Power Departs From a Renown Prophet (Vision)

Power Departs From a Renown Prophet (Vision)
Power Departs From a Renown Prophet (Vision)

In a vision on the morning hours of 20th august 2017, I saw power depart from a renown prophet.

Power Departs From a Renown Prophet (Vision)

I saw a renown prophet with his so-called church (a prophet has no church – church is of Christ Jesus)

I saw the power of Jesus Christ depart from him

Power was in his eyes and the eyes were taken out – he was left only with the eye sockets

And I saw the sockets of eyes start developing puss

I saw him preaching but there were no more signs miracles and wonders – he was only speaking like scoffers and Pharisees

When God took His power from Saul an evil spirit entered – when power is taken out from a person an evil spirit enters (power is the anointing upon not in anointing)

If this prophet continues preaching as usual, he will be preaching doctrines of hell and prophesying through the spirit of divination and that is total disaster and confusion to the church

Brethren pray for God to not allow confusion

Time has come for you prophet to rest – stop preaching teaching and prophesying

God power departs from a person for 2 main reasons; sin disobedience rebellion or you have finished the race

See why power departs and how to know it has departed

When power departs, them and their followers live in past glory but present they are dead with no signs miracles and wonders

He is not the first God has revealed His power departing, I have seen many and indeed in reality they are powerless only continuing in Satan

Jesus is Coming

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand