Isaiah 9:8-21

      I hope you will believe Prophet Isaiah too since you don’t believe the ones in your own land and he too was called a false prophet.

      • Joel, 1. Who are these witnesses and do they prophesy that the president will die and do they give a time in which this is to be expected? Munguti is the only one I’ve come across who says the president will die eight months after taking office. 2. How do you know that Munguti is not talking about fear for his own security when he says that he has held back on revealing prophecy because of security? 3. Your faith as a Christian should ensure that you don’t ignore the fact that scripture says that you especially need to watch out for false prophet in the last days. You shall know them by their fruits. One of Munguti’s teachings is that you can tell a false prophet by the fact that they can’t say Jesus Christ, the full name of the Saviour. What is the biblical basis for this? Yet another teaching of his is that no one knows which day is Saturday, the Seventh day thereby implying that the fourth commandment is redundant and undermining God’s own teaching – see his other posts. He failed to respond to the facts put on the table in that discussion. 4. The texts that you posted from Isaiah don’t answer my question. In response to my point that scripture says no one knows the hour of Jesus’ return, Munguti says Jesus is coming on the 3rd day. Where’s the biblical reference and what does it mean?

        • James; God and I have heard you. You do not have to go writing and writing and writing.

          You have already called me a false prophet. We have heard you

          You have already said all. Wait and watch and when time comes we will know if it is me in error or you and whoever is in error must repent.

          You have banished and rebelled the God I serve and called me a false prophet. You do not have to keep attacking me, the gospel and God like we have not heard you. We have heard you.

          When the right time comes, you will search for me brother!

          • Why do you choose to avoid the questions I have raised? Why not reach into the bible and answer the questions with the Word?

            • James, God will answer you not me

              The problem is the spirit in you, who is in you, not you.

              All many servants of God who have prophesied death of the president and earthquake cannot be in error. You are the one in error and i am sorry to say, i have no time for the spirit of Satan in you. You can neither stop nor bring me down. Walk away and leave me to do my assignment on earth before the rapture.

  23. 2nd Kings chapter 20 read it carefully and see the power of prayer
    It shall not come to pass,someone even mentioned genocide against a certain community
    don’t you see proponents of war here!
    In JESUS name such despicable things will never ever happen!

    • John, whats best; your will or God’s will? Can you dictate or instruct God?

      Isa 45:9: Woe unto him that strives with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashions it, What are you making?

      Mk 10:27 …With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

  24. James my dear why oh why are you attacking God’s prophet he has a duty to rely God’s messages and prophecies to his people so by attacking him you are attacking his Master and we all know what happens, remember Elisha and those 42 Kids who were mocking and laughing at him didn’t he curse them and two bears came out from nowhere and mauled all of them to death?I find Joshua very kind and patient so don’t tempt God to act and ask for forgiveness.
    I am one of those witnesses who had a dream about the death of his excellency and that was way back in 2011 so why has this not happened yet?Because God is merciful and he loves Kenya do you stop and think of what would happen if this tragedy occured?Should Kenya go to the abyss like it almost did in 2007 where will you,me and other fellow kenyans run to knowing very well how our neighbouring countries feel about us?
    We have been warned many times to repent and rededicate Kenya back to Christ for him to cleanse this land from all the filth and innocent blood that has been shed over the years and bring healing to our land but we as a nation love our sins more than we love God.Will he continue to watch from his throne the brutal murders,rapes of minors and old grannies,beastiality,whoredom and perverted sexual acts etc without reacting i don’t think so even sodom and gomorrah were not spared so what makes Kenya Special?
    Remember the prophecy about Kenya by a prophet who came all the way from Egypt prophet Maged Gimian what did God reveal,and i qoute “What a pity that my beloved people in Kenya are poor,eating crumbs like dogs from the tables of their masters.I have blessed the land of Kenya but all it’s wealth is in the hands of strangers.These strangers govern Kenya economically by exercising an evil spiritual power(illuminati),emanating from the Spirit of Babylon and the Spirit of the beast.They control everything yet from behind the Scenes.’
    See how cunning and clever these strangers are how they govern Kenya from behind the scenes dictating and controlling our leaders telling them what to do making us fight each other because of them or why do you think they keep saying Kenya ina wenyewe?Yes we blindly voted in a constituation without reading the fine print and we are now more divided than ever fighting tribal and county wars while the real enemies are plundering our land and resources.Who are these strangers you may ask,they are the rockefellers,bilderberg group,rothschild and many others known as the global elite who rule the world.
    If you think things are bad now wait till they usher in the new world order.
    Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior knows all their evil plans that’s why he insists that we repent because if we don’t repent and turn away from our sins these evil demonic freemasons will destroy us and our country and only he can fight and defeat them.Please let Joshua be he is a true prophet anointed by God how do i know because God revealed all this to me…
    May God bless you bro!

    • JM, thank you so much.

      God is mighty and He is with you and you already know that.

      Keep trusting Him giving all your life to Him.

      I have never seen another able god than ‘I AM’, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Paul, etc. There is no other TRUE LIVING GOD except JESUS CHRIST.

  25. Man of God, I believe prayers that have poured from believers are the ones that have made God to avert his anger. Am one of them who cannot stop praying for our President. So, expect more negativeness after the 8th month was over.

    • Hi Susan.

      what i said was, ‘the son was about 8 months’. About 8 months is not exactly 8 months. Kenya was given 8 months to repent but instead they did not and Kenya is in the hands of God now awaiting her judgment at God’s time from the 8th month.

      Let people keep on saying what they can say but i can tell you all to watch the space. God is not mocked.

      God bless you Susan

  26. There was another prophet called Dionny Baez who prophecied that Kenya shall have a born again leader who shall turn this nation around. Do we know if he is a genuine prophet. Did you Joshua also see this in your visions?

    • The leader who will come after Kenya is judged will be God’s and the leader to lead Kenya righteously and into God’s prosperity. God will give Kenya a leader who through Him God will pour His blessing and prosper Kenya and Kenyans. He will be a God fearing leader who will lead Kenya righteously

  27. Siener Van Rensburg South African prophet(30.8.1862-11.3.1926) by Visions of the future/heaven awaits.
    1960-1994, the South African government loses more and more grip on situations and circumstances because they ‘forgot’ their Lord and God that gave them the country in the first place.e.g.: daily opening prayer in parliament was abolished in 1972 for the sake of Muslims and Hindus.
    1994 – Mr. van Rensburg correctly prophesied the release of Mr. Mandela, it’s political ties (communism) and the false and violent ‘peace’ that the man and it’s party ‘preaches’.
    1994 until the death of Nelson Mandela: the era in which the Boerevolk (Afrikaners) lose their power in parliament, get persecuted, murdered and alienated from their origin/roots. note: South Africa has got with the ANC a 70% party; therefore it hardly can be called a democracy.
    The death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: right after the death of Nelson Mandela very big strikes and disobedience occur, and they followed by a local ( 3 of 7 provinces ) civil war for ground and power (eg: Zimbabwe type of actions).
    These actions are however short lived; the revolt is quenched in a border town called Prieska and the people causing the revolt then are scattered. Mr. van Rensburg has prophesied that weapons will be transported over a railway line to that town; that railway has been completed last year.
    During the time of that new government the Lord will return and establish His Millennial reign on the Earth, but also very big trouble will be upon the earth, and as a result many European refugees will flee to South Africa.
    The second coming of the Lord being a jubilee year it’ll cause the borders of South Africa to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia. Striking details in his dreams and prophecies are known, and symbols reoccurring in his visions are consistent and can be with relative ease correctly interpreted.
    The World (especially England, France and USA)
    America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.
    *England will be struck by 7 plagues when World War 3 is at hand.
    England will be totally annihilated, even their ground will burn away as a Russian-led invasion will invade Europe, through Turkey, and use terrible weapons.
    The invasion will be stopped in France by German-American forces. Mr. van Rensburg actually made a remark that Germany will receive new ‘ground-breaking’ technology from America that they (the Germans) will use to defeat the Russian invasion; the USA will be unable to respond in a timely manner because of a severe attack on their troops, ground and finances.
    Mr. van Rensburg also indicated that the trouble for South Africa will be much shorter lived when compared to other countries also less troublesome, as the Lord will send His power and blessing causing South Africa to be a safe-haven for Christians from all over the world.
    Not fulfilled yet:
    Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes.
    Ethnical violence in Russia and Europe ,racial violence will explode worldwide at the turn of the century and start ww3.
    Laser weapons (nuclear).Armies of the world will use terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below and soak the earth in blood.Ever heard of the B2 stealth bomber fighter Jet designed to carry nuclear weapons?It can drop btwn 80,500 ib to 162,400 ib bombs,can fly undetected by radars,travel 7,000 miles and bomb 16 targets in a single pass.Look how close we are to the return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ.
    Let me go back again to the kenyan prophecy by Maged Gimian and this is what God said”I have loved the land of Kenya,therefore i’ll grant her a grace period of 10 years starting from today April 28th 2007 to repent and turn back for my People to repent from deception,crookedness and maliciousness,from worldly ways and agendas from sordid/shameful gain.Note that was 2007 how many more years do we still have?What are the consequences of disobedience?God will ABANDON us and i can prove this in scripture proverbs chapter i verses 24 to 31″Because i called and you refused,i stretched out my hand and no one paid attention and you neglected all my counsel and did not want my reproof,i will mock when your dread comes,when your dread comes like a storm and your calamity comes on like a whirlwind,when distress and angush come on you,then you will call on me but i will not answer.They will seek me diligently but they shall not find me.Because they hated knowledge and didn’t choose the fear of the Lord.They wouldn’t accept my counsel,they spurned all my reproof so they shall eat of the fruit of their own way and be satiated with their own devices.’
    This is soo scary and to think we have like 3 more years imagine a kenya without God’s grace and protection,how many times has the media pointed out how incompitent our govt is when it comes to this nations security?So it was him who was protecting us all along yet we fail to acknowledge this.Look at the state of Kenya today thugs running amok,teenage gangs roaming in packs attacking and killing at will for just a mobile phone or money and yes girls are also involved in these gangs.Spouses killing each other and their innocent children,sons killing their parents because of properties and land,rapes and violent robberies not forgetting the many militia gangs ready to cause mayhem and bring this country to it’s knees i ask again how will life in Kenya be like come 2017?If we trully loved God,his son Jesus Christ and this Nation we would be on our knees praying,wearing sackcloth and ashes repenting for God to have mercy on us look at the chaos all around us eg Central african republic,Mali,Southsudan this could actually be coming to a place near you soon may God almighty have mercy on us…

  28. for me when eight months passed I thanked God with the hope that after repenting as an individual I mean I asumed that people took it upon themselves to repent as individuals even if there was no mass repentance. I told myself that God is hearing those who are repenting and is forgiving the nation just like He says in Genesis 18: 32 that he will not destroy sodom and gomorrah if there are ten innocent people. unfortunately there werent even ten innocent and these place was destroyed in chapter 19.
    I went to kesha on 31st december in acertain church in nairobi whose bishop is from central kenya am from western and brethren as the bishop was leading as in prayer around midnight, with the church full both inside and outside some people even standing and leaning on the wall inside, outside and leaning on trees outside with the cold of the night watching bishop on screens mounted all over the compund, the bishop confirmed munguti’s prophecy by saying that the Lord has just told him that a senior polictician cum leader in kenya will be killed by the devil in the year 2014 and the tribe of this leader will blame it on another tribe and start killing people from that tribe, that kenyans will fight and Nairobi will be most/ hard hit with this killings. Having read joshuas prophecy Ilinked the two and knew what bishop was saying though he didn’t want to mention the name of the leader. the bishop went on to say that God is telling him that it will only happen because christians in Kenya are lazy, they are not standing well in the gap. he urged us to pray and fast if possible for the whole month of january 2014. I only managed to fast three days in that month but I have decided to do it monthly. bishop said that if christians fast and pray and repent it will not happen just as the Lord had told him.
    brethren, could be that for us having come this far is because God is seeing and hearing prayers of a tenth of genuine christians who suffering physically by fasting and praying to God for mercies and forgiveness, could He be pitiying us while brother like james above are waiting for the prophecy to happen so as to prove munguti atrue prophet. God forbid that this should happen and destroy us, james will u survive the calamity to prove joshua right, where will u be if it happens? will u have access to acomputer and internet and type that it has happened now Ibeieve the man of God?
    As I share this message tears roll out of my eyes when I think of people who instead of repenting are daring God to do it. God forgive them and forgive Kenya because of the few innocent christians who are suffering in fasting day and night for God to spare Kenya, fasting and praying is not an ease task that God should ignore. May God find ten innocent people or more in Kenya and spare Kenya because of them. And if it is a must that this leader still dies, God take care of u people who fear, respect, worship, depend and trust in that they may live beyond this calamity to tell of u goodness and mercies as in Jeremiah 17:7-8.
    learn to take God by His word and don’t doubt Him when He speaks through His servants rather act on what is being prophesied because He reveals it to His prophets because of His love. He might as well chose not to reveal and destroy us in atwinkling of an eye read mathew 11:6. For those who are standing in the gap remember and read Mathew 11:12 the kingdom of God suffered violent and the violent take it by force. God bless u all as u fight agood fight of faith, brother joshua be encouraged and tell us more of God’s plans as He reveals them to u there are those who are ready to pray lest we be found sleeping, (waiting for amessage on miscarriages from u man of God). Amen

    • Amen Amen Amen Abigail!

      That’s how a true child of God speaks.It is not you who has spoken but the spirit in you.

      A true child of God speaks like you; prays that it does not happen not commanding or instructing God and on the other side prays if it happens. Always it is about God’s will not our will and God’s will is the best.

      God is with you

  29. To Abigail,

    I believe Prophet Owuor has called for a mass repentance in Eldoret that should take care of this. What I find very strange is that we are always at the tipping point and that’s when we always turn around, the problem with this is is that we have not ever moved beyond this to further economic growth ever. Is this our evolution so that we go through the worst and come out of it never to allow it to occur ever again. Like Rwanda?


  30. I speak this knowin that if am cursed,Master is my witness.In 07′,Owuor prophesied of earthquake around Nai univ.I wz workin nearby n pple were afraid.I reasoned wit God n thats wen i realized dat it wz 2b a spiritual shakin n it came 2pass.I wont speak much on it.Now,people hv sn prezo dead in their it spiritual or natural?Seein some1 being shot in a dream hz difrnt revelations both +vely/-vely e.g.decision makin,performance.I elewa how devil works n i see the end as per my visions.

  31. A callin 2all upcomin youths;b bold than neva cz the tougher the days,the tougher the battles.If born again pple in USA hv armed themselves wit rifles/fudstuf cz they know wat is2 befall them,then it means dat it reaches a point where fire hz 2b fought wit fire.jst lyk Peter did,use al u hv fearlesly 2fyt the final battle b4 He kams bak.The devil is a ruthles b** bt we win.Jehovah wil stil b God.
    We hv more than 1700 exoplanets!wat else is out there?aliens,ufo’s?am excited n wil wait4 outkam.bye

  32. Greetings Men and Women of God.

    Prophet Joshua…thank you for being bold enough to share what others shy away from….THE TRUTH, yet we ALL know that this sets us free.The Lord has been moving like strong wind to the hearts of people in nations…End times are here, repent…Some will say that has been the story for many a millenium…. Jesus has just been gone 2days and we are already wild( 1 day is like 1000years)
    I have had many many many visions and revelations. From the “wenye nchi” on time not so long ago came face to face with the 5 present here in Kenya after wagging war in the spirit.. they visited me thinking i would be intimidated. If you look into the eyes of our leader(father of the nation) you will see his fear so craven it makes one wonders what he has seen. ( will share more with you via email…not out of fear but wisdom)

    I have been tarrying for Kenya and its has been a heavy heavy load. We have to rise up an army for Christ for Kenya. To begin the to humble and cry before God on behalf of Kenya. I was led to do a google search not less than 30mins ago on Prophetic words on Kenya 2014 and wanted to start with TB Joshua but clicked yours… heart is now heavy with desire to go deeper in the Lord for understanding and instruction on what to do. It is said always wait for a 3rd witness to confirm MY WORD, there have been more than 3 witness inclusive of the Holy Spirit. I will not wait for time to roll to confirm these words…i will stand up and be counted as one who cried for her beloved nation.
    been on a 40day fast and God had revealed to one of us that there will be a spiritual shift on the 20th and indeed there was God asked me to set up a prayer-line that will intercede for Kenya 24-7 i did that on facebook, twitter. That same day He had me read this

    I knew He had become tired of pleading with us to repent. Eldoret day of repentance was not experiemced by all in Kenya and we have to take our own responsibility as the body of Christ and keep reminding each other the importance.

    the week before He(GOD) had placed this in my heart.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    (Bold emphases are mine)

    This verse has struck such a strong chord in my heart, when we have been given the mandate as the BODY OF CHRIST to go out and make disciples of all nations not just CHRIST loving nations but ALL nations… to spread the GOSPEL OF THE GOOD NEWS, to speak and share about Salvation through our testimonies whether one accepts this or not. Yet we instead choose to tear down those who are in CHRIST, punching holes in their Ministries. Pulling high noses in their ways of delivering the message ….”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME (GOD) LATELY “He will ask, apart from ME….ME……ME…..ME &ME….. When that day comes( It is near)… the day we appear before GOD at HIS right hand side as Co-Heirs with HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST… what will we say?….. “well i was busy you know Saturdays are the only opportunity i have to……..blah blah!”
    We keep saying we are “Born Again” and leave all the work of getting people saved and into the Kingdom to pastors…. Well hallo!!!!!!!!!! You are the pastor, yes you…. our pastors can’t reach 7 Billion people on their own they need us……. YOU a market place pastor (corporate world), creative field pastor(music and the arts), and all that big name you give self place pastor….
    The harvest is plenty and the workers are few. We sit on our hinnies thinking” at least i got through to the ‘Other’ side” What”other side?” if you haven’t fulfilled the greatest commission Matthew 28:19
    what about our loved ones, friends, neighbors, that old guy( baba nani) that you keep seeing and thinking ( you can’t be drunk at 10am and by the way never seen you sober since moving here)…… or that lady who is forced to do the ‘walk’ of shame because she has had endure sexual abuse from a young age and a result… that a guy she thought ‘loved ‘ her just wanted her priced possession (her purity whether primary or secondary) and now that he has had his fill he is gone…, The man who his whole life has been waiting to hear this affirming words from his dad “ I am proud of you son” never has and some never will because daddy has long been gone???????
    These are the people we have been asked to reach yet we will call the “ drunks, players, langers, chips fungas, whores, loose, dogs, useless, losers, scrubs, workaholics, money bags, sugar-daddy, cougars, mitch , bitches, never take home to mama girls…the list is endless”(yes I said it cause we are to sanitized to say this words) and want nothing to do with them…Have a little heart for me they will say in a still voice so soft that it cant be heard because their shame and guilt has had the bent over all their lives, they have had issues with blood for 18years, they have been lepers cast out of town or the blind guy at the temple gates…..Look, be still for a second and you will hear HELP ME!!!!!!!! So soft in the physical voice yet so loud in the Spiritual it will shatter your ear drums.
    This nations can only be healed from our knees and our ability to throw off our boujior , gisty, pethoz, pice, coolness and whatever other fancy name we would like to give PRIDE and reach out.
    God is asking for all of us not just the pastors,evangelists, apostles, prophets of God but all of us with the beautiful gifts to make a full healthy body so that we can step out and reach out to his beloved…..ARE YOU AVAILABLE or will HE find your tone engaged or mteja hapatikani ( subscriber unreached?)

    Prophet count me in…. i will stand for Kenya.

  33. All we like sheep have gone astray and everyone has turned to his own crooked ways. In your judgment, remember mercy O Lord. Your mercies endures to all generations.

  34. I thank God for the Christians in this page and elsewhere who have yielded God’s all to intervene for the Nation of Kenya.

    In the past year a lot of visitors to this Site have criticised the Servant of God Joshua for being a messenger of bad news yet he was just doing what the Lord God wanted him to do. As I write this I hope the critics can sense that things are terribily wrong in Kenya. As one of the writers once said on this page, it is like the Nation is about to explode.

    I am thankful for each one who is currently interceding for the Nation even on the airwaves on Hope FM every morning for the next while.

    Today, I listened to a Pastor share what I would call spiritual intelligence, and brethren it is URGENT we pray like never before. In fact the stability of the entire Eastern region depends of Kenya. If we fall to quote the Man of God, Eastern Africa will fall like a pack of cards. Our leaders camnot save us nor can our police not even our pastors. All this is happening because we are so disobedient. God have mercy on us. Let’s pray and refuse to fall in the enemies trap.

    So brethren let us stop bickering and pray. The writing is on the wall, and we need to REPENT! Even secular media is awash with evidence of this. Our economy is not doing well, and our politics is getting too hot to touch. Please read an article by Prof. Kagwanja on Sunday Nation 22 June 2014. Also if you have time I was led to go to a secular site Strategic Intelligence News and it will given you a fresh perspective on how to pray, and why we must pray.

    God bless you Servant of God as He continues to use you at such a time as this!

    • Amen Helen.

      Thank you so much for standing with me even times back when things seemed rosy to Kenyans and they turned to abuse their God. Time we see if their Baal prosperity prophets will save them now

      God be with you Helen

  35. Thank you man of God for what you have prophesied for our beloved country,i feel that am shaking to read such prophetical word.So i will inform the church and those God fearing to seriously pray and fast for the nation since when the evil comes many suffers.And above all may God’s will be don!!!.

  36. Joshua,

    Fellow laborer in Christ Jesus, please help me discern this and if possible direct fellow brethren on how to pray.

    Three days ago, I dreamt I saw myself walking along Statehouse road, my wife by my side. Then, I told my wife that I wanted to show her where the Church of mammon was. Then I pointed out..”there it it”. It was guarded by two security guards, a lady and a gentleman well armed. I was afraid and told my wife that we needed to hurry and pass that area lest we should be caught for idling there.

    Behind the church, I could see with my spiritual eyes the former head of State (Moi) with a syringe and he was trying to suck in some liquid in this syringe. Something in my spirit told me the liquid in the syringe was to inject the people who trespassed around that area.

    On another part of that church, I could see a sleek car (Range rover) that belonged to (Moi) and a big lorry that was offloading some form of contraband goods. The sacks from that lorry were being taken to (Moi’s) house that was just next to the church. Unfortunately, (Moi) saw me and immediately took his gun and started firing at me while chasing me. My wife disappeared from the scene and I was left all alone, with (Moi) having gotten at close range. When I realizeed I could not get any farther, I closed my eyes to die since he had pointed the gun at me. Interestingly, instead of live bullets coming out, I noticed water just like in toy guns that children normally play with coming out from the gun. Something then told me that someone had pushed a button on the ejection port so it moved to a ‘dis active mode’ and that meant that the trigger could not eject any bullets! Miraculously, the gun flew from (Moi’s) hands to mine. I then tried shooting at him but its water that was still coming out. Then something told me to quickly run away since (Moi) may get hold of another weapon. I woke up quite disturbed and just prayed.

    In the morning, I shared with my sister( she’s born again and has the gift of interpreting dreams). She then asked me if I had been praying for the nation and I responded in the affirmative.
    Then she told me: God is trying to show you what is happening to the nation. Moi in the dream represented the leadership of this nation, and the church of mammon the evil forces behind the leadership in our nation. The fact that there was a lot of contraband activity showed how people in topmost leadership are using evil forces to acquire wealth, and ideally nobody is supposed to know. The presence of security guards emphasized the fact that all this illegal activity is taking place in well guarded areas that are not accessible to just anyone.
    The fact that (Moi) saw me meant that in the dark kingdom, they have noticed that Christians are aware of what they are doing to this nation and are fighting back(of course through prayer). But the fact that the bullet fired only water for both of us, meant that God was showing me that in the spiritual realm, we are at par, that’s why none could kill the other. And her advise was that I should pray that God gives me more “POWER” so as to fight the enemy. To her, I represented the Church! And that the church needed more power to fight this enemy…. I prayed along that line and at night I saw myself taking lots of pens, some on the ground that were blue and red. When I woke up from this other dream, some scripture from the book of psalms came into my mind. ‘I have made your tongue like a pen of a skillful writer………. Whats your take on this…

  37. what i understand is that when God revealed to His prophets about His anger and coming judgement they did not sit in amusement and await its fulfilment but they cried on behalf of Gods people in repentance..Jeremiah said..if only my head was a river that i would cry for this people..infact He was referred to as the weeping prophet.. even Abraham pleaded for Sodom…what i see u doing is awaiting the fulfilment of your prophecy and arguing with people here that it must be fulfilled…i know Jehovah reveals the enemys plan on His children too and what He requires is that you who He has revealed to should take the initiative and avert the evil plans and i feel this is what God was revealing to you in this man of God…be very careful that if it happens youll not be guilty of his death and God will ask u…what did u do about it coz i saw u say that after his death the Lord will raise His choice…whose Gods choice?does it mean that Uhuru was not Gods choice …i believe that we fasted and prayed that God show us His choice and He revealed that its Uhuru and Ruto coz they are God fearing and weve witnessed that even to a point of kneeling down on their big day..I belief our God is not an author of confusion..if u saw death its the enemys plan and it will not prevail stand your position and pray for him as theBible commands .The Lord has revealed to me on evil plans on our nation even up to now and ill not sit and watch it happen but will cry before Him as He told me in the book of Jeremiah and told me to call the wailing women and wash our nation with tears and our nation will be healed..we reverse every evil plan in Jesus name!Kenya is a prophetic nation and as the outgoing Israel ambassador said…Israel is the Holy nation and Kenya is Gods nest…Ken in hebrews means nest and Ya means Jehovah…Kenya will never be ruled by a leader not chosen by God and Uhuruto government was birthed in prayers!bless

  38. I don’t agree with your prophecy,instead read the book of Ezekiel chapters 38,39 and see what must soon come to pass in Kenya,the controversial land in Lamu county is going to be a graveyard for people responsible for terrorism world wide and in recent years in Kenya,they have bought it and well to say they just bought themselves their grave,we Kenyans will have a tumultuous task of burying their dead corpses for 7 good months,after the Lord is through with the judgement of people causing terror around the world,remember no word of GOD returns to him empty but it must achieve that what it was sent to do.
    We pray for our president Mr.Uhuru Muigai Kenya to return to our homeland safely,nevertheless let the will of God be done.

      • judging by your own standards there is no mention of Russia either,remember our Lord Jesus Christ warned us in Matt.24.4 “watch that no one deceives you”.again he says in revealation,He knows the blasphemy of those who call themselves jews but instead are the synagogue of satan i know a bunch of people in the land of palestine who claim to e jews but do you? If you want to know who the true jew is see Rom.2:28-29,and Jesus who is God told the same folks who claimed to be descedants of Abraham according to the flesh in John 8:44,Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. well no wonder their remnant in these latter days do lie about being jews,Again in Zephaniah God refers to Canaan as the Land of Philistines search the scriptures my friend,and in revalation 11:8 GOD- Jesus says about his two witnesses.And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was you know which city our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified,yea you are right its Jerusalem and spiritually its called Sodom and Egypt-do you know what spirit was in sodom,yea again you are right the spirit of homosexuality and the sign on their flag says it the way i know of a president who just the other day went campaigning about homosexual laws in Africa,let me give you a clue he is from one of the countries of the self proclaimed G7 Countries and the NGOs from his countries are at loggerheads with the Ugandan government concerning homosexual laws,the same country is a very good friend of the country you call Israel.Remember God is Holy and he does not condone sin at all unless we are not speaking about the same God,if that does not convince you,you can believe what you want and as Ezekiel 33 says let your blood be upon your own head,
        and just another piece of advice,Find yourself a King James Bible (1611 AUTHORISED VERSION).Ill pray for God to open your eyes so that you stop misleading people.

  39. Brethren,

    On 2 September 2014, I passed by City Hall in Nairobi at around 1.00 pm.  Although I was in a hurry, I and many other Kenyans stopped to listen to a startling message from God.

    Her message was about the President of Kenya.  She said that God had loved Uhuru Kenyatta, and for this reason He had allowed him to be President.  Unfortunately, she added that God was disappointed with President Uhuru because he had no desire to draw closer to God.  

    She then asked in a loud voice why the President’s car had disappeared?  Obviously, no one seemed to have a definite answer, so she said that God had revealed to her that just as the President’s car disappeared, and initially could not be found, God will also cause Uhuru to disappear!  She then added, that President Uhuru should repent, and turn to God, and Kenya should also repent!

    Fellow Brethren, how God must love Kenya! How awesome that God would confirm His warnings to Kenya through so many of His servants!  Repent Kenya!

  40. Why don’t u want to be questioned abt ur prophesy. We have to test every prophesy whether its of God or not. Your threats(actions) are showing who you are. You shall know them by their fruits. Why are you fighting for God. Kenya is in Jehovah hand and Uhuruto are His choosen vessels. Being shot dead in spiritual language does not necessary mean physical death. Don’t threaten people for questioning you. Am sorry to say that I don’t think it means that.

  41. hae prophet Josua,, this’s my fast time to visit this site and am shocked to read this, I don’t argue with even asingle word of your prophecy, prophesies about my live coz its in misery, I go to church give my 10% offer sacrifice but I see no change


  43. Could you also be able to tell what one see in a dream?
    The other day before i went to sleep, i had some chest pain,this made me not to take my supper,I had a dream,in the dream i saw myself waking up in the middle of the night,felt so hungry and requested for some food,i sat on the edge of my bed, and my elder daughter was next to me, my wife who was next still a sleep called one of my cousin whom i live with, to go and get us some meet to eat,it was heavily raining outside on her way to get this ,she saw someone a male adult who appear to be a Muslim(oria) ,he demanded that the door be opened for him so that he could come in, the cousin ran back to my room and informed us of what she saw, i woke up went and truly saw the man, i saw him as if i had seen him somewhere previously, just in front of me was a couch and a small baby seemingly one week old was a sleep on the couch, just next to her i saw rain drops as if the roof was leaking , surprisingly the drops were not falling on the kid ,the man insisted that i allow him in so that he could spend on my couch to find his way tomorrow, ” are you not the same person i had help with 50/= fare ?” i asked ”now you are here to spend night in my house, go away i don’t know you , the man insisted and he even wanted to break the window into the house, i threatened, if you don’t leave i will shoot you let me go for my gun, on coming back the man was still there, immediately i saw a lady in a black hijab and asked if this could be her visitor but she said no and just went into her house , I saw the man leave while talking in his dial ague, the rain continued, one of our shamba boy came into the house and took the baby, when i asked where the baby was being taken , he said to her mother who was in a different house sleeping there,The rain stopped but much waters were running down along the roads,it became silent that the only sound we could hear was that of water flowing, immediately it appeard to me as if the time was day time,i went out and saw a longtime friend coming along the road and on the side of the road was the flowing waters from the rain,we chatted as he would ask where my house was since there were several houses, i pointed at mine and he only said nice house and place ,that is how my dream ended.
    kindly prophet of the lord if you have powers to interpret please help me out .

  44. Let the man of God pray for our country, if our leaders dont heed the God’s warnings. We know the death of a leader can cause more destructions on our land.
    the vision is very clear, after elections the elected is said will only be in the helm for eight months then die, we dont know how but after his death is earth quake (war).

  45. why does God reveal things to His servants ? so that you intervene!! because God hears, king hezekiah appealed to God when prophet isaiah brought him God’s message that he will not live, God did not allow His prophet to leave that compound without reversing that disaster message after king’s prayer. Do we have prophets who are ready to hear what our hearing,compassionate and loving God has to say after message is delivered or DOES IT MEAN YOU ARE NEVER SENT GOOD NEWS AT ALL ? REGARDING KENYA :HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A PRESIDENT KNEELING DOWN BEFORE GOD ON HIS INSTALLATION DAY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A DEPUTY PRESIDENT CRY LIKE A BABY IN A CHURCH SERVICE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD? HAVE YOU SEEN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE PRESIDENT AND HIS DEPUTY ARE UNASHAMED OF THEIR FAITH IN PUBLIC AND LET EVERY BISHOP, PASTOR OR ELDER PRAY AND LAY THEIR HANDS ON THEM EXCEPT IN KENYA? BRETHREN, IF THIS IS NOT REPENTANCE, WHAT IS IT? I don’t deny you dreamed whatever catastrophe but have you sought UPDATES FROM GOD?…the bible says the heart of a king is on God’s hand and He moves it the way He wants …my take is that many of national leaders are near to God than most of us His prophets… tell me your catastrophic dream and be assured it will not happen coz I will seek my heavenly loving father and because He hears me He will reverse it in His beloved son Jesus name.

  46. It is well with God that kenya is for God. …He is a Forgiving father n Our Lord watever we ask He gives unto us. …All we can do pray for wisdom n GOD Will make a way.

  47. The bible teaches us that once Jonah gave the message of GOD’s destruction to Nineveh, all the people cried out to GOD in repentance through prayer and fasting. GOD heard their cries and the city was not destroyed. We need to return to our first love in repentance and surely He, who is a GOD of mercy shall hear us from heaven and he shall save us from destruction. His mercies are new every morning and endures forever.

  48. See website of kevin Mirasi.


    In the morning of 14th May 2015, The LORD God Almighty (The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; The creater of Heaven and the earth; The God of The Universe; The LORD of hosts and of the entire planets, sun, moon and the stars), The LORD Jesus Christ (The Messiah and the Saviour of mankind; The King of kings and The LORD of Lords) and The Holy Spirit (The Comforter, The Counselor, The Helper) spoke with me through a vision of The LORD (Supernatural dream).

    In the first part of this conversation of The LORD through a vision of The LORD, The LORD spoke to me about the nation of Kenya. He then made me know that the nation of Kenya has been relatively peaceful. The LORD then made me know by voice, that many nations have experienced very tough times including Egypt and other Middle East nations especially during the Arab Springs of 2011. The LORD also mentioned Nigeria and a host of other nations that have experienced very tough times. The LORD then made me know that very tough times are very soon coming to the nation of Kenya, in terms of unprecedented riots, violence and civil disobedience. Actually when I woke up, I wondered: “But Kenya had a terrible moment due to post-election violence of 2007-2008!!!”

    The LORD then made me know that a moment worse than the violent and the riotous 2007-2008 post-election violence is coming soon to the nation of Kenya.

    In the second part of this conversation of The LORD through a vision of The LORD, The LORD spoke to me about the nation of The United States of America. I then heard an instruction being given by The LORD: “Don’t Send Short Message Service (sms) To USA, Send It the Way It Is In Full!!!”

    The LORD then showed me a very violent, riotous moment coming to The United States of America. So I saw people being removed (deported) from USA, and the same people said: “In The Past, This Land Belonged to The Red Indians and Not Even To These People, But Now They Are Removing Us From This Land!!!”

    The LORD then made me know that a very serious racial and nationalistic tension and distress is coming soon to The United States of America leading to very violent confrontation, leading even to some people being deported from The United States of America.

    The first vision of The LORD then ended as I woke up from the vision of The LORD.

    The LORD then later on in the night once more spoke to me about the nation of Kenya. So in this second vision of The LORD, I saw an earthquake hit Kenya and the land shaking very violently to the extent that I saw items shaking and people in panic as I even saw animals (particularly rats) come out of their hideout into the open. When this earthquake hit, I then heard the Kenyan Radio stations announce it.

    The second vision of The LORD then ended as I woke up from the vision of The LORD.


    1-These are the days of distress across the nations such as has not been since the beginning of nations. These actually are the birth pains that usher in the coming of The LORD Jesus Christ to take His bride into Heaven through the Rapture. If you are looking for the good news, then the good news is that The Messiah Jesus Christ is Imminently picking His Bride into Heaven; so prepare the way in earnest by embracing Repentance for the forgiveness of your sins and thereby walking in Righteousness (Right before The LORD by following the ways and the requirements of The LORD), Holiness (Set apart for the glory and honour of The LORD), Truth (Without deception, falsehood or lies) and Complete Surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ (No lukewarmness; so we need to be hot for The LORD) in preparing the way for the very imminent coming of The LORD Jesus Christ to Rapture His Bride.

    2- You see, The LORD has spoken a lot about Kenya in this conversation of The LORD of 14th May 2015; this reminds me of what the The LORD said to me on 11th March 2015 by voice in a vision of The LORD, which I have never shared before. So without diverging much of that vision as it’s sealed for a mature moment, The Holy Spirit said through an End-Time messenger of The LORD: “I was Looking Forward To Your Coming, Now That You Have Come, Kenya Has Got No Excuse, Because The LORD Has Sent His Servants To Her”

    3-This therefore calls for Repentance for the forgiveness of sins, not only in the nation of Kenya and the nation of The United States of America, but also by all the people in all the nations of the earth.


    Mathew 24: 3-8 ‘“Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. “Do you see all these things?” he asked. “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.”’

    Daniel 12: 1-4 ‘“At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”’

    Mathew 11: 20-24 ‘“Then Jesus began to denounce the towns in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, it will be more bearable for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judgment than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted to the heavens? No, you will go down to Hades. For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, it would have remained to this day. But I tell you that it will be more bearable for Sodom on the day of judgment than for you.”’

    Mathew 10:14- 15 “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.”

    Luke 12: 47-48 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”



    Precious Jesus,

    I acknowledge today that you are LORD and savior of all mankind,

    and today I have recognized my shortfall,

    I repent and turn away from all sin.

    Please cover me with your precious blood,

    and establish your word in my life,

    that I may be found in righteousness and holiness

    and write my name in your book of life

    and baptize me with the power of the Holy Spirit

    in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


    Shalom!!! Shalom!!! Shalom!!!

    Your Brother in Christ and A Servant of The LORD

    Prophet Kevin Miras

    • Wow brother am so glad to hear you mention the original and Sacred name of our SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Truly people need to learn of this NAME before the coming great tribulation when the anti christ shall use the name Jesus Christ and cause it to be as a curse. Please listen to this words from heaven. ABBA YAHUVEH GOD, YAHUSHUA AND THE RUACH HA KODESH(HOLY SPIRIT) are truly speaking to this generation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed:

  49. hi joshua: all these kenyan fox that have commented on the prophecy about kenya non of them knows a bout prophecy with the spiritual conection from God coz what they’ve done is that, they open there own bible through there thoughts ahead of what the bible readings is all a bout and now they think that, what is apearing in there mind is may be in God’s mind. Please tell them that if a humanbeing does have a spiritual gift and guidance from God , you can not understand the bible or anybody who have been given the gift of prophecy byGod. The kenya judgement must happen it is even drawing nearer coz we’ve not repent anyway.

  50. I recognize the importance of prohecy.God gives us the eyes into the fucture.
    Christians need to pray for the nation.God loves Kenya.The holy people in the county must interced for the nation.God is our final leader as per our national anthem.we can turn the tide of misfortunes.

  51. I have heard a similar prophecy from other four different prophets .Let repent and pray for our nation.Time is running out.

  52. I have also heard about this prophecy from Prophetess Hadassahb Williams, kevin Mirasi and Victor Wafula.We better repent, fast and pray. However this can be averted if Christians wake up and pray.

  53. and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned.
    Jeremiah 18:8

  54. plus when you are criticised, face it courage, if a layman cant comprehend spiritual langauage, what is the point of communicating the same to them? i mean if you cant explain to the layman the prophecy to a reasonable satsfaction level then dont raise his curiosity. for instance, the death may not have been a literal death it can be deteriorating fame of the current president despite high expectations as he came from the rich.

  55. surely i wont be wrong in saying that you are a gun for hire,masquerading as a prophet,to further the agenda of your masters,Truth is God is not governed by some political(and for that matter imaginary) borders set up by people,infact he does not regard any man,and to put things into perspective to see how mighty God is-Nahum3:the clouds are the dust of his feet and he has his way in the whirlwind and the storm,God created the world a long time ago long long before the scramble for africa and before the british could establish the borders on the continents,GOD IS NOT GOVERNED BY ANY HUMAN LAWS,so those imaginary borders you are calling Kenya means merely nothing to him,what he has interest with is our heart,and we are all equal in his eyes,and for your information 99% of all politicians and world leaders are satanists,so if God was really angry i dont know why he would pick on the Kenyan president.
    My advise to you,stop calling yourself a prophet-go and read:-

    Jeremiah chapter 23:15-17:-“Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets; Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall: for from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land.Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the Lord.They say still unto them that despise me, The Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.”

  56. If you have the word of God tell people the word of God,if you have a dream tell it as a dream and not as the word of God pal.

    Jeremiah 23:25-32 says:-

    I have heard what the prophets said,
    that prophesy lies in my name,
    saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.

    How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal. The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord. Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words every one from his neighbour. Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the Lord, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the Lord.

  57. I came across this thread today as I was searching for a “prophesy to Kenya 2016” following a prompt on fb. As a christian and one who has great interest in the future of Kenya, the thread captivated me and I went through most of the posts by Joshua Munguti, his critics, supporters, and general readers and I felt compelled to give a post.

    Well, I would not quickly disregard Joshua Munguti as a false prophet, but most touching is the way some people are ready to ‘stone’ him just for the mere reason that he gave a prophesy that seems negative about the present ruler-ship. Well, I believe the role of a true prophet is to give what God has given him to give without fear about whether it will come to pass or not, because it is upon God to fulfill it. The prophet is a mere human being, just like any other and has no control over what God has spoken.

    I know this has been said before, but just to go over it more deeply, there are some factors that can cause a specific utterance of a man (prophet) not to come to pass:
    1. If the utterance is not the word of God

    2. If the message is wrongly interpreted/given so as to obscure the real meaning of it. This could occur due to fear, intimidation, arrogance, pride, personal opinion, and/or emotions.

    3. If the word of God delivered was a warning and the recipients of the word acted according to the warning to avert the consequences described.

    In this regards, it is quite difficult to determine if a word spoken by a person is from God. Sometime, a true prophet may deliver his word word thinking it is from God, but if he does so he must face the consequences of delivering the wrong word be it ridicule, bearing responsibility of any negative consequences of the message, or punishment from God.

    However, as humans let us not be quick to bash those who deliver God’s word even where they error unless there are some visible damages as a result of the words spoken. Biblically, we should correct those who error in love and pray that they come to understand their error and correct themselves. It is not for us to judge; if God called them, then he is best positioned to deal with them and their error.

    From my personal opinion, prophets are not only called, but they are raised; meaning it is a process where the prophet grows and learns how to effectively serve as a prophet (Deut 18: 15 – 22). God demands a high level of obedience and self-denial from his prophets, and those who fail in these areas pay heavily. Remember the young ‘prophet’ who was deceived by the old prophet in 1Kings 13, and he paid it by his life. The action by the old prophet to refer to him as ‘a prophet’ (vs. 18), the old prophets declaration that what the young prophet said would surely come to pass (vs. 32), the test he did on him by deceiving, and his later request to be buried by the dead young prophet’s side (vs. 31) all indicate that the young man was indeed a prophet. However, the Bible does not refer to him as a “prophet”, but simply as a “man of God”. This probably indicates the demand for a prophet to ‘qualify’, and not just to be one by calling.

    Often the bible has talked of ‘young prophets’ such as the company of prophets that were subject to Elijah, and whom Elisha encountered three times while following Elijah, just before his (Elijah’s) ascension. Could these have been prophets in the making? I tend to think young prophets may make mistakes and deliver inaccurate messages, and this suggests why prophets in the making are not supposed to stand up and declare what God has given them until the appropriate time. Figuratively, a young prophet erroneously gathered poisonous weed to make soup for the company of prophets, and Elisha cleansed it with flour (2 Kings 4: 38 – 41). Symbolically, just as it takes experience on the part of the soup maker not to gather poisonous weed for making stew, it also takes experience to give clear and accurate prophecy.

    While so much can be said about prophecies, and the differences between true and false prophecy, true prophets have followed specific approaches to avoid delivering wrong messages:

    1. Use the Bible to explain words given by God. The message should be biblical. As one of the posts here has indicted, God speaks to edify, encourage and comfort, but never to condemn. However, a warning that has an accompanying solution is edifying, because it helps to avert a disaster. If God gives a warning, then He also gives a clear way of averting the wrath being warned. So the prophet should not only give the warning ,but also the solution.

    2. Explain the prophecy in a clear and unambiguous manner. Was it a dream, a vision, an inspiration, an audio voice, a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom? etc..
    Often people dream and say it is a vision.. if the prophecy came through a vision, then describe the vision and its interpretation if their is any. If it is a dream, then describe the dream; but don’t call a dream a vision and vice versa.

    Usually visions occur when one is not asleep. .e.g. closing your eyes and seeing a ‘video’ through your eyelids, being in a trance that comes when one is fully awake. If you were sitting in a sofa and you fell asleep then what you got is a dream and not a vision.
    Trances occur when you are fully awake..maybe in prayers or when meditating on the word of God or just relaxing on the bed…but not asleep. However, as a christian, you should not seek these experiences ‘by force’ because God brings them when and as He desires.

    A good way is as exemplified in the Bible. The prophet always gave the date and time of their vision and gave a clear explanation and description of what took place (Ezekiel 1:1; Rev 1: 9-16). Similarly, if God gives you a vision, explain how it came. Were you standing on the balcony, lying in a Jacuzzi, watching sea gulls on the beach, etc. It helps to clear out things.
    if God spoke to you audibly, where were you? Was the voice low, or rumbling, etc What did you see? These are the details that enhances clarity in the message.

    3. Give an accurate interpretation if you have it. Sometimes the person who sees a vision or experiences a particular supernatural experience lacks the interpretation, but God gives it to another in the vicinity…e.g if the people are in a congregation. Though, where there is a dispute concerning various interpretations, it is the vision/dream’s receiver whose interpretation is upheld.

    Lastly, the message from a prophet should be treated as one not from the deliverer, but from God. As such it is okay to question the authenticity of the source. If you give a word from God, don’t feel bad if people question it. They are not questioning God, they are questioning you because you are human. We all can error…sometimes you may preach a message, then after the sermon you just know today you missed it….That does not mean you are not God’s servant. Also, as a prophet, you are part of the people to whom the message is you cannot defend it. God is well able to defend his word without human help.

    It is a Christian’s responsibility to question and determine the source of a prophetic message (1 Cor 14: 29). Such an approach is Biblical and it does not make one less a prophet.

    Therefore, let us question any message purportedly from God, and if we find it biblical, we should respond to it. Is it not better to have someone warn us of an impending danger and give us a way to avoid it? Lets honor true prophets of God and correct those who error with love.
    Keep up the good work Joshua Munguti

    • Thank you

      God bless you

      The best way to know if a message from a prophet is true/false is to ask God directly. If your relationship with Him is right, He will answer you but if not, He will not.

  58. Halleluyah blessed Saints of Jehova.. It seems that the church have never understand the Almighty God their creator. When a prophecy is given via the servants either negative or positive the outcome depends on the “church”.. First who is the church.? Me and you then take an example if it’s a negative one, why did the Lord send a negative one, because of the churches sin so the church should repent the outcome maybe, what the Lord had decided he changes to blessings.. So another servants maybe shown the blessings.. About the blessings if the church don’t claim the blessings how will they came.? The problem with us Kenyans is that we are lazy in the work of the Lord we do not want to PRAY, REPENT, BE RIGHTOUS, BLAMELESS!!.. all we want is the Lord to listen to us not us to listen to Him..

  59. God help us know your true prophets from the false and satanic prophets so we can faithfully follow your word as many are lost in confusion as who to believe and what to believe for you cautioned us against false prophets.

  60. what is of God is always mysterious its left for the church to determine how it goes .
    had any one listened to johna He would have called him mad but prayers did change the destiny .
    as much as much has been said god is merciful and willing to extend HIS GRACE if we cooperate with the holy spirit /

  61. Hi Joshua, I honour you and the gifting of God upon your life..I believe that what you say is from The Lord. Kindly allow me to put my thoughts on these posts..My heart cries out for Kenya and Joshua God is always redemptive…
    I know you visit the heavens often(am assuming so)and i would love you meet the prophets of old(the great cloud of witnesses)..There is one thing Elijah and great prophets of God wish they had done better and that is to LOVE MORE..Elijah says that he loved callign down fire from heavens to judge God’s people but he wished he had LOVED more..We have a responsibilty in the endtimes to LOVE..Where is our place as prophets to cry unto God for this nation?
    abraham interceded for Sodom and Gommorah, Just read 2 Corinthians 13..LOVE NEVER much as God has given us powerful giftings we must have a redemptive heart..a heart that loves..
    I have read all your prophecies about Kenya,i believe The HolySpirit led me to your blog..My reaction is to wear sackloth,Repent and cry out to God for the Redemption of this nation,to open the eyes of the churches that they may see..

    Joshua remember you have gone ahead of all of us, but you must return like Peter to strengthen your brothers/brethren..Jesus will come for His Bride and even this weak and sinful army(the current state of the Kenyan church) God will redeem..
    I urge prophetic intersecors to arise,wear sackcloth fast and pray..approach the Courtrooms of Heavens and plead with The Righteous and Just Judge for the cause and salvation of This country and the Church..That is the true heart of a Prophet..
    Isaiah 62: 6-7 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;
    they will never be silent day or night.
    You who call on the Lord,
    give yourselves no rest,
    7 and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem
    and makes her the praise of the earth.
    # Selah

  62. There true prophets and also false prophets according to the bible. Something we need to know about fase prophets.
    – wha can a false prophet be able to do
    1-Deut 13:1-3,Acts 16:16-17 false prophets can predict the feature.
    2-Exod7:10-12, Math 24:24, Reve 16:13-14 can perform miracles.
    3- Math 15:8 can honour God by lips praising him,preaching him etc.
    4: 2 Corith 11:13-15 can appear like angels,look holy,condeming evil
    5- James 2:19, Math 7:21 can believe in one God and even calls him Lord
    6: Rev 13:13 can call fire from heaven, rain, rainbow,clouds,stars etc

    These are some of the thing that false prophets can easely counterfeit. But ther are 12 things that a false prophet can not do and will never do because they are strange to the spirit in them.

  63. False visions,i dont believe anything at all about you! you are just here for opinion polls looking for who supports your false vision. I can see you are busy looking for peoples approval. Anyone who supports your false dreams you celebrate and bless ??? Why do you subject the prophecy of God to a reffurendum? Do you think God needs opinion polls?? You have called yourself but God did not send you. Your visions and dreams are false wacha kudanganya watu. This is apostacy!! Tell me which prophet in the Bible subjected the Prophecy of God to a debate??

  64. Guys let us be carefully not to insult the man of God. We have problems but let’s not invite more as job said why should I open my mouth and give God a chance to destroy me?

  65. At least one year before the elections which uhuru became the president of kenya i had a disturbing dream,in this dream i saw a man of asian origin and in this dream i was made to understand he was a prophet,whether a christian prophet or of the asian religions i dont know, now this man had gathered his family which was living in kenya and in that family gathering i heard him say to his family i quote “uhuru kenyatta will be the next predident of kenya but after that kenya will become a failed state and before that happens i want you out of the country”. Then the dream ended. I woke up in shock and from then i knew uhuru takes the seat but of what will follow him and his goverment made me ever since to be praying for our country for i know when God chooses a nation he deals with it fully and God is not smiling when he talks about repentance all of you know what it takes for a country to become a failed state! HOW CAN A BODY LIVE WHEN THE HEAD IS CUT OFF? REPENT ,PRAY FOR YOUR LEADERS AND YOUR NATION.

  66. Kindly, what is God’s word on observing Christmas and Easter? I specifically can’t remember anywhere in the Bible, where Christ asks us to commemorate His death. Ps give some insights

  67. Comment:I think from my understanding about GOD is that HE does NOT change. A man can change but GOD remain the same.
    This prophet called a man of god, i have followed some of his comments especially in public. Before 2013 election, he used doves to show who could win election. he also baptized other politicians and many other things he did. Last year he visited Nakuru in Aug and people were washing the roads and even draining the sewages. Am saying what I saw with my eyes. Lets stop thinking that we are righteous than anybody else. When Elijah told GOD that he was the only prophet left, GOD told him he has 7000 other men who have never worshipped idols. Read from 1 Kings 17-20. I don’t see the difference btwn u and what Elijah was doing. He thought he knew GOD than anyone else but was proven wrong. There are many people in Kenya who worship The TRUE GOD of ISRAEL silently.
    This man said Uhuru will die eight months after taking oath, this is almost the 5th year in power. The GOD we worship will NOT LET innocent peoples blood to be shed because of greedy people.
    Wacheni kutishia watu ndio waogope. Your prophet can change but OUR WILL REMAIN THE SAME FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION N EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING.
    When a person annoints himself without GOD’S annointing, he always prophesy CONTRARY to GOD’S plan.
    Again u should not be happy when something has been revealed to u and wait to see gladly God fulfilling ua dream like Jonah. U people get rid of hypocracy and worship GOD instead of a man.
    Wacheni kuchanganya MUNGU na siasa. The truth is Uhuru is NOT going to die any soon. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIM(UHURU) AND PROTECT HIM WITH HIS BLOOD.

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