Kenya prophecy: – Death of Kenya President and Earthquake

kenya prophecy
Kenya prophecy

In the ongoing Kenya prophecy, God has revealed His anger and wrath (judgement) on Kenya through several ways. 

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There are many God signs I have not given out for my protection.

God is a faithful loving father who does not do anything to man without revealing or warning His children. If He is to pour out His wrath, He reveals it and why, and He gives man chance to repent.

God revealed several signs to me of His oncoming wrath (judgment) to Kenya and send me with a message to Kenyans, ‘Kenya repent for God to repent His wrath on you’. But no one listens; they are all busy and they have ignored God’s voice.

God has being taking Kenya through several difficulties and problems to open their eyes and see things are not rosy as they think and claim . The major God signs of oncoming judgement on Kenya are;

  1. Famine (revealed to me in end march 2011. Kenya media and the entire country knew of it in may 2011 and the prophecy was fulfilled: See oracle concerning Kenya part-1).
  2. Everything in Kenya turning from worse to worse
  3. Workers strikes
  4. Kenya shilling depreciating to a historical low value
  5. Prices of goods and necessities going up beyond many Kenyan reach
  6. Living standard raising beyond many Kenyan reach
  7. Life turning tougher and tougher to many Kenyan citizens (2-7 revealed to me in 18th August 2011.  Prophecy fulfilled from September to December 2011. See oracle concerning Kenya part-2)
  8. Kenya war in Somalia
  9. Kenya given out to captivity and terrorism (Bombs and grenade strikes to kill Kenyan citizens like flies for a given appointed time)
  10. Kenya bankruptcy (see oracle concerning Kenya part-3)
  11. International criminal court (ICC)
  12. Citizens lack of confidence with Kenya leadership and governance
  13. Death of several Kenya leaders
  14. Tension between different ethnic groups and eventually entire country

I have prophesied to Kenya telling her to repent. I have contacted many churches, Kenya leaders, Kenya church leaders and even the media and all have chosen to ignore me.

Kenyans must repent and this is my message up to today.

Kenya has not repented and it is time she knows her prophecy; what is coming down from the heavens.

Kenya prophecy

God is pouring is full wrath on Kenya making her repent and change her ways. She has being stiff-necked, not willing to listen and obey God’s voice. God is going to make every Kenyan man woman and child go down on their knees, repent and ask God for forgiveness.

And this is the prophecy on Kenya;

The mother and his son

NB: This vision was revealed to me on 18th August 2011.

I saw a mother who had a son about eight months old, holding Him in her arms close to her chest lovingly. I was told to look beside her and I saw the devil (Satan) holding his fork (with three branches), red with blood twinkling from its stands (blood of those he has killed).

The devil scoop the child from his mothers arms with his three-stranded-fork and kill Him. Immediately, I heard a voice talking to me explaining what that meant.

Prophecy figurative meaning

The mother represents a country; Kenya. She will bear a son whom she will adore dearly; highly optimistic that the son will give her the future she has being searching for many years.

The son is a leader who the people of Kenya will elect. After about 8 months from the day the leader is elected, he will be killed.

Then, Kenya will enter into a worse state than she was in 2007 (post-election violence). God first round of judgment to Kenya will be fulfilled and Kenya will be given a chance to repent before God pours His last judgment on her.

Then, what next if the Kenya does not repent after death of her president?

Earthquake hits Kenya

After vision of the first round of judgment on Kenya, I was taken and placed on a high ground for what will follow if Kenya does not repent.

A great earthquake which has never occurred in Kenya ever, shook every part of the country as I watched. It had a very high magnitude that buildings, trees and mountains come down causing a lot of destruction and deaths.

Awe filled every Kenyan man, woman and child as the earthquake shook up Kenya from dip down her roots. The earthquake was clearly within Kenya borders not touching on her neighbors and every Kenya land shook greatly.

Every man, woman and child will turn their eyes and hearts to the heavens and ask God for mercy and forgiveness as the earthquake falls Kenya down.

Yes! God will make Kenya repent her sins with this earthquake.

But in the earthquake something different is happening which the Kenyans cannot see or know. I will keep hidden as instructed.

All this future Kenya prophecies made me cry for her but God strengthened me and told me I should not.

After this vision of the earthquake, I had a question. I have studied geography and I understand more about earthquakes. In geography we read that an earthquake occurs only in areas not shaking the entire country.

And in reality this is how earthquakes occur on earth. I kept asking God; how will an earthquake shake Kenya entirely?

On April 17th 2012, I prayed and before I slept, I had a voice telling me that God will answer my question tonight. I slept but I was awoken by an earth tremor with a magnitude I have never felt since I was born. That morning, all Kenya Media, social media and every Kenyan was talking of this earth tremor.

I knelt and thanked God.

Kenyans need to repent and God will hear the cry of His children and have mercy on them. Kenyans; get down on your knees, repent and pray, and God will repent His wrath on Kenya as revealed in this Kenya prophecy.

All glory to Jesus Christ

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