Prophecy of More Trouble Coming to Israel

Prophecy of More Trouble Coming to Israel
Prophecy of More Trouble Coming to Israel

This is prophecy of more trouble coming to Israel as revealed to me on 27th July 2014 in the morning hours.

Prophecy of more trouble coming to Israel

I was placed on Israel Mountain,

On the west was a low lying ground,

I saw missiles and rockets fired to Israel,

I saw journalists taking pictures,

In the streets of Israel, people were always alert,

As the sirens sounded, every person rushed to a safe ground,

I saw the Iron Dome intercept missiles and rockets but not all,

Some hit the streets and houses in Israel,

They killed Israel children,

At one time I heard the sirens sound and people running to safe ground were told to move out of it,

Immediately it was blown up,

I also saw a large building in Israel blown up,

Attackers got into Israel streets,

IDF (Israel Defense Force) was engaging the attackers,

It was running battles on the streets,

At a point all civilians were told to lie down,

On my stomach I was down,

Then I saw one attacker running and He was gunned down close to me,

I saw people from different countries volunteer to join IDF and fight for Israel,

I was told that there are people from other countries right now in IDF fighting for Israel,

Then I saw passenger planes living other countries to Israel,

Surprisingly that the more the trouble in Israel the more I saw planes from different countries leaving for Israel,

Pray for Israel.